Baldur’s Gate 3: Karlach Romance Guide

The one-horned she-devil is as hot as her infernal heart. And we know the easiest way to it.

If you are looking for a hot Tiefling girlfriend with cool hair to romance in Baldur’s Gate 3, Karlach is the best match. Karlach is a Zariel Tiefling Barbarian with an Infernal Engine in her chest, acting as her heart. She is brave, kind, and heroic and looks for the same qualities in her companion.

To develop a strong relationship with Karlach, you must win her approval by treating her right and making pleasing choices. So let us see where we can find and recruit Karlach first before getting to the romance tips in BG3.

Recruit Karlach in Baldur’s Gate 3

There are multiple ways to find Karlach and recruit her to your party. The best way is to recruit Wyll and then follow his quest line, which involves the Hunt the Devil side quest. This quest will lead you to Karlach, as Wyll wants to kill her. If you can persuade Wyll that Karlach is innocent, she will join your party.

Another method is to start the quest, Hunt the Devil, by talking to Anders and his group of mercenaries. They are camped inside a Toll House north of the Blighted Village and east of the Druid Grove. You will notice a massacre, and Anders will ask you to kill the person responsible.

Once you find Karlach sitting beside a fallen tree trunk near the river, she will beg you to listen to her side. Apparently, she is innocent, and Anders is the real culprit. Let Karlach join your party and confront Anders. Kill him and his group, which will make Karlach officially join your party as a recruit.

The final way is to come across her by chance. She is on Risen Road, exactly north of the Blighted Village and the Goblin Camp. You will notice her sitting in a pool of blood near a fallen tree trunk. She will tell you that she is not the devil and people are trying to hurt her. Accept her request and allow her to join your party.

Karlach Approval Choices

Karlach is an adventurous and determined warrior who loves heroic acts and hates the goblins. Winning her approval plays a vital role in romancing her. Being a Tiefling, Karlach appreciates it if you are kind towards her race and help them in their times of need.

  • Perform heroic acts that will impress her.
  • Condemn injustice and promote kindness.
  • Be kind to children.
  • Side with the Tieflings.
  • Be strong while fighting and avoid anything that insinuates cowardice.
  • Always be against the goblins.
  • Punish evil doers.

Karlach Disapproval Choices

Some acts irk Karlach beyond words. They will also make you lose her approval at a rapid rate.

  • Unprovoked violence.
  • Being mean and unkind towards children and animals.
  • Anti Tiefling sentiments.
  • Letting Lae’zel disrespect and hurt Tieflings unchecked.
  • Siding with Minthara to raid the Emerald Grove and kill the Tieflings (Karlach will leave the party immediately).

Karlach Romance in Act 1

Once you find and recruit Karlach, proceed with Act 1 as usual. Make sure to Rescue Halsin and then protect the Emerald Grove from Goblin’s attack. To earn more of Karlach’s approval, kill all the Goblin leaders inside the Goblin Camp. After saving the grove, there will be a party at camp in the night.

Talk to Karlach and choose the following dialogue option.

  • I think I have drummed up enough courage to tell you how much I like you.

Karlach will respond in kind. Make some small talk where she will tell you about her heart condition. Be kind to her, and don’t pass any judgment. When the option appears, kiss Karlach. Apparently, no one can touch her for long without getting burned.

As you abruptly stop kissing her, Karlach will be embarrassed. Try to make her stay, but she will leave either way. There is nothing to worry about, as this is the normal progression route for Karlach’s romance in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Find Dammon inside the Druid Grove and ask him to fix Karlach’s heart. He will ask you to find an Infernal Iron so he can temporarily stabilize her. Once done, now proceed to Act 2.


Don’t kill the Strange OX in the Druid Grove. If it gets killed, Dammon won’t leave the grove and will never reach the Last Light Inn. You will need him to cool off Karlach’s condition, allowing you to be physical with her.

Karlach Romance in Act 2

Find Dammon inside the Last Light Inn and ask him to help Karlach again. Provide him with more Infernal Iron to fix Karlach’s Heart temporarily again and progress Our Fiery Friend companion quest.

Before you follow Ketheric Thorm into the Mind Flayer Colony on the top of Moonrise Towers, take a long rest. Talk to Karlach in the camp and accept her invitation. Select the bedroll, and Karlach will appear in your chambers. Select the following dialogue options to have a sex scene with her.

  • Believe me. I can handle myself and you.
  • Go on.
  • I am yours, Karlach.
  • I thought you would never ask.

When you wake up, Karlach will approach you. Reply with the following dialogue choices.

  • I much more than like you.
  • If our record is anything to go by, we will have many more disasters in the future. But we will handle them together.
  • I love you.

This will start your romance with Karlach, and you can continue it in Act 3 for the second sex scene.

Karlach Romance in Act 3

This is where things get a little tricky. You need to raise Karlach’s approval by a lot to initiate your next encounter. She will ask you for a date during the long rest in the Lower City. When you meet her at Sharess Caress Inn, reply with the following dialogue.

  • Thank you. So do you.

Order some drink and food and continue the small chat. Karlach will ask you to follow her upstairs as she wants to show you something. Reply with.

  • After you.

This will lead to another steamy sex scene with Karlach, and you both will return to the camp later. Karlach’s romance guide is prone to bugs and breaking halfway for no reason in Baldur’s Gate 3. Ensure you follow all the steps precisely to complete her romance and witness both sex scenes in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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