How To Recruit Halsin Companion In Baldur’s Gate 3

Halsin is a powerful druid in Baldur's Gate 3 you can recruit as a companion. You'll need to help him across Act 1 and 2 before doing so.

Halsin is the first Druid of Emerald Grove and stands out as one of the important NPCs you can recruit as companions in your party in Act 2 in Baldur’s Gate 3. Even if you are unwilling to make him join your party, Halsin plays a crucial role in building Baldur’s Gate 3 story narrative.

Recruiting this bear-formed druid can drastically improve your party’s healing and defenses. However, you have to find him and do some gameplay workaround to make this thing come true. 

During a quest in Act 1, it is revealed that Halsin was made a prisoner in the Goblin Camp. You will need to rescue him from there to start a friendly relationship, which continues until Act 2. Now you will be able to recruit Halsin as a resourceful companion

Halsin Location in BG3 

You first get mentions of Halsin being at the Emerald Grove, but he cannot be found there. You will learn that he left some time ago and has not returned. He will be at the Shattered Sanctum, held in a cage, surrounded by the goblin army in the Goblin Camp. This area is in the Worg Pens and can be accessed by heading downstairs from the door and then going to the right. 

goblin camp location in bg3

Recruiting Halsin in Act 1 

While you are busy trying to solve the conflicts between Druids and Tieflings, the Druids demand you rescue their leader to show loyalty to their side. To do so, you need to get inside Goblin Camp and rescue Halsin from their captivity. Then, certain steps must be followed to recruit Halsin as a companion. 

Find Halsin in the Worg Pens 

The Shattered Sanctum comes right past the Goblin Camp and is the central area of affairs. After reaching there, continue walking to Worg Pens. You will see some angry goblins irritating and a large bear being captive in a cage. 


Break Halsin out 

Start talking with the goblins to stop their brutal pestering and start a brief fight. Meanwhile, the bear Halsin will break free from his cage and join you in teaching a lesson to the goblins. Having eliminated the lot, you both will clear the site of bodies, and then Halsin will show his elf self to you. 

Kill the goblin leaders 

As you have been kind to him and even helped him get out of the cage, Halsin regards you as a friend now. However, you need to eliminate the goblin leaders to prove your true positive intentions toward him.  

Halsin asks you to kill the three goblin leaders, including Minthara and two others, to take good revenge. Carry out his request to continue your journey forward.  

Talk of Halsin at the grove 

Having eliminated all the goblin True Soul leaders, return to Emerald Grove. Halsin will already be there, eagerly waiting to hear your good news. The tielfings and druids will celebrate their victory over their ultimate enemy. Meanwhile, Halsin agrees to accompany you in your next endeavors if you are willing. The remaining recruitment story takes place in Act 2. 

Recruiting Halsin in Act 2 

Once you are in Act 2 officially, make your way through the storyline until you reach the Shadow Cursed Lands. This area is accessible after taking both Underdark and the Mountain Pass route. 

Upon reaching the Shadow Cursed Lands, keep treading forward until Last Light Inn arrives your way. It is situated in the northeastern portion of the BG3 map. This is when you actually get to recruit Halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Find Art Cullagh at the Last Light Inn 

Many people have taken refuge at the Last Light Inn to save themselves from the Shadow Curse. One of these is BG3 Art Cullagh, who’s barely alive from the curse’s effects and is facing a coma. You must approach him at his bed and try to wake him up. However, instead of waking up, Art Cullagh will utter Thaniel from his mouth in a meek voice.  

As you continue the dialogue further, it will be revealed that a specific item can make this NPC wake up. 

Talk to Halsin and bring him to the Inn 

After finishing the talk with Art, make your way back to the camp and inform Halsin about the things back there. The druid decides to visit Cullagh himself and immediately approaches the Last Light Inn. You will also need to follow Halsin to the Inn and initiate a talk with him.

Through Halsin’s powers, you will learn that you need to play some music in front of Art Cullagh. You will need to find the Battered Lute, which can be found on the body of Malus Thorm. 

Go to the House of Healing 

Malus Thorm is a leading doctor at the hospital whose body holds our required item. You must head to Reithwen Town, south of the Last Light Inn to reach there.  

malus thorm location bg3

You will see Malus Thorm at the back of the House of Healing after crossing the initial large room. His true identity is that of a Surgeon whose favorite tasks include torturing his patients to death.  

Approach the boss and start talking with him according to the prompt. After some time, the battle will commence, allowing you to eliminate the undead infestation from the whole area. These include the doctor and his nurses. Once they are down, loot the Battered Lute from the boss’s body. 

Take the Battered Lute to the Inn  

After looting the healing item from the House of Healing, return to the Inn. Stand beside Art Cullagh’s bed and start playing Lute to wake him up. After waking from his bed, Art tells Halsin that he should find the Shadow curse soul, Thaniel. 

Talk to Halsin near the lake 

Follow Halsin to the Lakeshore as he peers into another dimension (Shadowfell region) to save the kid, Thaniel in Baldur’s Gate 3. During the talk with Halsin, you will know that you must guard the portal leading to the other dimension. 

Defend the portal 

Your sole task now is to defend the portal created by Halsin from the undead enemies as they try to interrupt your druid friend’s rescue plan. The 150 health of the portal will be enough to survive until things are done, provided you let a minimum of enemies hit it with their blows. 

Using Gale’s Fireball spell can help a great deal in clearing hordes of less powerful enemies. Beware of Wraiths, as they can pose a greater threat than their allies.  

Once you have defended the portal for a sufficient amount of time, Halsin will finally come out of the portal with Thaniel in his arms. The druid will then suggest you visit him back at the camp. After reaching there, you can recruit Halsin in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

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