Baldur’s Gate 3 House of Hope Guide

You will gain access to the House of Hope during Act 3 of Baldur's Gate 3 after heading over to the Devil's Fee. Here's how to clear it.

You will find the House of Hope as an interesting location in Baldur’s Gate 3. This location is home to a cambion called Raphael, who captures souls to torture them. You will have met Raphael a few times during your playthrough, who pops up now and then to get you to agree to a deal with the devil. He even shows up to reveal something about Astarion’s past in exchange for taking out his enemy.

You will encounter the House of Hope quest in Act 3, where you visit his abode in Avernus. He will have captured a soul from a woman named Hope. Your task will be to enter the House, find Hope, rescue her, and escape. However, several obstacles in your way prevent you from freeing the soul.

House of Hope Location in BG3

You will gain access to the House of Hope during Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3 after heading over to the Devil’s Fee. You will find this shop located in Lower City. It is home to the quests such as Save Hope and Free Orpheus in Baldur’s Gate 3. However, due to the difficulty level of each quest, you must reach level 12 before entering the shop.

devil's fee baldur's gate 3

Follow the Lower City Central Hall north to the coordinates X: -39, Y: -5. Here you will come across the Devil’s Fee shop in Baldur’s Gate 3. Enter through the Double Doors to head inside the shop.

House of Hope Walkthrough in Baldur’s Gate 3

After reaching the Devil’s Fee shop in Baldur’s Gate 3, you must talk to Helsik. She runs the entire shop and the secrets that it holds. You will find her at the reception of the Devil’s Fee. Approach her by going to the back of the desk. However, you will irritate her with your presence.

Therefore, lure her outside the reception area and initiate a conversation. As you talk to her, it is revealed that she has spotted a pickpocket nearby. Her suspicion is pointed toward you. Choose the dialogue options given below and save yourself from her suspicion:

  • Try to talk your way out of the situation.
  • I saw a very suspicious fellow earlier. His pockets were bulging.

Once you have convinced her that you are not the suspect, you head upstairs to Helsik’s Room to perform the Helsik Ritual. However, do note that there is a trap outside her door. The trap causes lots of damage to your health. Therefore, approach the door from the sides rather than standing in the middle.

Reach the door and Lockpick it to enter Helsik’s Room. You can use your Thieves Tool to do the job for you. Once inside her room. You will find a ritual symbol at the center where you must Complete the Helsik Ritual.

Complete the Helsik Ritual

Performing the Helsik Ritual opens a portal that leads you directly to the largest of the Nine Hells in Baldur’s Gate 3, Avernus. This is where you will find the House of Hope. To perform the Ritual, you must place different items on the altar. The best way to complete the Helsik Ritual is by following the method listed below:

  • Place a Skull on the point that points towards Helsik’s Desk.
  • Put a Coin of Mammon on the circle next to where you placed the skull.
  • Skill the next circle and instead place a Diamond on the circle after it.
  • Place Incense on the next circle.
  • Lastly, place the Infernal Marble at the central part of the altar.
Helsik Ritual Baldur's Gate 3

Once you have placed all items per the requirements, you will open a portal to the House of Hope in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Meet Hope

After entering the portal, you will be taken to the House of Hope. As you approach the Iron Doors to Hope, you will meet Hope at the entrance. Talk to her as she reveals the torture she endures behind the doors. This allows you to convince her to return. You can do that by following these dialogue options:

  • Wait – don’t go. Who are you?
  • I need to find my contract. Can you help?
  • Try really hard not to roar your words.
  • Where will I find my contract?
  • What is it?
  • Of course.

After the conversation, Hope pleads to you to save her by acquiring the keys and contract to free her soul. This will initiate the “Save Hope” quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Explore the House of Hope

You must explore the House of Hope in Baldur’s Gate 3 to save Hope. As you enter inside, you will encounter several souls trapped in the house that Raphael is torturing. You can talk to one such soul as Perfect Eternal Deptor.

She is found roaming the corridor to the east. This doesn’t change the outcome of the quest. Therefore, choosing to talk to her is not mandatory. A door near the NPC leads you to Hope’s Prison. This Priosn Hatchway is near the sitting area on the eastern side. However, you are not supposed to unlock it for now.

Meet the Archivist

To save Hope in Baldur’s Gate 3, you must collect the Orphic Hammer. This Hammer will help you break the chains to free Hope from her Prison. You will get a chance to get rewarded with the Orphic Hammer during Act 3 after signing a pact with Raphael.

