Baldur’s Gate 3: All Romance And Sex Options Explained

Romance is a massive commitment in Baldur's Gate 3 whether it be Karlach or Wyll. We will be helping you getting laid, we mean find romance, in this detailed guide.

Romance in Baldur’s Gate 3 is not as straightforward as solving a few quests of a particular character and having sex with them. You must be cautious about choosing your actions and dialogues as each character has a distinct personality of their own, with unique likes and dislikes. This affects their approval of you. Once you have high enough approval with a particular character, you can share your bed with them and start the romance.

Baldur’s Gate 3 allows you to romance original characters only, all of which you can recruit in the early-game sections. Their romance route starts as early as Act 1 and concludes with their companion quests in Act 3.


Unlike the information available, you can’t romance Minsc and Jaheira as they are returning characters. You can recruit them as companions and earn their approval, but you can’t romance them.

Romancing a character involves multiple steps. The first one is to recruit them, then do things they like to increase their approval rating, talk to them at camp whenever the game prompts you, proceed with their companion quests, and not pass on the opportunity of having sex. As each character varies due to their personality, it is impossible to keep track of them all in a single playthrough.

To make things more complicated, there are a few characters in the game you can have sex with, but you can’t romance them. We will be covering these characters too briefly.

Romance with Astarion

Likes Dislikes 
Mistreating people and creatures Kindness 
Hurting Others Solving anything with diplomacy 
Allowing him to drink your blood Forcing him to bite Araj Oblodra 
Solving things with authority and violence Listening to Shadowheart or Gale 
Siding with Minthara to kill everyone in the Druid Grove Rescuing Halsin to protect Druid Grove 
Relish having a mind-flayer tadpole in your brain Allow Volo or people in Githyanki Creche to try and remove the tadpole 
Anything and everything evil Being nice in general 

Astarion is a high-elf Vampire with peculiar tastes and is among the first characters you will meet in Baldur’s Gate 3. You can recruit him on the beach while traveling to the Druid Grove. Just be extra mean to people and use violence whenever you can to keep earning his approval. Once you complete Act 1 by saving the Grove, talk to Astarion and reply with.

  • Saving lives is awful.
  • Goblins would have thrown a bigger party.
  • What is your idea of having fun?
  • I will see you later.
  • You don’t have me yet.
  • What do you want?
  • Nod.

This will start a sex scene with Astarion. As you make your way to Act 2, make sure to meet Raphael before Thorm Mausoleum and take his offer to kill Yurgir inside the Temple of Shar. Talk to him once more and select the following dialogues.

  • Are you alright?
  • So do I—more than anything.
  • I care about you.
  • You matter the most to me, no matter what you are going through.

Act 3 is a bit complex regarding Astarion’s romance. While concluding his companion quest, the Pale Elf, you will get two options. Let Astarion ascend or stop him. If you stop him, use persuasion to make him stay, and then use the following dialogue option.

  • I thought you would never ask.

If you let him ascend, select the following dialogue options.

  • I want your body.
  • That’s all I want.
  • Yes, please.

Another sex scene between you and Astarion will take place, and your romance with him officially begins.

Romance with Gale

Likes Dislikes 
Being kind to other creatures Unprovoked violence 
Showing interest in magic Hurting animals 
Being kind towards Gale’s situation Show indifference or a negative approach toward Gale’s situation 
Giving him magic item when he asks Always judge Gale 
Using Intelligence to Resolve Matters Siding with Astarion 

Gale is a wizard with a heart of gold and some seriously explosive material. You can recruit him by interacting with a magic sigil north of Nautiloid’s crash site. He will immediately join your party and decide to travel with you to cure his condition. 

During Act 1, ensure you are kind to him and provide him with magical items to consume. Indulge him when he wants to talk to you at camp and reply with. 

  • You are a good teacher.
  • Hold on to the moment. It is a good time for intimacy.
  • Picture kissing him.

In the next encounter, choose the following dialogue options.

