How To Find The Nightsong In Baldur’s Gate 3

Find the Nightsong is a major story quest that will take you through treacherous Shadow Cursed Lands to protect an innocent soul.

Find the Nightsong is a very long quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 that starts in Act 1 and runs till Act 3. This quest will allow the players to experience the tragic story of Shar’s daughter and how you can save her multiple times through the journey.

This quest allows players to make different choices that change the course of their journey dramatically. Find the Nightsong quest overlaps with many other quests, including Shadowheart’s Daughter of Darkness. We have the most optimized walkthrough for the best outcomes possible.

How to start Find the Nightsong quest during Act 1

Find the Nightsong quest that can be acquired when you enter Druid Grove. You will notice a man, Aardin, arguing with Tiefling leader Zevlor. You can either knock Zevlor out or wait for the argument to be over. Follow Aardin and talk to him. He will tell you that his party is looking for a treasure known as Nightsong. However, the said treasure is beneath the Defiled Temple, which Goblins currently occupy.

Enter Goblin Camp

The next step involves finding and entering the Goblin Camp. It is to the West of Druid Grove, past the Blighted Village. You can select the Drow race to enter the camp without confrontation or fight the enemies inside. The latter option is akin to suicide, as the camp is full of powerful enemies. 

The third and best option is to find a prisoner goblin, Sazza, inside Druid Grove. Free her from the cage, and she will vouch for you at the Goblin camp gate. Make sure that you don’t create any fuss and head straight for the Shattered Sanctum.

If you missed Aardin earlier and entered Goblin Camp first, go to the torture chamber in Shattered Sanctum. Talk to the prisoner Liam here, and he will reveal that he came searching for Nightsong. The Sorcerer Lorroakan has announced a big reward for the treasure. This will also start the Find the Nightsong side quest.

Enter Defiled Temple and solve its puzzle

While inside Shattered Sanctum, you will encounter one of the three Goblin Leaders, True Soul Gut. Talk to her and ask her to cure the tadpole in your brain. She will ask you to follow her alone into her chambers. Do as she says and take the potion she offers you. When you wake up, you will be tied with chains.

Be patient, as escaping at this point will lead to a very difficult boss fight. An assassin will enter the chamber to kill True Soul Gut and free you. Search her body to obtain the key. Use the key to unlock the door leading directly to the Defiled Temple.

You will notice four discs with small circles on the floor. This puzzle is known as the Defiled Temple Moon Puzzle. All you need to do is rotate the discs so that all dark moons are placed on the Southernmost disc (the disc on which moonlight shines). Press the lever on the other side to open the path to the Underdark.

Follow the spiral path down into the Underdark, and it will lead you to the Temple of Shar, near the Selunite Outpost waypoint. Continue your journey through the Underdark to reach Grymforge. As soon as you reach Grymforge, the trail will go cold. Nightsong wasn’t found in the Defiled Temple or the Underdark. From here, the quest goes on a long hiatus, and you won’t find any more objectives until you reach Act 2.

Journey through Shadow Cursed Lands in Act 2

After entering the Shadow Cursed Lands, go through the main quest until you find a Moon Lantern and reach the Last Light Inn. From here, you will get another quest to enter the Thorm Mausoleum, also known as the Grand Mausoleum. It is to the South of Last Light Inn, across the Reithwin town, where Nightsong is located. Once you enter Thorm’s Mausoleum, you will be welcomed by Shar’s voice, who will ask you to complete the Gauntlet of Shar to obtain three Umbral Gems. You must also find Spear of Shar here to continue Shadowheart’s companion quest.

Inside the Gauntlet of Shar, head north from the Gauntlet of Shar fast travel point to meet Balthazar, servant of Ketheric Thorm. Talk to Balthazar and tell him that Ketheric sent you to find a relic for him. Doing this will help you learn the location of the relic, which is Nightsong, by the way, and Balthazar will order you to clear the puzzles for him. You can attack Balthazar now but be prepared to face his brother, Flesh.

Completing the Trials of Gauntlet of Shar

The Gauntlet of Shar has three trials you must complete to obtain the Umbral Gems. 

However, to reach the bottom of the Thorm Mausoleum and enter the Shadowfell region, you need one more Umbral gem. The said Umbral gem is in the possession of Yurgir, the Orthon. Kill Yurgir and then his gem at a platform to go down. The next platform requires three umbral gems you obtained from the trials. Once you use them, the elevator will take you further below. Here, you will notice a glowing area, the entrance to the Shadowfell region. Don’t worry and jump, as you become impervious to falling damage in Shadowfell.

Once inside Shadowfell, keep moving forward until you reach the end. Here, you will find Nightsong, who is a person compared to the fake rumors about her being a treasure. She is Shar’s daughter, and her real name is Aylin. She is kept here as a prisoner, and Shadowfell is Nightsong’s prison.

Kill or Save Nightsong

After talking to Nightsong, you will need to make a choice regarding her fate. Remember, whatever you choose here will have everlasting consequences. The first choice involves handing her over to Balthazar. This is the worst choice, as it will abruptly end the quest and make Shadowheart furious. This doesn’t make any sense unless you are planning on siding with Ketheric Thorm. 

The next option is to refuse Balthazar, and he will turn hostile. Kill him, his brother, and other minions to protect Nightsong. Once you are finished with Ketheric Thorm’s lackey, Shadowheart will try to kill Nightsong with the Spear of Shar. If you allow Shadowheart to kill Nightsong at the behest of Shar, she will become a Dark Justiciar. Her companion quest, Daughter of Darkness, will end abruptly, and you will lose her as a romantic companion.

The best course of action is to select the choices that protect Nightsong both times. Once you convince Shadowheart to let Nightsong go, Shar will lose her control over her. Shadowheart’s hair will change, and her personality will take a much more positive turn. Aylin or Nightsong will join your camp, and her quest will come to a halt until you reach Act 3.

Find Lorroakan during Act 3

Once you arrive in the Lower City during Act 3, make your way to the Sorcerous Sundries. You will find Aardin there, who still wants to find Nightsong and hand her over to Lorroakan to earn the reward. Go inside Sorcerous Sundries and reach the second floor. Here, you will find Lorroakan’s projection, asking you to select the right portal. In our case, it was the blue one with a plaque saying, “The Nightsong is an immortal being, child of a deity.” If you select the wrong portal, you will be kicked out, and trying to enter Sorcerous Sundries again will turn everyone hostile.

The correct portal will take you to the Sorcerer Lorroakan himself. You can tell him if Nightsong is alive or dead, as it doesn’t make any difference. Return to your camp and tell Nightsong about Lorroakan and his plan for her. This will make Nightsong angry, and she will go to Sorcerous Sundries to kill Lorroakan.

Side with Nightong or Lorroakan

Go to Sorcerous Sundries and reach Lorroakan’s chamber once more. Here, you will get two more options. Either hand over Nightsong to Lorroakan for the bounty or help her. If you choose the former option, you will have to fight Nightsong alongside her four elementals. We recommend against this choice as it makes the whole effort worthless.

If you refuse Lorroakan, he will attack you with his minions. Aardin will also join the fight. If you saved Druid Grove and his family during Act 1, he will join you and Nightsong, making this fight easy. Once Lorroakan dies, Nightsong will be free of all the threats in her life, and this will conclude her quest, Find the Nightsong, in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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