Baldur’s Gate 3: Lae’zel Romance Guide

Lae'zel is a fierce companion and much fiercer partner in the bed. Are you ready to take the challenge to woo her?

Baldur’s Gate 3 allows its players to romance chosen companions, the earliest of which is a ruthless fighter, Lae’zel. Hailing as a Githyanki soldier, Lae’zel is a warrior who prefers dominance and dislikes emotional displays.

Due to her harsh personality, she might come off as rude and mean initially, but it is all worth it if you want to romance her. This guide explains everything you need to do to gain Lae’zel’s approval and ultimately romance her.

Recruit Lae’zel in Baldur’s Gate 3

The first encounter with Lae’zel takes place aboard Nautiloid during the prologue of Baldur’s Gate 3. She instantly joins your party to take down the mind flayer ship. Once the ship crashes, she will be nowhere to be found. Go northeast of the crash site on the Ravaged Beach to see her being imprisoned by two Tieflings.

You can either kill them or intimidate them into leaving Lae’zel alone. Break the cage and talk to her to recruit her. If you leave her here, she will reach the Druid Camp alone. You can still recruit her, but winning her approval becomes a bit more challenging.

Lae’zel Approval Choices

As a Githyanki by race and a fighter by class, Lae’zel is ruthless and focused. The only thing she loves more than her Gith believes is to kill any Mind Flayers she can get her hands on. Getting rid of the Mind Flayer parasite is her driving force. To be able to romance Lae’zel, you need to earn her approval across all three acts. Below is a list of things you can do to make her like you.

  • Being assertive and violent in your approach.
  • Avoid helping others and focus on removing the parasites.
  • Allow Lae’zel to hurt and interrogate Zorru.
  • Giving her preference over Shadowheart.
  • Trusting in Gith’s beliefs and considering them a superior race. 
  • Killing the Goblin leaders.
  • Being violent towards animals.
  • Siding with Karlach against Wyll.
  • Allow Lae’zel to step in the machine first inside the Githyanki Creche Y’llek.

Lae’zel Disapproval Choices

You need to avoid the following acts in general or particular, which can anger Lae’zel. This will reduce her approval of you, making it much more difficult to romance her.

  • Siding with Shadowheart.
  • Be kind to people and animals.
  • Try to help people by undertaking side quests.
  • Ignoring Creche Y’llek or destroying it.
  • Try to solve confrontations diplomatically.
  • Anything that goes against Gith people.
  • Stopping her from attacking Zorru.
  • Letting Owlbear and her cub live.
  • Rejecting her advances.

Lae’zel Romance in Act 1

During Act 1, progress normally until you rescue Halsin and save Druid Grove from goblins. Make sure to do things that earn you Lae’zel’s approval in abundance. During the party at the camp, talk to Lae’zel and reply with the following dialogue options.

  • Are you asking for sex?
  • Yes, I will share my bed with you tonight.

At the bedroll, select Lae’zel to have a sex scene with her. Make sure to follow her companion’s quest, the Githyanki Warrior, afterward and go through the Githyanki creche Y’llek to reach the Shadow Cursed Lands.

Lae’zel Romance in Act 2

As soon as you take your first rest in Act 2, Lae’zel will appear in your tent and confess her feelings to you. Upon positively replying to her feelings, she will ask you for a duel. This is a very difficult challenge, but we recommend taking it easy. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. After the fight, Lae’zel will tell you that she is yours. Reply with.

  • I am yours.

This will lead to a passionate kiss between you two. The next part of Lae’zel’s romance occurs during the decisive Act 3.

Lae’zel Romance in Act 3

During Act 3, make sure that you side with Kith’rak Voss against Vlaakith. He will ask you to acquire the Orphic Hammer to free Prince Orpheus. You can obtain this hammer by either making a deal with Raphael or by stealing it from the House of Hope. Once you acquire the hammer, Vlaakith will visit your camp one night after reaching the Lower City. She will offer Lae’zel another chance to join her and betray Voss’ cause. Reply with the following dialogue options. 

  • Please don’t fall for her lies.
  • I have longed for a tender touch.

During the next long rest, Lae’zel will approach you once more. Reply with.

  • I could never resist you.
  • I have been waiting so long to hear those words. I will stay with you forever.

After watching a sunrise together, your romance with Lae’zel will be completed in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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