Where To Find Dammon In Baldur’s Gate 3

An Infernal Blacksmith by heart and an ordinary merchant by trade, Dammon can be found all over Faerun in Baldur's Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 features a lot of NPCs throughout the game’s storyline, and Dammon is one of them with the ability to use the Infernal Iron. He is an infernal blacksmith whose help is needed to complete The Hellion’s Heart companion quest for Karlach.

Dammon is a Tiefling who travels to uncertain places, and many players are unsure where to meet him. He moves with his group, and his availability across various acts depends on the consequences of your actions.

Dammon locations in Baldur’s Gate 3

Dammon has achieved complete mastery over the Infernal items in Baldur’s Gate 3, and he can use them to craft unique gear and fix Karlach’s Heart. The first time you meet him in the Druid Grove, he will ask you to bring some infernal iron.

There are two locations from where you can find the Infernal Iron early:

The first location is the Shattered Sanctum in the Goblin Camp. In the very north of the Sanctum, you will fight Dror Ragzlin, a Goblin Leader. Behind his seat is a treasure room. Open the room to acquire the Infernal Iron.

The second location for finding the Infernal Iron is the necromancer’s basement in the Blighted Village. Go from the Shabby Wooden Door and climb the ladder above the chest. You will find the Infernal Iron there.

Dammon Location in Act 1

Dammon is available near the prison in the northern region of Druid Grove (X: 178, Y: 563). His availability depends on your progress. We recommend that you don’t kill all the Goblin leaders and don’t Side with Minthara yet.

Tieflings will have no reason to move from the grove in either case. There is a strong chance that Dammon will die if you Steal the Druid’s Sacred Idol. This will lead to a massacre inside Druid Grove, and a lot of Tieflings, including Zevlor, will die.

Make sure you go to Dammon after recruiting Karlach. He will take one Infernal Iron and use it to fix Karlach’s heart. This will progress Heart of the Hellion companion quest and stable Karlach for the time being.

Dammon Location in Act 2

As the Tieflings leave the Druid Grove, Dammon will move once you defeat the goblins and their leaders. He will now relocate to the Last Light Inn (X: -33, Y: 165) on his journey to reach Baldur’s Gate.

You must keep him and the other Tieflings alive by saving Isobel from Marcus. If Isobel dies, everyone in the inn does, too. Go to Dammon with another Infernal Iron alongside Karlach, and he will fix her Infernal engine heart some more. Now, Karlach can physically touch others, and this will complete The Hellion’s Heart quest. You can now have sex with Karlach and officially start your romance.

If you find more Infernal Iron or Infernal Alloy from the Grymforge, take them to Dammon and have him craft Flawed Helldusk Armor, Flawed Helldusk Helmet, and Flawed Helldusk Gloves, each requiring one Infernal Iron. Or you can craft all three with one Infernal Alloy. Dammon can also craft Orthon Explosives for you if you give him Devilfoil Masks.

Dammon Location in Act 3

After you kill Ketheric Thorm and successfully lift the Shadow Curse by saving Thaniel and Nightsong, all Tieflings will move to the Lower City. Dammon will also retire to a small shop west of the Elfsong Tavern. His shop is called Forge of the Nine.

Here, you can meet Dammon and purchase his items (standard weapons and gear items). If you haven’t progressed Karlach’s story yet, you can ask Dammon here to fix her heart. You can also craft the Flawed Helldusk gear here if you haven’t already.

Dammon will stay here for the rest of the game. He deserved it, as did the rest of his people.

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