How To Find Githyanki Creche In Baldur’s Gate 3

To start Find Githyanki Creche quest in BG3, travel to the Mountain Pass area on the Risen Road. This area is located to the North of Gobl...

Find Githyanki Creche is a sub-quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 and is a part of the much larger quest “Find the Cure”. Being infected with the parasite by Mind Flayers, our character can turn into an Illithid at any time and become a follower of the Absolute. Desperate to find the cure, Lae’zel offers to take us to a nearby Githyanki Creche where we can meet her people who can help us with the parasite.

In this guide, we will guide you step by step on how to acquire the Find Githyanki Creche quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 and how you can enter this elusive area easily. Before starting this quest, we recommend that you have both Shadowheart and Lae’zel in your party.

How to start Find Githyanki Creche quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

To start Find Githyanki Creche quest in BG3, travel to the Mountain Pass area (X: -103, Y: 559) on the Risen Road. This area is located to the North of Goblin Camp and South of Waukeen’s Rest.

Once you reach this area, a cutscene triggers where a red dragon attacks a group of soldiers and destroy the bridge at the orders of some Githyanki warriors. When prompted, reply with the following option to Lae’zel. 

  • “Let’s go”. 

Climb down the wall and Lae’zel will initiate a talk with the dragon rider, Kith’rak Voss. Select the following options now. 

  • “Nod to Lae’zel. Go ahead”. 
  • “Moth a silent command to Lae’zel. Play along”. 

This option requires you to roll a successful persuasion of 10 DC. Once that is successful, Kith’rak will fly away on his trusty steed. Cross the stone bridge to reach the Mountain Pass. There is a very long cutscene at this point. Select the following replies when investigating Shadowheart at this point. 

  • “You have got some explaining to do. What is that thing that you have?” 
  • “Why Baldur’s Gate? What aren’t you telling me?” 
  • “I don’t care who you worship. Tell me about the artefact”. 
  • “Enough both of you. We need to work together”. 

This is the first point of no return in BG3. Make sure to level up properly and finish any quests that you have pending now.

How to enter Rosymorn monastery

Keep going forward and turn right until you reach the coordinates at (X: -47, Y: -94). Turn the cable car wheel with a successful strength roll (15 DC). Use the cable car to reach the Rosymorn monastery. It is the only way you can find Githyanki Creche in BG3. 

Turn back from the cable car and descend the stone steps. Keep going until you find Rosymorn monastery waypoint at (X: 18, Y: 8). Enter the monastery from a broken wall to the left of the main door (X: 67, Y: 32)

From the wine cellar, go the Northwest corner and use the wooden plank to go outside. Use the jump skill to reach the next platform. Keep going up and then turn left to drop down. Destroy the wooden barricade at (X: 53, Y: 60).  

Turn left and then jump to cross the gap. Turn right and keep going forward until you reach a dead end. There is a door to the left at (X: 96, Y: 32). Keep going down until you reach another barricade at (X: 100, Y: 45). Keep going through the ruined monastery until you reach Creche Y’llek. Enter the basement through the wooden door (X: 68, Y: 84)

Another cutscene follows as you confront some Githyanki warriors inside Creche Y’llek in BG3. Select the following options. 

  • “Allow Lae’zel to answer”. 

You have finally found Githyanki Creche in BG3. Follow the instructions and make your way to the infirmary to allow the Githyanki healers to remove the parasite.

How to remove parasite inside Baldur’s Gate 3 Githyanki Creche

Talk to Ghustil Stornugoss at (X: 1287, Y: -809). She is the principal healer of Githyanki Creche in BG3. Select the following options now. 

  • “I would prefer Lae’zel to speak on my behalf”. 
  • “And the Zaith’isk is?” 
  • “Investigate the device”. 

This option requires a roll of 15 or above with intelligence. 

  • “Stand back. I will go first”. 
  • “You will still be hunting for this place without my guidance. I will be cured first”. 
  • “Will it hurt me?” 
  • “Look to your companions for the guidance”. 
  • “Lie down in the device”. 
  • “Follow the doctor’s instructions. Seek the tadpole”. 

This is a saving throw with 20 DC

  • “Stay calm. Guide the device closer”. 

It is also another saving throw that requires a roll of 15 or above. 

  • “Let the tadpole feed on your rage. Make it strong”. 

This is a barbarian-specific saving throw that requires 18 or more. Behave like you don’t know what is happening and deceive the healer to save your party and your life in the process. This marks the end of Find Githyanki Creche quest in BG3.

Disappointed at the failure and potential of a traitor within Creche Y’llek, Lae’zel will suggest we talk to the Inquisitor and report this matter to him. This will allow you to take the path of siding with Vlaakith or the Dream Visitor as well as find the legendary Blood of Lathander.

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