  • I never thought it was so easy to learn magic.
  • What did you think I was envisioning while learning magic?

When you take a long rest next time, you will notice Gale having trouble with his heart. Comfort him and reply with.

  • I am sure you are welcome.
  • Make merry, just the two of us.
  • You are remarkably upfront about your intentions.
  • This sounds delightful.

Now select Gale when you hit the bed to have sex with him. To continue the romance route, stop Gale from exploding himself inside the Temple of Shar during Act 2. Talk to him at camp and tell him that you love him.

During Act 3, talk to Raphael and make a deal with him. He will mention the Crown of Karsus. Gale needs it combined with three netherstones to cure his condition. Go to Sorcerous Sundries and solve its puzzle to obtain the Annals of Karsus. Read it and then travel with Gale to meet Mystra. This will progress his companion quest, the Wizard of Waterdeep, and strengthen your romance with Gale. Whatever happens after killing the Elder Brain is totally up to you, as it will also mark the end of Gale’s questline.

Romance with Lae’zel

Likes Dislikes 
Act brave and strong Being kind to others 
Don’t back down during a confrontation Listening to Shadowheart or Gale 
Choosing violence over diplomacy Question Lae’zel and Vlaakith 
Ignoring side quests and distractions Side with the Emperor 
Respect the Githyanki people and their queen Making fun of Lae’zel and refusing her sexual advances 
Free Prince Orpheus  

Lae’zel is the very first character you will meet aboard Nautiloid during the prologue. After the crash, you can find her being captured by some Tieflings. Either kill them or make them run away. You can recruit Karlach after freeing her.

All you need to do is shun Shadowheart and side with Lae’zel during Act 1. Behave like a grunt and be violent in your approaches to earn her approval rapidly. After saving Druid Grove, talk to Lae’zel at camp and select the following dialogue options.

  • Are you asking for sex?
  • Yes, I will share my bed with you tonight.

This will lead to having a sex scene with Lae’zel. At the end of Act 1, make sure to travel through the Mountain Pass to enter Githyanki Creche and continue her companion quest, The Githyanki Warrior. Whatever the outcome, she won’t be angry.

During Act 2, ensure you don’t allow Shadowheart to kill Lae’zel and take her side. When she talks to you, agree to spar with her and lose. When prompted, tell Lae’zel that you love her. This will start your romance with Lae’zel.

Keeping the relationship going with Lae’zel turns difficult during Act 3. When you make a deal with Raphael and obtain the Orphic Hammer in return, Lae’zel will force you to free Prince Orpheus and turn on your Guardian, the Emperor. If you don’t, there is a chance she will leave your party for good and end the romance. Her questline ends with the end of Baldur’s Gate 3 and the outcomes of what you choose towards the very end.

Romance with Shadowheart

Likes Dislikes 
Be kind to animals and children Unprovoked violence 
Help the poor people Breaking the law 
Avoid violence and use deception Go against her and give priority to Lae’zel 
Side with Shadowheart against Lae’zel Hand over nightsong to Balthazar 
Don’t ask her about the Artefact repeatedly Reject her advances 
Find her Night Orchid flowers Trust Astarion 

Your first encounter with Shadowheart takes place aboard Nautiloid during the prologue. After you free her from the pod, she will join your party. After the ship crashes, you will find her unconscious on the beach. Make sure that you wake her up and don’t steal her Artefact. This will increase Shadowheart’s approval for you. Keep doing the things Shadowheart likes in the meantime. After saving the Druid Grove in Act 1, talk to Shadowheart at the camp and reply with.

  • Tieflings?
  • Are you worried that Shar won’t approve of your actions?
  • I would be glad to share it with you.
  • I will find you later at the camp.

This will lead to your first sex scene with Shadowheart. During Act 2, find a Night Orchid flower for Shadowheart to increase her approval rapidly. You will get two choices when you reach the Temple of Shar to find Nightsong. Let Shadowheart kill Nightsong or stop her. Both choices have prominent consequences on your romance with Shadowheart.

