Baldur’s Gate 3 Karlach Approval Rating Guide

You can romance Karlach in Baldur's Gate 3, but it is only possible if you gain a high approval rating.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Karlach is a Tiefling Barbarian you can recruit from the Risen Roads in Act 1 by earning her approval. She has the spirit of a warrior, as vengeance burns in her heart, excellent strength, and is one of the fan favorites for striking maneuvers.

When Karlach enters your party, you will play her companion quest, “Hunt for the Devil,” in which you will assist her in finding and avenging the person who sold her and get rid of the Infernal Engine heart planted in her chest.

Throughout the campaign, Karlach will approve or disapprove of your choices at certain events. Getting along with her nature and having high approval will result in a romance with Karlach in BG3. But also, if you keep going against her will, she might be fed up with your interests and leave your party.

How to gain Karlach’s approval in BG3

Every companion has a different nature in Baldur’s Gate 3; obtaining their approval depends on how well you understand their nature. For Karlach, her nature is simply both Violent and compassionate. The pain she went through in her life made her virtuous.

She admires courage, kindness, wisdom, and loyalty. Here are the following acts that will gain high approval from Karlach in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Karlach respects loyalty above all. Defending her against Wyll and protecting her Tielfing Identity will gain high approval from Karlach.
  • Having gestures of kindness and helping other NPCs in trouble will resonate with her virtuous values.
  • Morality is also a significant factor in her approval. Rescuing Sazza, Kagha, and Arabella will perfectly align with her moral values.
  • She also admires wisdom and handling situations with her enemies and allies, such as convincing Zevlor diplomatically to attack Aradin.
  • Karlach values strength and courage and will approve any action that will result in a fight against evil. Any acts of having a battle against enemies will show your assertive leadership.
  • Going against temptation and deceit will also gain approval from Karlach’s side in BG3. Not trusting Raphael and acknowledging Auntie Ethel’s true personality will win her respect.
  • Protecting Halsin, helping the Tieflings, and defeating goblins will earn her respect as she values loyalty towards allies.

Karlach’s approval down choices

Any act contrary to the virtues mentioned above of courage, kindness, wisdom, and loyalty will gain disapproval from Karlach. Karlach opposes evil actions, and continuously indulging in them will break your relationship with her.


Here are some acts that will result in disapproval from Karlach in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Departing adventurers outside the Dank Crypt will make you look selfish in her eyes.
  • Persuading Kagha towards cruelty is also a bad viewpoint from Karlach.
  • Killing the Owlbear, enslaving Oscar Fevras, and not convincing Rothe’s laborers to rebel is seen as a lack of empathy.
  • Betraying or not helping any of your allies will down Karlach’s approval rating in Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • Cruelty and disrespect are considerable no factors from Kalrach. Your relationship will gain tension, especially if you keep siding with Astastion.

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