Baldur’s Gate 3 Nightsong Choice Guide

The choice to save or kill Nightsong is one of the most important in Baldur's Gate 3 that can have lasting implications in the game.

Baldur’s Gate 3 presents the player with many pivotal choices throughout the course of its campaign and saving or killing Nightsong is one of them. You’ll be presented with this choice towards the end of the first chapter. What you decide to do has long-lasting implications for the story as well as how you proceed in the game.

Nightsong is a deva, as revealed later on in the game, and not a weapon as we’re initially led to believe. Apart from the story and progression implications, your choices in this quest also determine whether you can continue to romance Shadowheart in BG3.

If you want to go down this path, it is extremely important to make sure that you make the right choices here. 

Point of No Return 

It is important to note that this quest is a Point of No Return quest. Once you initiate it, you’ll have to see it through to the end. Many areas will become unavailable afterward such as the Druid Grove, so wrap up your business there. The “Find the Nightsong” quest is the last quest in Act 1 and takes place after “Save the Refugees”.  

The quest is given to you once you save Druid Halsin at the end of “Save the Refugees” quest. It can also be initiated by speaking with Liam in the same location. Find the Nightsong plays out very similarly in Baldur’s Gate 3 regardless of the choice you want to make.

Save Nightsong 

In Baldur’s Gate 3, in order to save Nightsong you must first complete the Gauntlet of Shar. The Gauntlet is quite tough and requires skill and precision to complete. You’ll be able to access it once you’ve progressed far enough in the story to reach the Underdark. Completing this gauntlet nets you the Spear of the Night weapon.


After this, you must travel to the realm where Nightsong is held captive. Once here, you’ll have to face Balthazar and kill him and his minions. After this, a dialogue will start with Shadowheart, where she confronts you. You must convince her NOT to kill Nightsong. You have to complete a grueling persuasion check here in order to convince her. Use the option “Don’t do it, Shadowheart. Don’t kill her – you’ll regret it.” 

Kill Nightsong 

On the flip side, to kill Nightsong, follow the same steps as above; complete the Gaunlet of Shar, defeat Balthazar and his minions but then ask Shadowheart to kill Nightsong. Use the option “Kill her. Let’s finish this ritual.” 

Choice Consequences

What you choose near the end of the quest will have lasting implications throughout the game. Certain characters can die. Shadowheart may also end her romance with you and prefer to be a devotee to her goddess.

Save Nightsong  

Saving Nightsong gives you the following rewards: 

  • Moonlight Glaive [rare weapon] 

Saving Nightsong gives you the following consequences: 

  • The Boss Fight against Thorm becomes easier as Nightsong aids you 
  • You can continue to romance Shadowheart  

Kill Nightsong 

Killing Nightsong gives you the following rewards: 

  • Shar’s Spear of Evening [legendary weapon] 

Killing Nightsong gives you the following consequences 

  • Dammon, Isbobel, Jaheira, and Art Cullagh meet their demise. Preventing you from accessing certain quests  
  • You cannot continue to romance Shadowheart  

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