  • If Shadowheart kills Nightsong, she will become a dark Justiciar. Her heart would turn cold, and she wouldn’t be interested in things like romance.
  • If you stop her, she will shun Shar and become romantically involved with you. She will also change her hair color, and this option will lead to a much better ending. 

Act 3 is where you will officially start your romance with Shadowheart. Go with her to the House of Grief and defeat Mother Superior to finish her companion quest, the Daughter of Darkness. Talk to Shadowheart at the camp and choose the following dialogue options.

  • There are easier ways to get me naked.
  • You first, please.
  • Peek
  • You are beautiful.

This will lead to you and Shadowheart skinny dipping, accompanied by a steamy sex scene. As long as you don’t irk Shadowheart, she will be your romantic partner for the rest of the journey.

Romance with Wyll

Likes Dislikes 
Avoid violence at all costs Mindless Violence 
Be kind to animals and pet them at camp Breaking your pacts 
Deceive Minthara and kill her Lying to Wyll 
Refuse Rafael’s deal Agreeing with Astarion 
Reject Mizora Side with Kagha 
Help Wyll save his father Being a coward 
Be kind to the poor and kill the tyrants Hurting animals like kicking Timber, the squirrel. 

Your quest to romance Wyll starts with recruiting him during Act 1. You will find him inside the Druid Grove teaching Tiefling children. You can ask him to join your party. If you don’t recruit him there and go for Karlach first, Wyll will attack your camp one night to kill Karlach. You need to pass a persuasion check to stop Wyll from killing her. He will then join your party.

Go with Act 1 as normal and do all the things Wyll likes. Once you save the Druid Grove and have a party at your camp, talk to Wyll and select the first answers for the first two dialogue options. For the third option, reply with.

  • I want to dance with you.

Pass a persuasion check to kiss Wyll. Even if you fail, there is no need to worry. During Act 2, raise Wyll’s approval and assure him of your support. Before you enter the Oubliette to kill Ketheric Thorm, make sure to take a long rest. You will find Wyll dancing by himself. Go to him and select the following dialogue options.

  • Nice form. Where did you learn to dance?
  • A new partner?
  • Smile

Pass another check (Acrobatics or Performance) and select the following options.

  • Take a bow

If you fail the check, select.

  • You are a beautiful dancer. I am sure you will teach me in no time.

After that, select the following dialogue options carefully.

  • Press your lips against Wyll’s
  • I was hoping we might spend the night together.

Wyll will reject your sexual advances as he believes in traditional marriage. Don’t be sour, as you will soon get your chance.

During Act 3, save Wyll’s father, The Grand Duke, from the Iron Throne prison. He will task you with finding Ansur to progress Wyll’s companion quest, Blade of the Frontiers. Talk to Wyll at the camp and select the following dialogue options.

  • Smile and take Wyll’s hand.
  • Enjoy the view.

When Wyll proposes to you, reply with the following.

  • Yes, yes, and yes.
  • It is about time. Let’s see what the Blade can do with his weapon.

A sex scene will follow this, and your romance with Wyll will officially start.

Romance with Karlach

Likes Dislikes 
Be kind to children Mindless acts of violence 
Have a soft corner for Tieflings and take their side Siding with Minthara 
Kill goblins and protect Druid Grove Acts of selfishness 
Be a hero to the poor and weak Betraying your allies and companions 
Kindness towards animals Refuse soul coins from Lann Tarv inside the Moonrise Towers 
Solving issues with authority Hurting any Tiefling 
Help her with her condition Being a coward 

Like the rest of the companions, you must recruit Karlach first to romance her. You can find and side with her during the Hunt the Devil side quest. Then, save her from Wyll to earn more of her approval. Make sure to do acts that earn you Karlach’s approval during Act 1, including finding an Infernal Iron to cool her Infernal Engine. Once you save the Druid Grove, talk to Karlach at the camp and reply with.

