How To Recruit Jaheira In Baldur’s Gate 3

During Act II of Baldur's Gate 3, you can find Jaheira in Last Light Inn. At first, she appears as an NPC, but you can recruit her later by..

Baldur’s Gate has a lot of NPCs that you can interact with and recruit as party members. Once such NPC is Jaheira whom you can recruit in Baldur’s Gate 3. She is a half-elf Druid that has her backstory and starting equipment. This guide will focus on how you can recruit Jaheira as a party member and later potentially even romance Jaheira.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Jaheira location

During Act II, you can find Jaheira in Last Light Inn in BG3. At first, she will appear as an NPC, which can be recruited by you later in the game because of your choices during the game. To get to Last Light Inn, you can choose to follow Karniss to Moonrise Towers, rescue Wulbren in the tower and follow him to Jaheira.

Alternatively, when Harpers attack your caravan, help them kill Karniss and they will ask you to join them and take you to Last Light Inn. Once at the Inn, you will meet Jaheira who is the leader of the Harpers and using the inn as a base of operations against Kethric Thorm.

How to recruit Jaheira in Baldur’s Gate 3

After your first encounter with Jaheira, you will have to continue your main quest in the Shadow Cursed Lands. To gain her trust, you must kill Ketheric Thorm and complete a few other quests.

Talk to Jaheira at Last Light Inn

Once you arrive at the inn and the cutscene ends, go inside and you will see Jaheira standing near one of the tables. Talk to her and convince her you are on her side. Agree to find details about Kethric Thorm and why he can’t be killed. If you can manage to convince her that you will help her in the fight ahead, she will be more friendly toward you.

Protect Isabel from being abducted by Fist Marcus

You can move upstairs and there you will find Isobel. Marcus– an enemy will try abduct her, and you must save her from him. Marcus was a companion of Ketheric Thorm and he was keeping an eye on Jaheira. Save Isobel from Marcus and don’t let Jaheira get killed during the fight in BG3.


Assault on Moonrise Towers

There are two ways to approach the next section. You can either be good from the start and assault the Moonrise Tower with Jaheira and her forces. Or, you can go to Moonrise Towers and pretend you want to help Kethric and his people. Depending on your choices, you can still betray Kethric and recruit Jaheira.

You can find the General on the first floor of Moonrise Tower. Agree with him to find the relics. You can find the relic at the Thorm Mausoleum. There you must complete a few of the puzzles, find Balthazar, and complete some trials to get the Relic. Don’t kill the Nightsong during this quest. You also need to have Shadowheart in your party.

If you go the good guy route and decide to attack Moonrise Towers with the Harpers, you will meet Jaheira again near the tower in BG3. Two options will be given to you at this stage of the game.

  • Letting her lead the army of Harpers. She will act as the NPC.
  • Try to convince her to team up with you. You will be able to control her this way. However, this is only temporary.

The first option is a bit risky as she could die, and you will not be able to recruit her if she dies. It is advised to convince her to join you.

After the first battle against Kethric Thorm, she will leave your party but stand near the Oubliette. You can talk to her there and ask her to join your party permanently. If your party is already full, she will refuse but don’t worry, she will go to your camp after the mission.

Once Jaheira is at your camp, you can ask her to join you whenever you want.

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