Where To Find Last Light Inn In Baldur’s Gate 3

The Last Light Inn is a safe area in the Shadow Cursed Lands in Baldur's Gate 3. This will be your town hub and where you will get the bulk of your quests.

Last Light Inn is the main hub of Act 2 in Baldur’s Gate 3. It is hidden in the Shadow Cursed Lands and allows you to meet some old acquaintances and new people. This Inn is unique because it is safe from the shadow curse afflicting the land. It is also the regional headquarters of the Harpers, being led by Jaheira.   

You will find that many of the Tiefling refugees from Emerald Grove have made their way here. This Inn will act as a town hub in this cursed land and a place where you can rest. Here, you will find merchants like Dammon to trade from and a few interesting NPC interactions. 

Isobel, a cleric of the goddess Selune, is hiding in this Inn. She will be attacked and abducted if you do not step in. You will have to save Isobel from being taken by the cult of the Absolute.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Last Light Inn location

The Last Light Inn is in the heart of the Shadow Cursed Lands, protected by Isobel’s blessings. It is a safe location; you will find many important characters here. You can Trade and rest here and interact with NPCs, all that, and more while being safe from Baldur’s Gate 3 Shadow Curse.  

Finding Last Light Inn is important, but doing so will be difficult. To find the Last Light Inn in Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3, you must begin all the way from the Underdark or Mountain Pass if you are feeling extra daring.

Pass through the Underdark

You need to get to the Underdark-Beach area when you enter the Underdark. You will find this place while you are completing the Avenge Glut’s Circle side quest. There, on the shore, you will find a boat. If you interact with the boat, it will take you to an area known as the Gyrmforge. 

But reaching there will not be easy, as the beach area will be filled with enemies and cult of the absolute. So, make sure you have taken them out and rested before taking the boat. There is a series of quests here, like the Free True Soul Nere quest, which have you free a cultist of the Absolute, or you can kill him to obtain his Illithid Parasite

Either complete them or skip these quests to head west from the boat, where you will find a large metal door.

This metal door will have NPCs surrounding it and talking about Shadow Cursed Lands. Take the elevator to continue to Shadow Cursed Lands. But remember that you will proceed to Act 2 by doing so. Tie up any loose ends, finish all side quests, or gather any loot before heading forward.

As you reach a temple in the Shadow Cursed Lands, you will find a Character named Elminster Aumar. Talk to him to progress Gale’s companion quest, Wizard of Waterdeep. Head out of the temple and find yourself in the shadowlands.

Go through the Mountain Pass

You can also reach Last Light Inn inside Shadow cursed Lands by going through the Mountain Pass in Baldur’s Gate 3. First, go to the Risen Road, where you meet the Githyanki Patrol. Continue Northwest to reach the Trielta Crags waypoint.

There are several level 6 undead enemies patrolling this area. Make sure to take them out with the help of Smite spell that any cleric can learn and use. You can also avoid them by casting the Invisibility spell on your sneakiest party member, Astarion.

As soon as he enters the Shadow Cursed Lands, all the party will be automatically transported there. Continue Northwest to reach the Shadowed Battlefield.

Traversing the Shadow Cursed Lands

Explore around a bit, and you will discover some humanoids, including Kar’niss, in trouble. Help them fight off the shadows. They will then lead you right to the Last Light Inn.

While traveling in the Shadowlands, carry a torch with you. This will help you fend off the shadow curse and will help you see better in the dark. Later, you will find a Moon Lantern that will handle this problem. Or you can lift the Shadow Curse.

Reach Last Light Inn

The Last Light Inn in Baldur’s Gate 3 will be located to the southwest of where you will find the Harpers. They are a faction that is opposing the cult of the Absolute. So naturally, they are your allies. Save them and then follow them to the Last Light Inn. Alternatively, you can find this place by going Northwest if you are coming from the Mountain Pass.

When you arrive, you will meet Jaheira outside the inn. She will be a little distrusting of you when you first meet her, but she comes around later. She is a returning character from the Baldur’s Gate franchise, so if you have played the previous games in the series, you will remember her well.

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