How To Side With Minthara To Raid The Emerald Grove In Baldur’s Gate 3

Things will take a turn for the worst, as you deviate a lot from the original objective by siding with Minthara in Baldur's Gate 3. However..

Minthara is one of the goblin camp leaders in BG3. She makes her appearance during the first chapter of ACT-1 and can be recruited later in the game (Act-2). You will first encounter Minthara in Baldur’s Gate 3 either as an opponent (Save the First Druid) or on your side (Attack the Grove) depending on the path you take. 

In this guide, we will be exploring the outcome of choosing Minthara as an ally in BG3 and siding with her to raid Emerald Grove. Things will take a turn for the worst, as you deviate a lot from the original objective. But this is where the actual fun of any RPG lies in. Freedom of choice and consequences of your actions. Follow the guide to safely access Minthara and carefully select her dialogue options to achieve this goal.

How to side with Minthara in Baldur’s Gate 3

To side with Minthara in Baldur’s Gate 3, you first need to find her in the goblin camp. The camp is located West of Emerald Grove. You will first have to defeat the forces attacking Emerald Grove before you can go looking for Minthara. You can enter the camp by either rolling a successful persuasion on the guards or by sneaking in through the broken wall. 

Once inside the camp, make sure to sneak past the guards and feasting goblins. Minthara is in the Northern part of the goblin camp known as Shattered Sanctum (X: 329, Y: 44) in BG3. As you are a true soul in BG3, most high-level goblins will treat you as an ally to their cause. Don’t provoke anyone or attack them. 

On your way to Shattered Sanctum, you will come across Halsin. He is being captured and tormented by the armies of Minthara in BG3. Even if you take pity on him (which we don’t recommend), make sure you don’t side with him. Either kill him or let both parties decide their own fate. 

Before you venture into goblin camp, we like to recommend that you steal the sacred idol from Druid Grove. This will create contention between Druids and Tieflings, and they will attack each other. This will result in weakening their collective forces, ensuring a clear victory for Minthara in the future. 


Talking to Minthara is a very crucial part of BG3. As we are doing a one-dimensional walkthrough here, you need to stick to specific dialogue options. All of these involve siding with Minthara and following her bidding. Doing the things mentioned above will automatically put you on her good list. 

As you interact with Minthara initially in BG3, she will recognize you as a True Soul and a servant of the Absolute. Make sure you select the following options to side with Minthara.

  • “A hunt? Who is the target?” 
  • “Quiet. I have everything under control”
  • “We don’t need the prisoner. I already know the place you are looking for”
  • “Nothing stays hidden from me”
  • “[Intelligence] Obscure memories of the grove with images of half-remembered places”

Upon a successful roll, talk to Minthara again and now select the following options. 

  • “How did a drow come to be commanding a tribe of goblins?” 
  • “Let me see your map. I will show you where the grove is”
  • “And once I am inside?” 
  • “It shall be so”

At this point, Wyll will start questioning your allegiance and get angry. Reply with 

  • “The refugees aren’t my problem”

This will also initiate “Raid the Emerald Grove” quest and Wyll will run away to warn the druids of Emerald Grove. You have successfully started your journey to allying and romancing Minthara. You can still back out later and side with the Druids during the raid.

How to help Minthara raid the Emerald Grove in BG3

Now that you have decided to side with Minthara in Baldur’s Gate 3, return to your camp and replace Wyll with any other party member (Gale in our case). Make sure that you equip properly for what is about to happen next. Fast travel to Druid Grove (via Emerald Grove Environs waypoint). Take a full rest until the next light so that Minthara forces will gather at the Grove’s gate in the meantime. 

 A cutscene will play with Wyll threatening you. Roll successful intimidation. Or select “Let them try” if the roll fails. This will start a battle with Wyll. At this point, the whole grove turns against you. This is a challenging battle if you are not well prepared. 

Make sure to open the Druid Grove gate during the battle in BG3 to let Minthara and goblins in. They will help you with the battle against Druids and the remaining Tieflings (if you failed to create a rift between druids and Tieflings before, Zevlor will destroy your party).  

We also recommend buffing the ogres and spiders to deal extra damage to the residents of the grove. If you have followed everything up to this point, the goblin’s victory is all but sure. Upon clearing the grove’s entrance for Minthara in BG3, a cutscene will start. She will ask you to aid her in killing everyone inside the grove. 

Make sure to find and kill any survivors or refugees inside the Emerald Grove (specially The Hollow). The next worthy foe in the druid grove is Tiefling, Rolan. He uses a lot of long-range magic spells and can take down a few of your party members if you give him a wide berth. 

The next major battle takes place inside Sacred Pool. If you stole the sacred idol from there already, this area won’t have many enemies to tackle. If not, be prepared to fight at least three druids, Kagha, Rath and Silver. This is the most difficult boss battle of the Druid Grove, and you will end up missing “Find Kagha’s Secret” quest in BG3 by killing Kagha to appease Minthara. 

We recommend using your goblin allies on the frontline and fighting from a distance. Only use Jump or Misty Step to close the distance if you are sure enough to take down the opponent. After completing this battle, return to The Hollow and open the stone door to access the Secluded Chamber.

This area is full of Tieflings including Nadira. This is not a difficult battle if you manage to sow discord between Druids and Tieflings. Otherwise, just clear the area out as fast as you can. Upon defeating all Tieflings in the area “Save Arabella” quest will automatically complete. 

Talk to Minthara in BG3 and select “It is an honour to fight alongside you”. For the next dialogue options select. 

  • “What’s happening?” 
  • “My destiny. It’s so much clearer now”

Now return to your camp and talk to Minthara again. This time, reply with. 

  • “Yes. I am yours, Minthara”

Now go to bed and Minthara will join you. After a long steamy cutscene, Minthara will betray you and try to kill you. You can however convince her to put down the blade. You both will have a heartfelt conversation and she will invite you to meet her at Moonrise Towers to continue serving the Absolute. This will mark the end of your journey with Minthara in BG3 for the time being until you meet her again.

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