Should You Choose The Mountain Pass Or Underdark In Baldur’s Gate 3

A lot of players will be conflicted if they should go to Moonrise Towers in Baldur's Gate 3 through the Mountain Pass or Underdark...

Feeling a bit confused about which path you should take to reach the Moonrise in Baldur’s Gate 3, don’t sweat it we got you covered. There are essentially two paths to start Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3 and reach Moonrise Towers, traveling from Mountain Pass or the Underdark.

Should you use Mountain Pass or Underdark to get to Moonrise Tower in Baldur’s Gate 3?

It is possible and advised to visit both the Mountain Pass and Underdark to really maximize your playing experience and also level up for the next Act, just make sure to follow this order or you will accidentally progress into Act 2.

  • Traverse the Mountain Pass and explore it completely without entering the Ruined Battlefield.
  • Fully play the Underdark sequence without going to the Grymforge Elevator.

Exploring both locations can be time-consuming and difficult depending on your skills and expertise, if you’re just starting and want to reach the Moonrise Towers without wasting too much time, then the Mountain Pass is your best bet.

On the flip side if you’re a BG3 veteran who’s willing to get his hands bloody and head spinning for the full experience then we’re sure you’ll love to explore both locations.

How to travel through the Mountain Pass in BG3

Mountain Pass is situated between the Goblin Camp and Waukeen’s Rest. Traveling from the Rosymorn Monastery Trail will lead you easily to the Mountain Pass.

However, should you wish to stay in the Mountain Pass before proceeding to Moonrise Towers in BG3, you can complete sections of the following quests there:


The Mountain Pass is straightforward compared to the Underdark. Some of the important things in the mountain pass are Lae’zel, and Gael’s companion quests here, you can also recruit Karlach here.

The first path to reach Moonrise Towers is west of Waukeen’s Rest via the Risen Road and only has a single big encounter against a Githiyanki patrol group.

The second is southwest of the Goblin Camp and has quite some higher-level enemies than the Githiyanki patrol.

Both paths lead to the Shadow-Cursed Lands, where you can speak with the Drider Kar’nisss. He will take you and other followers of the Absolute to Moonrise Towers under the protection of his Moon Lantern.

On the way, you will be ambushed by Harpers from the Last Light Inn, here you’re presented with two options.

You can either side with Kar’niss or the Harpers. Kar’niss takes you straight to the Moonrise Towers if you defend him.

Baldur's Gate 3 Underdark or Mountain Pass

If you choose to betray Kar’niss, then the Harper will tell you about the Last Light Inn and will ask you to take shelter there. Last Light Inn is a small town within the Shadow-Cursed Lands protected from the Shadow Curse by a Moon Shield, though visiting the inn is advised but not mandatory.

Once you reach Last Light Inn you can talk with Harper’s leader Jaheira, she’s an important character who will give you valuable information about the Moonrise Towers, General Ketheric Thorm, and will also help you attack it.

Another important character here is Isobel, she can protect you against the Shadow Curse through her protection spell and moon lantern.

Before heading out to reach Moonrise Towers, you can also do some quests at the inn. One important quest is to prevent Isobel’s abduction.

Side-Quests In Last Light Inn

How to get to Moonrise Towers through the Underdark in BG3

Underdark is a dangerous place in Baldur’s Gate 3 and home to not only races like Drow and Duergar but also deadly monsters like the Bulette or Phase Spiders. Navigating the Underdark to reach Moonrise Towers can be quite difficult if you aren’t well prepared.

However, if you choose to explore the Underdark in BG3 before going to Moonrise Towers, the rewards here will set you up nicely for Act 2.

Side-Quests In The Underdark

The Underdark can be accessed from four locations we know of so far.

You can use our detailed Underdark Entrance Locations Guide to reach the Underdark. Shadowheart’s companion quest Daughter of Darkness is also started from here.

To get to the Moonrise Towers our personnel recommendation is to head through the Defiled Temple. As this drops you close to a Waypoint and is near Grymforge, which you must go through.

There are many other side quests you can do within Grmyforge as well to get your hands on some BG3 unique weapons and items. Arcane Tower and Adamantine Forge are some notable places you can visit.

Reach Grymforge using a boat through the Decrepit Village in the Underdark Beach.

Within Grymforge find the Elevator at the Dig Site. Before proceeding you can do some more quests here. When you interact with the elevator, the True Soul Nere will talk to you telepathically. You can’t use the elevator before freeing Nere.

Baldur's Gate 3 Underdark or Mountain Pass

Save Nere from the rubble and kill him to get a Moon Lantern. This magical lantern helps you against the deadly Shadow Curse and will get you through the Shadow-Cursed Lands without suffering heavy casualties. Take the lantern and interact with the elevator, it will lead you down to the Shadow-Cursed Lands.

The lantern you get from Nere is broken by default, you can Fix The Broken Lantern. Another way is to reach the House in Deep Shadow within the Shadow Cursed Lands and kill the Drider Kar’niss to obtain his Moon Lantern.

After getting the lantern whichever way, you can either visit Last Light Inn or go straight to the Moonrise Towers.

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