Baldur’s Gate 3: Wyll Romance Guide

The handsome Warlock, Wyll, is both an amazing moral compass and a partner to share your bed with. Let us find him and make him fall in head over heels with us.

One of the easiest companions to romance in Baldur’s Gate 3 is Wyll, the handsome warlock with a glass eye. Driven by heroic morals, Wyll is an ethical warrior who made his name as the Blade of the Frontiers in exchange for selling his soul to the devil.

However, he is not particularly proud of this deal and regrets it. Ways to romance different companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 also differ according to each character’s personality. Therefore, romancing Wyll means understanding his morals and always doing the right thing.

Recruit Wyll in Baldur’s Gate 3

To recruit Wyll, you need to reach Emerald Grove during Act 1. You will find him fending off a goblin attack. Go inside the grove and talk to Wyll, who will be teaching combat to some Tiefling children. Wyll will request that you let him join your party. Apparently, he is looking to hunt a one-horned devil, Karlach.

If you don’t recruit Wyll and recruit Karlach first, he will appear in the camp one night and try to kill her. If you persuade him that Karlach is not a demon, he will leave her alone and join your party.

Wyll’s Approval Choices

Gaining Wyll’s approval is of utmost importance to romance him later. He is a Warlock who believes in righteous values and abhors evil. He absolutely adores children and believes they should be protected at all costs. Wyll has an inherent dislike for Goblins and Demons.

  • Perform heroic tasks and help people in need.
  • Express altruism and stay away from any selfish act.
  • Always show a dislike for the devil and the goblins. 
  • Fight off monsters and evil entities.
  • Do not deceive him in any way.
  • Stick with him during his companion quest, Blade of the Frontiers.
  • Condemn cruel behavior and take no part in such acts.

Wyll’s Disapproval Choices

Anything that goes against moral values and virtue is a big NO to Wyll. If you partake in activities that hurt innocents, especially children, you can say goodbye to your chances with Wyll. Such events include raiding the Emerald Grove with Minthara or leaving the Tieflings to their fate.

  • Resorting to violence to diffuse a situation.
  • Siding with Mizora.
  • Making fun of poor people and being cruel to animals/children.
  • Killing anyone without reason or unprovoked.
  • Lying to anyone and deceiving your companions.

Wyll Romance in Act 1

Once you recruit Wyll, he will ask you to look for the devil, starting the Hunt the Devil side quest. Follow the quest and find Karlach. Make sure that you stop Wyll from killing her using persuasion. Wyll will understand your point and won’t leave the party. You will also earn his approval in this case.

Once you rescue Halsin and protect the Druid Grove from Goblin attack, talk to Wyll at the camp at night. Select the following dialogue option.

  • I want to dance with you.

Pass a persuasion check to try to kiss Wyll. If you fail, don’t worry, as Wyll will tell you that there will be another time for this.

Wyll Romance in Act 2

u progress through Act 2, taking a long rest will allow you to talk to Wyll once more. You will find him dancing alone. Select the following dialogue options.

  • Nice form. Where did you learn to dance like that?
  • Trust me, you couldn’t fail anyone even if you tried.
  • Smile.

There will be another skill check to pass. In our case, we failed the check and proceeded with the following dialogue.

  • You are a beautiful dancer. I am sure you will teach me in no time.

He will ask you to join him for another round of dance. This time, select the following options.

  • Kiss Wyll.
  • I was hoping we might spend the night together.

He will turn down your advance for sex as Wyll believes in traditional marriage. Don’t worry; you will have your shot soon.

Wyll Romance in Act 3

Attend Lord Gortash’s coronation and don’t attack him. Talk to Mizora in the basement of Wyrmway Fortress. Whatever you choose will decide Wyll’s fate but won’t affect your romance. We recommend that you sever his contract and go save his father, the Grand Duke, from the Iron Throne prison yourself as a part of Disable the Steel Watch side quest.

As Wyll mends the rifts with his father, the Grand Duke will tell you of Ansur, the dragon. He will task Wyll to wake up the dragon and ask him to return the favor. During the next long rest, Wyll will want to talk to you about the dragon and his past. Reply with the following dialogue options.

  • All right. But this better be worth it.
  • Enjoy Wyll’s company.

At this point, Wyll will propose you with an acorn. Reply with.

  • Yes, yes, and yes.
  • It is about time. Let’s see what the blade can do with his weapon.

This will lead to a sex scene with Wyll in Baldur’s Gate 3 and start your romance.

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