  • I have drummed up enough courage to tell you how much I like you.

When Karlach visits you in your tent, kiss her. She will be worried if she hurts you. No matter how you respond, this night will end in awkwardness. During Act 2, talk to the Tiefling Merchant Dammon inside the Last Light Inn. He will ask you to bring another infernal iron to progress Karlach’s companion quest, Our Fiery Friend.

FYI: Saving Druid Grove and Dammon during Act 1 is important to progress the romance with Karlach. If he dies, you can’t treat Karlach’s condition, making her unable to have physical contact with anybody.

Once Karlach’s heart cools down, she will visit you again at the camp during the long rest. Select the first dialogue option and then reply with the following.

  • Believe me, I can handle myself. And you.
  • Go on.
  • I am yours, Karlach.
  • I thought you would never ask.

This will lead to a sex scene with Karlach and start your romance. Talk to her the next morning and select the following dialogue options.

  • I much more than like you.
  • If our record is anything to go by, there will be many more disasters in our future.
  • I love you.

This will cement your relationship with Karlach unless you do things that will make her leave both you and the party.

Romance with Minthara

Likes Dislikes 
Be Ruthless against creatures Support Druids and Tieflings 
Support Goblins Killing Goblins 
Be a follower of the absolute Running away from a fight 
Help her raze the Druid camp Try to diffuse a situation with diplomacy 
Don’t back down from a fight Listening to Halsin 
Prefer power over intelligence  

Before patch 5, it was impossible to recruit Minthara in a good run. However, you can now follow some small, precise steps. When you enter the Goblin Camp, rescue Halsin and make him stay in the Worg pens. Go to Minthara and steal something in front of her. Attack her with non-lethal attacks and knock her out. Complete Act 1 as normal and then save Minthara from the Moonrise Towers.

If you want to go the evil route, side with Minthara and kill everyone in Druid Grove, talk to her at the camp at night, and reply with.

  • I am yours, Minthara.

This will lead to a sex scene and start your romance with Minthara.

Romance with Halsin

Likes Dislikes 
Be a paragon Hurting any innocent person 
Side with both Druids and Tieflings Killing children, especially Oliver 
Be kind to animals Siding with goblins 
Help him save Thaniel Ignoring his Druidic thoughts 
Using wisdom instead of violence Hurting animals and destroying nature 
Refusing to listen to Astarion  
Killing Goblins and devils.  

You can recruit Halsin by rescuing him from the Worg pens of the Goblin Camp. Once you free him, he will task you with killing the Goblin Leaders. Kill True Soul Gut and Dror Ragzlin while knocking out Minthara. This will raise your approval with Halsin. At the end of Act 1, you can talk to Halsin but you can’t have sex with him or start your romance yet.

In Act 2, follow Halsin’s companion quest by saving Thaniel. This will help you in lifting the shadow curse. Ensure that you save Thaniel before killing Ketheric Thorm or Halsin, or you won’t follow you into Act 3. You still can’t romance Halsin yet.

Once you make your way to Wyrmway, Halsin will want to talk to you at camp during a long rest. Select the following dialogue options.

  • What are you saying exactly?

Select the first two options next and then go with them. 

  • I want you.

This will lead to a sex scene with Halsin and officially start your romance.

Romance with Jaheria

While you can recruit Jaheira and earn her approval and disapproval, you can’t romance her. Even if you bring her approval to the max, she won’t be interested in you at all.

You can recruit Jaheira by siding with Harpers while going through the Mountain Pass. Then, talk to her at the Last Light Inn and save Isobel. Raid the Moonrise Towers and defeat Ketheric Thorm.

Likes Dislikes 
Support justice and righteousness Being cruel 
Kill the oppressors Siding with the absolute and its followers 
Be brave during combat Hurting Isobel 
Handle tricky situations with Intelligence Using mindless violence in every situation 
Be assertive in your opinions Running away from fights 
Be kind to kids and animals  

Romance with Minsc

Just like Jaheira, you can’t romance Minsc. You can recruit him during Act 3 by following Jaheira’s companion quest, the High Harper. Once you find Minsc, you must knock him out with a non-lethal blow. This will break absolute control over his brain temporarily. Force your guardian to protect Minsc indefinitely.


