Baldur Gate 3 Jaheira Approval Guide

To maintain a high approval rating with the fan of Justice Jaheira, you need to opt for ethically correct choices in Baldur's Gate 3.

Jaheira is a half-elf Druid and one of the Baldur’s Gate 3 companions you can recruit in Act 2 after gaining her approval in the Moonrise Tower. After helping her defeat the Ketheric Thorm, she will ask you to let her on your side. Thus recruiting her on your team.

After she is on your side, you will play Jaheira’s companion quest and help her find her old friend, Minsc. Along the way, you must help her fight enemies and cross roadblocks to achieve her goals. She will approve or disapprove of your choices at certain events in conversation with her.

It will be up to you whether you want to approve of her decision and get along with Jaheira’s nature or make a decision for your interests. Your choices will result in either a positive or negative approval rating with Jaheira in Baldur’s Gate 3.

A positive relationship with her can give you approval to romance Jaheira, while a negative one can make her leave your party.

How to gain Jaheira approval in BG3

To get high approval from Jaheira, we must first understand her nature. Jaheira is a fan of justice and loves nature. She admires the virtue of courage, respects morality, and likes decisiveness. Any decision involving the above virtues has a high chance of getting approval from Jaheira.

The following acts can have a high approval rating from Jaheira in BG3:

Act 3 Jaheira approval choices

Jaheira becomes an active party member during Act 3 of the game. It is the only time you can earn Jaheira’s approval in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

  • Sparing or saving the lives of others. 
  • Making a decision based on justice. 
  • Helping other companions or NPCs with difficulty. 
  • Showing courage or valor. 
  • When you meet Flaming Fist Rowan, confront him by saying: “You can’t kill innocent people.” 
  • Donate some gold to Manip Nestor during Investigate the Suspicious Toys side quest to help refugees. 
  • Intimidate Mar’hyah on leaving her job and persuading her to let you keep Scratch in your camp. 
  • Follow Jaheira’s lead at Danthelon’s Dancing Axe shop and take Geraldus’s side after the battle. 
  • Convince Minsc not to attack Keene and stop him with diplomacy. 
  • Play with the children (X: -160, y: -70) and donate some gold to the poor woman (X: -200, Y: -170) in the Lower City
  • Complete the Minsc storyline and free him from the control of Absolute. 
  • Acknowledge the presence of mind flayer parasite inside your head by saying: “Who are you talking to? Maybe I am the parasite who is controlling this body.” 
  • When you talk to Jaheira at the camp and discuss the amulet you found at her home, say: “Khalid sounds like he had true strength” to earn her approval in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What not to do if you want Jaheira’s approval

Anything that conflicts with justice, morality, and courage can get disapproval from Jaheira. Continuously behaving deceitfully can end your relationship with Jaheira, and she will leave your party.

The following acts will down the approval rating from Jaheira in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • Killing innocent NPCs
  • Not making choices based on justice
  • Involving in evil acts, especially when getting continuous approvals from Astarion.
  • Becoming an unholy assassin of Bhaal during Act 3 will make Jaheira leave your party immediately.
  • Reveal Jaheira’s association with High Harper while handing her over to Dribbles the Clown.
  • If you accept your father’s gift as a Dark Urge character and kill Isobel, Jaheira will immediately leave your party. 

Once you get her approval to be very good (green), you can start the romance with Jaheira in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Impact of approval on Jaheira’s romance

Starting a romance with Jaheira is a bit difficult due to her late availability in the game. However, once you recruit her as an active companion and increase her approval by a significant amount, you can romance her as early as the start of Act 3 in BG3. However, losing Jaheira’s approval is far easier than gaining it, and once her approval turns red, she will leave the party and break up with you.

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