Where To Find And Rescue Halsin In Baldur’s Gate 3 

The manbear in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a symbol of peace and is totally worth the effort.

Halsin, the first druid, is a potential recruit and a romance option in Baldur’s Gate 3. Arriving in Emerald Grove and talking to Rath reveals that Halsin has been missing for some time. He left with Aradin’s team and hasn’t returned yet. You now must “Save the First Druid” by finding his location and rescuing him.

Selecting the mission marks Goblin’s Camp to the West of Emerald Grove. This is the extent of any help you will get from the game. Follow our guide to find Halsin and free him from his tormentors in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Halsin location in Baldur’s Gate 3

Halsin is held captive inside the Goblin’s camp, west of Emerald Grove. However, you will pass through Blighted Village during your journey west, which is also teeming with goblins. To proceed, you can either roll persuasion or fight their hordes.


If your character is a Drow, you can automatically enter the camp without any trouble since one of the Goblins’ leaders is a Drow.

Go southwest to find the road connecting Blighted Village and Goblin Camp. This road has a lot of goblins eating and feasting. Sneak past them to resume your journey North. The next area of the goblin camp is called Shattered Sanctum. A massive ogre blocks the gate that leads to the Shattered Sanctum. Sneak past it and try to enter the area by finding a cracked wall.

This cracked wall can be destroyed with any bludgeoning weapon or powerful magic. Once inside the Shattered Sanctum, there are several ways to find Halsin.

  • Find prisoner Liam in the bloodied shrine by rolling Persuasion on his torturers or succeeding in dialogue. Don’t attack them, as it will make the whole settlement hostile. He will tell you of another shapeshifting prisoner kept in the Worg pens. 
  • Find Priestess Gut, one of three goblin leaders. She is in the middle of the Shattered Sanctum with her guards. Talk to her and let her lead you to her chambers. Attack her immediately to stop her from raising the alarm. Once killed, talk to her dead body using the Speak with Dead necromancy spell to learn about Halsin’s location.
  • You can also explore the goblin settlement using stealth. Don’t engage in fights or unnecessary activities.

How to rescue Halsin 

Halsin is kept inside Worg Pens in Baldur’s Gate 3 in his bear form. To reach Worg Pens, go right from Priestess Guts’ throne (in the middle of the shattered sanctum) and cross the wooden bridge. Turn left to find a door guarded by three goblins. You can easily persuade or kill these guards.

Upon entering the Worg Pens, you will notice Goblin children teasing a bear inside a cage. Talk to the bear using the Speak with the Animals spell, and he will reveal himself as Halsin and ask for your help. Rescuing him from captivity will present you with three choices.

  • Side with Halsin (kill the goblins)
  • Side with Goblins (kill Halsin)
  • Let both parties decide their fates

At this point, we recommend siding with Halsin as he will be instrumental in ending the conflict between Druids and Tieflings. He is the only person capable of stopping Kagha from performing the ritual of the thorns.

Later, Halsin joins as a companion and helps you with the parasite inside your skull after Volo’s botched eye surgery. However, to attain Halsin’s favor, you must defeat three goblin leaders: Priestess Gut, Dror Ragzlin (the goblin king), and Nightwarden Minthara (the Drow).


As of patch 5, you can knock out Minthara with a non-lethal attack, but Halsin will still consider it a kill. This allows you to save Minthara later from the Moonrise Towers and recruit her and Halsin in the same playthrough. 

After that, Halsin will return to Druid Grove to save all the refugees. A huge party will follow during the next long rest, and Halsin will join your camp. He will also journey with you to the Shadow Cursed Lands, where he will try to Lift the Shadow Curse by saving Thaniel.

Did You Know

Despite joining your camp, you can’t recruit Halsin as a companion until he saves Thaniel. Once done, he will happily join your team as a recruit.

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