You can’t recruit Minsc without having Jaheira on your team.

Likes Dislikes 
Listen to Minsc and let him follow his path Killing animals 
Be kind to animals Siding with followers of absolute 
Acts of bravery and justice Stopping Minsc from delivering justice 
Using wisdom when solving matters via dialogue Retorting to violence to settle disputes 

Sex with Harleep

Harleep is a cambion you will find inside the House of Hope. You can’t romance this NPC in Bladur’s Gate 3, but you can still share his bed for an extremely raunchy sex scene. While infiltrating Raphael’s abode, you must find the password to steal the Orphic Hammer. Harleep knows the location; you can extort it from him by surrendering your body.


Don’t surrender your mind to Harleep, or it will end badly for you and the party.

Sex with Mizora

Mizora is Wyll’s patron and controls his life. She will visit Wyll during Act 1 if you save Karlach from Wyll and let both join the party. You can only meet Mizora if Wyll is at your party, so following his companion’s quest is paramount.

Once you reach Act 2 after saving the druid Grove, Mizora will once more appear at the camp. She will ask Wyll to save Zariel’s Asset from the Mind Flayer colony. Once you defeat Ketheric Thorm, he will run away. Follow him into the colony to find Mizora, who is Zariel’s asset. She has been captured and placed inside the Mind Flayer pod. Free her.

During Act 3, when you meet Lord Gortash for his coronation, don’t attack him. Go inside his fortress to find Mizora. She will give you multiple offers to protect Wyll’s father in exchange for his extended contract. Talk to Mizora at the camp again and select the following dialogue options.

  • Sounds delicious.
  • Smile
  • Bask in the powerful sensation rising from the circle.
  • I am ready.
  • Gorge on the rivers of blood.
  • Step into Mizora’s outstretched wings.

This will initiate a sex scene with Mizora. However, you won’t be able to romance her and get into a steady relationship, unlike the rest of the companions.

Sex with the Guardian

The guardian or the dream visitor is another NPC you can interact and have sex with. If you follow their advice through Act 1 and Act 2, they will appear at the camp during Act 3. Talk to them and select the following dialogue options.

  • You led an exciting life. Why did you conceal it from me?
  • Are you trying to flirt with me now?
  • Perhaps.
  • Please do.
  • I prefer this one. Just show me what to do.

This will lead to a sex scene but won’t start your romantic relationship with the Guardian.

Sex with the Drow Twins

At Sharess Caress’ brothel during Act 3 in the Lower City, you can talk to Nym and her brother Sorn and hire any of them for 500 gold. If you are already in a relationship with someone who doesn’t mind polygamy, you can invite both twins. However, their sex scene is explicitly censored by the developers.

Sex with Naoise Nallinto

Another character you can have sex with at Sharess Caress is a dryad, Naoise Nallinto. Enter her room and make Jara leave her. This will lead to a battle between you and Jara, who is a mind flayer. Kill her and then talk to Naoise once more. She will invite you to bed, leading to a sex scene.

Can you Romance multiple characters in Baldur’s Gate 3?

The heart gets what the heart desires. The same is true with Baldur’s Gate 3, where you can choose multiple romantic partners simultaneously. Before committing to polygamy, you need to remember a few things.

  • The character you want to have a polygamous relationship with is okay with it. Halsin doesn’t mind, but Gale will break things off with you.
  • Each character has a unique personality with their likes and dislikes. Managing the likes of opposing characters can and will become impossible later.
  • Following multiple companion quests can become a chore for newcomers, and some characters like Halsin won’t agree to romance until you complete them.

So, in other words. It is possible. But you must work extra hard to make the multiple relationships work in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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