Who Is The Guardian in Baldur’s Gate 3

Guardian is a secondary character and only NPC in BG3 that you can create by choosing their class and appearance, during character creation.

The whole premise of Baldur’s Gate 3 revolves around a strange parasite occupying players’ brain and turning them into a mind flayer over time. The illithid parasite is tied with a strange entity in Baldur’s Gate 3 known as the Guardian. One of the strangest things in the game is that you create not one but two characters at the start of the game. The second mysterious character is known as the guardian and most players don’t even know their purpose.  

Baldur’s Gate 3 is an extremely long game, and it is difficult to solve all its mysteries this close to launch. But worry not, with the help of our BG3 enthusiasts we have managed to solve the guardian mystery. Before you proceed, we like to remind that this page contains a lot of spoilers for the game so proceed at your own risk.

Who or what is the guardian in BG3?

This is a million-dollar question, especially for the players just starting their journey. Guardian is a secondary character or the only NPC in BG3 that you can create during character creation. You can only choose class and appearance for the guardian (minus the Dragonborn). There is no way to select sub-class or abilities for the guardian in BG3. 

The question remains. What happened to the character that you spent a lot of time creating under the alias of the Guardian. Well apparently, Guardian only appears in players’ dreams during the major portion of BG3. It is impossible to interact with the guardian in the earlier sections of the game. They only appear once you get infected by the mind flayer worm and start using its power. 

To make the guardian appear in BG3, simply take a long rest after using Bladur’s Gate 3 Illithid powers for the first time. As the story progresses and you free the first druid, Halsin, the Guardian makes another appearance and urges you to not remove the parasite from your brain. However, we still recommend you allow Volo to attempt eye surgery for a sweet reward.

The Guardian will ask you to embrace the power of the mind-flayer worm and not worry about using them. The Guardian also reveals that you survived the crash because they saved you. The next meeting happens after you take down the Goblin Camp. The Guardian explains that the goblins were under the influence of the Absolute and have no other choice.


Should you trust the Guardian in BG3?

This is not something we can answer with absolute certainty. BG3 has so many options that if you go with one, you are bound to ruin some other. The same is the case with the guardian quest line in BG3. If you accept their offer and don’t remove the parasite, you can access a whole new section of illithid skills. These illithid powers are crazy powerful and you will access a whole different ending this way. 

But this will ruin your relationship with a lot of party members including Lae’zel and Halsin. Honestly, we recommend that you just go with your gut feeling. You can’t go wrong with any choice in BG3, just a different outcome.

What is the true identity of the guardian (HUGE SPOILERS)

This is a SPOILER-heavy section. You have been warned. This reveal happens at the end of Act 2 after you defeat Ketheric Thorm and Myrkul. Go to sleep at your camp and you will be summoned by the Guardian to come help them in the Astral Plane.

The guardian is actually a Mind Flayer himself known as the Emperor in BG3. He is not the actual emperor of the Illithid empire but was a regular adventurer. He was infected with the parasite by the mind flayers on the orders of the Absolute.

The Absolute is a huge brain that controls others with the help of its parasites. Once someone accepts the parasites, they eventually turn into mind flayers. 

The emperor somehow managed to break free from the control of the absolute. He is now trying to help you to defeat the absolute and avoid turning into a mind flayer yourself. What happens next is up to you and how you decide to continue your journey.

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