However, it will be found inside Raphael’s Home if you refuse. After speaking with Hopes at the entrance to the House of Hope, you must head east inside to enter Raphael’s Archive.

Enter the Boudoir

The Archivist will be inside, and he fears Verillius Receptor. This entity is Zariel’s High Inquisitor. This gives you enough information to convince the Archivist that you are the Inquisitor. You can convince the Archivist by choosing the following dialogue options:

  • I am Verillius Receptor, Zariel’s High Inquisitor.

This will be enough information for you to receive the Boudoir Invitation from the Archivist in Baldur’s Gate 3. Head over to Raphael’s Boudoir, which is in the northern part of the House of Hope. Head inside the room and find the large painting on the wall. You can press the button below it to reveal a safe. Use Sleight of Hand to unlock the safe to acquire Raphael’s Note. Astarion is the best character to use here.

The Notes will state the password, which you must convey to the Archivist “Give me my heart’s desire.” Return to Raphael’s Archive and head over to the Impervious Sphere at the end of the room. Interact with it and use the following dialogue options to retrieve your contract:

  • Speak the magic words: “Give me my heart’s desire.”
  • Tear it on two.

This will break the contract between the two of you. Additionally, you will get the Orphic Hammer as a reward. Now, you can free Hope from her Prison. However, note that after acquiring the Hammer, each enemy inside the House of Hope will become hostile to you.

Free Hope

Interact with it as it leads you straight to Hope’s Prison in Baldur’s Gate 3. You will find Hope near the Iron Ladder, preventing you from going further. This is because the Jailor is nearby, and if you are caught freeing Hope, you will also end up in prison. Below is the dialogue option you must choose during your conversation with Hope:

  • Why can’t I just free you now?
  • I’ll make sure I’m ready.

Press the button next to the entrance of the prison and enter inside. You will find Hope imprisoned at the center of the Prison while her body is chained. There are multiple spectators in the Prison, along with several Vegeful Imps. The best way to free her is by battling through these enemies. However, you must make sure not to jump on Hope’s platform.

After defeating all the enemies in the Prison, bring your entire party onto the platform. Furthermore, use the Orphic Hammer you acquired to break the chains and Free Hope in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Escape the prison

After freeing home from the Prison, you must escape the House of Hope before Raphael finds out that Hope has been rescued. Make your way to the Feast Hall located north of the Archive. However, things escalate since there is a wave of enemies at the Feast Hall. These enemies range from Theologist Eternal Debtor to Unclean Eternal Debtor.

You must stay at range and attack using ranged attacks to defeat them. This is the best way to deal damage to these enemies. Once you have defeated the first wave, you will commence a fight with the second wave of enemies.

These will include the Vengeful Boar. You must use be at a close range to deal damage to these enemies. The third wave of enemeis include the Vengeful Imp. These are aerial enemies whom you have already faced in Hope’s Prison.

After defeating all the enemies at the Feasting Hall, ensure you heal your health because you will be fighting the Devil himself, Raphael. You will find the boss at the coordinates X: -6483: Y: 2886.

Exit the House of Hope through the Iron Doors to Hope and use the portal to return to Helsik’s Room. However, as you start using the portal to go home, the portal vanishes, leaving you and your team with Raphael at the entrance. These are dialogue options you must choose before battling Raphael in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Let me leave. There doesn’t need to be any more bloodshed.
  • Join the winning side – Raphael doesn’t stand a chance against me.
  • If I die, Baldur’s Gate is doomed.

Choosing these dialogue options helps you make Yurgir your companion in the fight against Raphael. He is a devil himself. Hence, he will be a good addition to your team.

Raphael Boss Fight

The best way to defeat Raphael in Baldur’s Gate 3, is by using melee and magic-based characters. Your team members will be taken out easily by the Raphaels minions. Therefore, it is best that you select your characters wisely. Having Yurgir as a part of your team will help you, as he is superior to most of the minions in this battle.

Once your characters are in position, summon as many minions as possible. This way, your damage output will be divided between each minion. You will have enough time to damage the four soul pillars on each corner of the area. Damage these pillars and take much of Raphael’s damage away.

Lastly, use the Hold Monster spell to the fullest as it paralysis Raphael, and the boss will be open for critical damage. Therefore, repeat this process until you defeat Raphael in Baldur’s Gate 3.

House of Hope Rewards in Baldur’s Gate 3

You will receive the following items after defeating Raphael at the House of Hope in Baldur’s Gate 3:

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