Baldur’s Gate 3: Gale Romance Guide

Time to woo our resident Wizard of Baldur's Gate 3.

Gale is an original character you can recruit and romance in Baldur’s Gate 3. This charming and intriguing wizard of Waterdeep has a romance questline far more complicated than the other party members.

In this guide, we will teach you how to locate him, earn his approval, and finally make the correct choices to woo this handsome, jolly fellow.

Find and Recruit Gale

Gale can be found quite early in Baldur’s Gate 3 after you have completed the prologue. Head towards the Roadside Cliffs waypoint. Here, you will find a glowing waypoint on the side of the cliff.

As you approach it, a cutscene will play, and a hand will come out of a portal. This will be Gale’s hand. You must help him get out of the portal and save him. There are a few ways to save him, such as pulling him out using force or magic.

Whatever you choose is up to you and your character’s stats. Before choosing any option, save your progress because you must pass a check to pull him out of the portal.

Gale will thank you, and you can recruit him as a companion. If you have space in your team, he will join you immediately. Otherwise, he will go to the camp, where you can add him to your party by replacing someone.

How to get Gale’s approval

Gaining the approval of any companion is of utmost importance if you want to romance them. Their approval rating depends on your actions and if they align with their likings.

Gale is a simple companion and the easiest to get approval of if you plan to do a good playthrough. He likes nature and intelligent people and is also a sort of poet.

Gale’s Approval choices

Gale likes a few things that are easy to spot and manage during your playthrough if you want to romance him in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

  • Show intelligence in dialogues.
  • Show your interest in magical knowledge.
  • Spread kindness all around you and choose non-violent approaches.
  • Showing interest in poetry.
  • Giving him magical items and artifacts.
  • Help him with his condition and be kind to him.

Gale’s Disapproval choices

Gale is a simple and kind-hearted individual, but there are some actions that he does not like, and his approval rating with you decreases. These are

  • Violence without reason, especially toward animals and children.
  • Stupidity in decision-making or dialogue.
  • Lack of curiosity.
  • Judging him for his condition.
  • Rejecting his advances.

Gale Romance in Act 1

Act 1 is where you will be gaining most of Gale’s approval. When you rescue Halsin from the Goblin Camp and neutralize the goblin threat by killing its leaders, a huge celebration will follow at night by using a long rest.

Talk to Gale and reply with the following dialogue options.

  • You are welcome.
  • I like the sound of magical.

Go to bed to start another cutscene. Gale will invite you and try to teach you magic weaving. Make sure that you show interest in whatever he is doing. Even if you fail at checks, this won’t hurt your chances of romancing Gale. As the evening progresses, Gale will ask about magic and your interest. Reply with the following dialogue options.

  • You are a good teacher.
  • It is a good night for intimacy.
  • Picture of kissing him.

Gale will refuse your advances, but don’t worry. You are on the right track. Next time Gale wants to talk to you, show interest in his familiar. Once the option arises, select the following dialogue.

  • What else do you like about me?

This is it for Act 1 unless you plan on going to the Shadow Cursed Lands through the Mountain Pass. There, you will meet Elminster Aumar, who is pivotal in completing Gale’s companion quest, the Wizard of Waterdeep. Invite him to your camp, as he can help Gale with his condition and stabilize the Nethreseorb.


If you reach the Shadow Cursed Lands via the Underdark, you can find Elminster at the entrance. Ensure you invite him to camp, or you can simply say goodbye to romancing Gale in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Gale Romance in Act 2

This is where things start getting steamy. No proper checkpoint exists, but you must significantly increase Gale’s approval to start your romance. Once you have enough approval from Gale, you will notice his Astral projection at camp during the next long rest.

Follow the projection to a forest where you will find the real Gale. Sit beside him and reply with the following dialogue options.

  • I will be by your side, whatever dawn may bring.
  • I am in love with you, too.

Things will start getting raunchy, and Gale will invite you to bed. At this point, you will get an option for two different sex scenes with Gale.

  • If you demand the real Gale, he will summon a bed, and you will experience a much-tamed sex scene.
  • If you agree to go to bed with his projection, it will lead to an extended sex scene with Gale.

Both options are valid and will progress your romance with Gale in a positive manner. Make sure that you stabilize Gale and don’t let him explode later in the Act.

Gale Romance in Act 3

Once you find the Annals of Karsus from the Sorcerous Sundries, hand the book over to Gale so he can read it. This will give him an idea about the location of the Crown of Karsus and how he can ascend to Godhood by reforging it.

We recommend that you discourage him with the thought and convince him to hand over the crown to Mystra. Reply with

  • This doesn’t have to be the end for us. Just forget about the crown.

This is important because no matter what Gale says, he will leave you once he gets the crown. Giving the Crown to her ex, Mystra will also cure Gale of his condition.

Gale Romance in Epilogue

If you follow our guidelines and have a happy ending with Gale, he will ask you to move in and marry him. He will take you to his house in the waterdeep where you will have your happy ever after with him. This will conclude your romance with Gale.

If you let Gale become a God, he will disappear for six months. He will appear once more and ask you to ascend with him. However, Tara will be unhappy with Gale’s choices and you for allowing him to do the wrong thing.

Can you romance multiple companions with Gale?

Gale is monogamous and extremely attached to his partner. He won’t allow you to have relationships with other companions, even the ones who are okay with polygamy. They include Halsin, Karlach, Astarion, and Shadowheart. He will break up with you if you see other companions as romantic partners.

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