Baldur’s Gate 3: Priestess Gut Boss Guide 

Tackle the high Priestess of the Absolute in more than one way.

Priestess Gut is a goblin leader and a devout follower of the absolute in Baldur’s Gate 3. Her primary purpose is to provide guidance and wisdom to goblin armies in their quest to decimate the Druid Camp.

She is one of the first bosses you will encounter in Baldur’s Gate 3. While not that difficult, Priestess Gut is surrounded by many goblins, which can make this fight hard beyond your imagination.

In this guide, we will examine how to find her, what dialogue options to choose, and, finally, multiple ways to kill this goblin leader.

Priestess Gut Location in Baldur’s Gate 3

Priestess Gut can be found in the Shattered Sanctum area of the Goblin Camp. If you save the goblin Sazza, she will take you through the goblin camp to the Shattered Sanctum. Here, Priestess Gut (X: -297, Y: -21) gives a sermon and brands the loyal goblins with the Mark of the Absolute.

If you decide to venture to the goblin camp alone, you must persuade multiple goblins to let you enter the Shattered Sanctum. Once inside, you need to convince further security guards to let you through.

Failing a single check will result in all goblins getting hostile towards you. Make sure that you save after every checkpoint. Once you reach Shattered Sanctum, you can talk to Priestess Gut, who will be on center stage.

Priestess Gut Dialogue Options 

Once you talk to Priestess Gut, she will immediately recognize you as a true soul. She has also been infected with the Illithid Tadpole and serves its master.

After peeking into your brain, she will realize you want to eliminate the Illithid Parasite. She will ask if you want to get branded with the Mark of the Absolute. We recommend you go ahead, as it is one of the best Permanent Buffs of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Follow Priestess Gut into her quarters to let her help you with the tadpole problem. She will offer you a potion that can supposedly kill the parasite immediately.

It is, in fact, a sleeping potion, as she wants to torture and kill you in the name of the absolute. If you are playing as a Half-Elf or any character belonging to the Elf race, like Drow, the potion won’t affect you. However, it will anger Priestess Gut, and she will attack you.

Killing Priestess Gut without fighting

If you want an easy entry into the Defiled Temple, play along with Priestess Gut. Drink the potion to go to sleep, and she will take you to a prison cell for torture.

Don’t get free of your shackles by using force or anything else. This is of utmost importance. Wait a bit; an assassin named Korilla will appear and kill Priestess Gut. Now, you can free yourself and loot her body to obtain Priestess Gut’s key.

This key can be used to bypass the Defiled Temple Moon puzzle. You can also solve it by rotating the disc plates to place all the dark dots on the bright ones.

Killing Priestess Gut by combat

If you plan on decimating goblin forces with a definite show of power, you can kill Priestess Gut in combat. You can do this in two ways: without alerting everyone in the vicinity or with a bang.

Before going into combat, we recommend that you prepare appropriately. Have someone in your party learn the “Hold Person” spell. This will prove invaluable during the fight. Go with heavy hitters like Lae’zel and Karlach to finish the job as soon as possible.


The recommended level for this fight is at least 4. 

Once you enter Priestess Gut’s quarters, shut the door behind you. Place one of your party members, preferably the spellcaster, in front of the door and cast Hold Person on Gut.

Now, move Lae’zel and Karlach to deal with some heavy attacks. You can use the potion of speed and rage (Karlach only) to gain extra turns for both. If you have the Silence spell, you can cast it to stop Priestess Gut from attacking you.

If you follow these steps, this fight will end in less than a minute. No one will be alarmed, and you can continue your business normally. However, if Priestess Gut manages to go outside or call for help, every single goblin in the camp will turn hostile.

More than 11 goblins will join the fight, and your best bet is to stay inside the chambers and handle them individually. If you are looking for an all-out brawl, we recommend finding and rescuing Halsin first.

The man bear is a force of nature who can easily decimate the goblin army with your help. You can find him in the Worg pens, and he will gladly join you to kill all goblin leaders.


The second method makes it almost impossible to recruit Minthara, as she will turn hostile at your sight. You can still knock her out with a non-hostile strike, but this will require much more effort.

Priestess Gut rewards and loot 

After defeating Priestess Gut in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will receive the following items as rewards, along with a key that will allow you to bypass the Defile Temple puzzle.

  • Absolute’s Warboard Shield
  • Absolute’s Talisman
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