How To Find And Use Infernal Iron In Baldur’s Gate 3

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Infernal Iron is a rare item in Baldur’s Gate 3. It is essential for completing Karlach’s companion quest and crafting a unique Armor set later in the game.

This rare metal is needed as Karlach’s machine (heart) is going into overdrive mode. You will be tasked with getting the Infernal Iron and returning it to the NPC Dammon to progress Karlarch’s storyline in Baldur’s Gate 3. He is a blacksmith you can find in the Druid Grove area, so make sure that when you interact with him, you also have Karlach in your party.

However, it is rare to come across the Infernal Iron, so you must take your time discovering it at various locations in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to use Infernal Iron in Baldur’s Gate 3

Infernal iron has multiple purposes in Baldur’s Gate 3. Its main function is to progress Karlach’s companion quest, The Hellion’s Heart. Her unstable infernal heart makes her ultra hot all the time (we mean literally). The Infernal mechanic Dammon can temporarily use the Infernal Iron to fix Karlach’s heart.

In Act 1, you can find Dammon inside the Hollow region of Druid Grove. He is a Tiefling and has a shop opposite Auntie Ethel’s. In Act 2, you can find him again in the barn of the Last Light Inn. He only needs two Infernal Iron pieces to fix Karlach and finish the Hellion’s Heart quest.

You can also use Dammon’s Acts 2 and 3 services to craft the Flawed Helldusk Armor set from the leftover Infernal Iron pieces. Alternatively, you can simply sell them to any merchant for a decent amount of gold.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Infernal Iron Locations

Nine Infernal Iron pieces are available across three acts. Four are available in Act 1, three in Act 2, and the remaining two in Act 3.

Infernal Iron Location 1: Blacksmith Basement

The first gate on the right near the entrance of the Blighted Village leads to the Blacksmith shop. You can open it using a lockpick and pass a DC10 dexterity check. Once inside, simply go down the stairs until you reach a room with a small forge. Climb the ladder in this area to find a treasure chest that contains an Infernal Iron.


Ensure you don’t touch the treasure chest near the ladder, which is rigged. If you fail to disarm it, the explosion will destroy the nearby stairs.

You can also enter the Blacksmith’s shop by going up the stairs to the right. Enter the house with the Shabby wooden doors and burn the calcified web (X: 47, Y: 429) on the floor. Jump down the hole to enter the forge room of the Blacksmith’s house. You can also enter it by jumping down the well to reach Whispering Depths. Find and destroy the cracked wall to enter the Blacksmith’s basement.

Infernal Iron Location 2: Dror Ragzlin Stash

Once you reach the Shattered Sanctum area of the Goblin Camp, go East to find Dror Ragzlin inside his chambers. He is one of the Goblin Leaders and a formidable foe. Behind his thrown is a locked door hiding his stash.

You can enter the room by lockpicking the door stealthily or pickpocketing the key from Dror himself. You can also kill Dror Ragzlin (recommended) and loot the key from his body. Search the chamber thoroughly to obtain the second piece of Infernal Iron.

Infernal Iron Location 3: The Zhentarim Hideout

Zhentarim Hideout can be accessed by finding a shabby-looking door in the barn of Waukeen’s Rest. This area is on the Risen Road, in the northern region of the Wilderness map. Make sure that you enter the hideout after completing the Find the Missing Shipment quest for a friendly welcome.

Once inside the hideout, climb up the stairs and go north to find a couple of guards with three dogs. There are two locked rooms in this area. You must stealthily unlock the one at (X: 282, Y: 167). Two chests are inside the room, and both are trapped. Disarm the one on the right and open it to obtain your third piece of Infernal Iron.

Infernal Iron Location 4: Stonemason Kith in Grymforge

This is odd as you must pass three skills checks with 10 DC each. As you reach the Grymforge area of the Underdark during Act 1, climb up the stairs near the fast travel waypoint to find a Duergar named Stonemason Kith.

After talking to him, you must pass the History, Investigation, and Religion checks. Any wizard or cleric in your class, like Shadowheart, can easily pass these checks. He will simply hand over the Infernal Iron as a reward for playing his little game.


If you fail those checks, you can still buy the infernal Iron from Stonemason Kith for 200 gold.

Infernal Iron Location 5: Reithwin Town

This piece of Infernal Iron is lying on the ground (X: -104, Y: 18) near Reithwin Town during Act 2. However, you can’t access this area unless you have found a Moon lantern or obtained Pixie’s Blessing.

Simply progress through the main quest until you acquire either one. You will come across this area on your way to the House of Healing to complete the Wake Up Art Cullagh quest. At this point, you can easily pick up your fifth piece of Infernal Iron.

Infernal Iron Location 6: Balthazar’s Vault

The sixth piece of Infernal Iron can also be obtained during Act 2 from Balthazar’s vault (X: -819, Y: -753) outside his laboratory. This area is inside Gauntlet of Shar and is a part of the main quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

You can unlock the vault door using a lockpick and pass a DC30 Dexterity check. You can also use the Knock spell to open it. Interact with the vault to obtain another Infernal Iron.

Infernal Iron Location 7: Yurgir’s Body

Yurgir, the Orthon, is holding the fourth and final Umbral gem, hiding from Raphael inside the Gauntlet of Shar. As you reach the climax of Act 2, Raphael will ask you to kill Yurgir to progress Astarion’s companion quest.

Once you find and kill Yurgir, you can loot his body to obtain the final Infernal Iron of Act 2. This is one of the fights where you can make the boss kill himself with dialogue.

Infernal Iron Location 8: Flymm’s Cargo Basement

As you progress through Avenge the Drowned quest in Act 3, you must find a submersible by going through Flymm’s cargo. The next piece of infernal Iron lies in the open at the coordinates (X: -1078, Y: -315). This is unmissable; you can simply pick it up without repercussions.

Infernal Iron Location 9: Iron Throne Prison

During the Rescue the Grand Duke quest in Act 3, you must use the submersible inside Flymm’s cargo to reach the Iron Throne prison. When you leave the submersible, you can loot the final Infernal Iron from a table right next to you.


You get limited turns (6 or 9, depending on difficulty settings) to rescue everyone from the prison. So, make every move count.

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