How To Save Minthara From Moonrise Towers In Baldur’s Gate 3

In order to save Minthara from Moonrise Towers prison in BG3, you need to complete a quest called Decide Minthara’s Fate. During this quest..

Minthara, a half-drow, used to be a goblin leader until you decide to not tell her of the location of Emerald Grove. To add salt to injury, let Halsin escape from Goblin camp before Minthara can break his mind. This will make her fall from grace. The Absolute will punish her by imprisonment in Moonrise Tower and orders its followers to torture her until she breaks or dies. In order to save Minthara from Moonrise Towers prison in Baldur’s Gate 3 you need to complete a quest “Decide Minthara’s Fate”. 

In this guide, we will be solely focusing on saving her if you wish to recruit Minthara. There are a lot of outcomes of Decide Minthara’s Fate quest that can lead to either Minthara losing her mind or dying. But this is not the purpose of our guide here. Make sure that you follow the guide step by step to have the outcome you desire.

Saving Minthara from Moonrise Towers in BG3

To save Minthara from Moonrise Towers in Baldur’s Gate 3, we recommend going through the mountain pass to reach Githyanki Creche in the Rosymorn Monastery. From there you can access Shadow-Cursed land and manipulate Karniss, the bearer of moon lantern to reach the Moonrise Towers.

Once inside the towers, you will see some followers of the Absolute dragging Minthara to the holding cells. You can intervene and attack the leaders to save Minthara in BG3. However, this comes at a very high cost. All of Moonrise Tower guards will be up in arms against you. This is a very brutal fight and locks the path to infiltrate Moonrise Towers in the future. There is a sneakier way to save Minthara.

How to find Minthara in Moonrise Towers cells

From the main entrance of the tower, turn right and go down the stairs (X: – 164, Y: 198). Go down further to enter the prison cells. Follow the trail of blood to find Minthara being tortured by two jailers. You will find Questioner Sumera and Questioner Jasin trying to break Minthara’s brain at the orders of the Absolute.

In order to save Minthara in BG3, make sure to intervene to stop them. You have multiple choices here. You can attack both jailers, kill them and escort Minthara out of Moonrise Towers prison. If you decide to go on a non-violent path, select the following options. 

  • “What are you doing to her?” 
  • “Step aside. I am taking charge here”. 

You need to roll a successful Intimidation here with 14 difficulty class. This will make both questioners leave Minthara and allow you to continue the interrogation. 

  • “Reach out for Drow’s mind”. 

Apparently, Minthara is fighting Absolute’s control over her brain. Talk to her and use the following options. 

  • “Push past the presence, towards Minthara”. 

You will once again need to win against a wisdom check roll with 18 DC. This will make Minthara a lot calmer. Reply with the following options now. 

  • “I have a plan. Fake obedience and the guards will leave without raising alarm”. 

At this point, you can once again attack the guards but we recommend that you keep this option as a last resort. 

  • “Because I reshaped her. If it is breaking your desire, I can snap you like a twig”. 

You once again need to win a Charisma roll with 18 DC. You can also choose persuasion or deception depending upon what kind of modifier and skill bonuses you have. I decided to go with Intimidation because of heavy investment in Charisma skill. This will earn you the approval of both Astarion and Shadowheart and makes you one step closer to saving Minthara in BG3.

How to take Minthara out of Moonrise towers

Talk to Minthara and convince her to let her revenge go for now and make an escape with you. Minthara will now temporarily join the party. On your way up, you will once again encounter an enemy who challenges your authority in this matter. Once again roll another successful intimidation (14 DC) to make them back off. 

Once you are on the bridge that leads outside Moonrise Towers, you will meet some more enemies. Roll the final intimidation check with 14 DC and leave the area unscathed. Talk to Minthara once more and convince her to join your camp. This will allow you to recruit her as a party member and romance Minthara if you wish so. You can also let her go in exchange for some XP, but it is not worth it. 

This is how you can save Minthara easily from Moonrise Towers in BG3 without any bloodshed. You can recruit her and go back to the towers to complete the remaining objectives. If we say it ourselves, this is a win-win scenario.

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