Baldur’s Gate 3 Dror Ragzlin Boss Guide

This Hobgoblin is a marvel of nature and one of the most difficult early bosses in Baldur's Gate 3.

One of the mightiest Hobgoblins in the game and the first true roadblock for newcomers, Dror Ragzlin, is a hostile goblin leader in Baldur’s Gate 3. Fighting him is inevitable if you plan on having a good run and want to recruit Halsin.

While Baldur’s Gate 3 offers many tough early-game boss battles, nothing beats Dror Ragzlin. His legendary action to rally his allies and devastating attack powers can annihilate your party in one turn. Let’s examine how to handle this follower of the Absolute and an alternate way of killing him without combat.

Dror Ragzlin Location in Baldur’s Gate 3

During the Raid the Grove quest, Dror Ragzlin can be found inside the Shattered Sanctum area of the Goblin Camp. His throne is near Minthara’s quarters, past Priestess Gut’s chamber.

One of the entrance gates to his throne room is locked, and the other one puts you at a disadvantage unless you arrive here as a friend.

We recommend meeting him last after dealing with True Soul Gut and Minthara.

Dror Ragzlin dialogue option

Upon arriving in his throne room as a friend, Dror will initiate a dialogue sequence with you. He will be standing near the dead body of a Mind Flayer and will be trying to communicate with it.

Being a reckless leader and an angry one, if you fail to answer correctly or persuade him, Dror will attack you immediately. During the conversation with the Mind Flayer body, it will point at you as its killer. Here, you will need to pass a persuasion check to avoid confrontation.

While all the dialogue choices with Dror Ragzlin lead to a fight in Baldur’s Gate 3, talking to him can provide a lot of insight.

If you refuse to examine the Mind Flayer Corpse, you will immediately trigger the boss fight. However, examining the corpse will lead Ragzlin to believe that you are also a True Soul. He will spare your life, thus giving you enough time to set up your team to kill him and his team.

Here are the dialogue choices you must make. They are listed in the order you get them.

  • What profane ceremony is this?
  • All right. Let the ceremony proceed.
  • Allow hobgoblin to speak freely, lest he sense your intrusion.
  • Let the hobgoblin continue the questioning.
  • It’s a mistake. I’m a True Soul, remember? We connected. (Dror will ask you to report to Minthara)
  • No. But I’ll happily leave it a dead hobgoblin for company. (starts the fight immediately)

Preparation for the Fight

This is one of the most challenging boss fights in the game, so you need to prepare properly. Ungroup your party and place them on the rafters. Make sure to cast buff spells on your party members. Your whole party must be at least level 4 to consider attempting this fight.

Rest to heal your health and recover spell slots. Keep healing potions handy. Make sure to free Halsin before this fight, as he will prove invaluable. You can also convince the Spiders to join the fight.

Acquire Lump’s Horn from the Blighted Village. This is the best place to use, as it summons three Ogres who will fight on your behalf. They are built like tanks and can survive Dror Ragzlin’s massive onslaught.

How to defeat Dror Ragzlin in Baldur’s Gate 3

The best way to defeat Dror Ragzlin is to position your party atop the ladder to the area. Since Ragzlin can’t perform ranged attacks, you will have enough space between you to deflect his attacks.

Place two members in one spot on the stairs, and the other team parallels them. Lastly, the remaining members can be positioned anywhere.

However, before caring for the Hobgoblin, deal with the goblins first. Their arsenal contains spells that are enough to push you to your death. Therefore, start by performing a sneak attack and casting spells on the closest enemy before shifting focus on Ragzlin.

Ragzlin primarily focuses on strength. Therefore, do not use spells on him that solely depend upon this stat. He also wields the Faithbreaker Hammer. This hammer can use the Absolute Power action to deal additional 1d4 force damage to your party and push them back 5m.

Dror Ragzlin also has a legendary action in Baldur’s Gate 3 that allows him to galvanize his party members. Each galvanized goblin gets an extra action per turn. This makes the fight unnecessarily hard due to the many goblins in the area.

Wyll, with his Eldritch Blast, can be used to keep Dror Ragzlin at bay. Don’t let him get close, as he will finish you instantly. Once you remove all the goblins from the rafters, start hitting Dror with ranged attacks.

This is a battle of attrition, and you will need all the help you can get. Whether it be Halsin or Spiders, use all of them against Dror. If you follow all the steps, this fight will end before you know it.

Alternate Ways of Killing Dror Ragzlin

Dror Ragzlin can be killed without fighting. Cast an invisibility spell on the character with the highest strength stat and make them push Dror into a bottomless pit. This will kill him instantly, and you can escape the area using another Invisibility potion.

Make sure to save beforehand, as Dror has high Dexterity, and pushing him is difficult. If you are having trouble, this is the best way to kill Dror Ragzlin in Honor Mode. However, you will miss some important loot from his body.

Dror Ragzlin rewards and loot

You can loot Dror Ragzlin’s body to obtain Faithbreaker Warhammer. This martial weapon can only be wielded with hands and deals 1d10 + 1 bludgeoning damage. You can also use the Absolute Power feature to deal extra force damage to enemies.

The next main item from the loot is the Dror Ragzlin key. This key opens a treasury at the back of the throne, where you can obtain a piece of Infernal Iron and lots of gold.

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