Should You Break Wyll’s Pact With Mizora In Baldur’s Gate 3?

There is a way that you can follow to Break Wyll's Pact with Mizora and save his Father.

Making a deal with the Devil is one of those ideal scenarios that you will come to witness in the form of Wyll’s Pact with Mizora in BG3.

Freeing Wyll of his pact will not be an easy task, as it will require you to make certain dialogue choices. You can also trick Mizora into learning the location of another critical NPC character, Wyll’s Father. I will be addressing whether you should break Wyll’s pact or not in this Baldur’s Gate 3 guide.

How to Break Wyll’s Pact in BG3

If you want to break Wyll’s pact with Mizora, then you need to understand his history with this devil as well in Baldur’s Gate 3. During your search for Ketheric Thorm in Act 2, you will find a captured Mizora in the Mind Flayer Hive.

You will have the dialogue choices here to force Mizora to break the pact and free Wyll for you to set her free from the Mind Flyer Hive.

Choose the (History) dialogue here to remember all you can about devils and their contracts. Pass the difficulty class 16, and Mizora will state that she will free Wyll once he completes the required obligations. Open the Pod and free Mizora, and she will disappear after telling you the terms and conditions.

Your next meeting with Mizora will be during the Third Act of Baldur’s Gate 3, when you pay a visit to Lord Enver Gortash. This time, she will tell you that she heard about Wyll’s father. Then you can speak with Lord Enver first, and following the events of the quest to Rescue the Grand Duke, you can meet with Mizora again.

However, Mizora will state that Enver Gortash had the real Grand Duke relocated. Return to camp and rest. Mizora will make her appearance there and tell you that the Wyll’s father, a.k.a the real Duke Ravenguard, is bound for execution soon.

Signing Mizora’s Pact

If you want to free the Duke Ravenguard, then you will need to sign Mizora’s contract with Wyll. This way, you will learn Duke Ravenguard’s location and can save Wyll’s father in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Wyll will not lose his powers, and you will not get any rewards from signing this contract with Mizora either. Apart from that, she will also aid you when you free Duke Ravenguard from the Iron Throne area.

Declining the Pact with Mizora

However, if you decline to sign Mizora’s contract with Wyll, she will threaten Wyll by saying that Duke Ravenguard will die. This is not entirely true, as you can avoid this outcome by making the right decisions in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The real Duke Ravenguard is at Iron Throne; breaking him out will not be an easy task. That does not mean that it is impossible, as you will need to be prepared before you break this important NPC character. This way, you will have saved Wyll’s father without signing Mizora’s contract in BG3.

Can You Save Wyll’s Father After Breaking Mizora’s Pact?

You can double-cross Mizora by learning the location of Duke Ravenguard and then break Wyll’s contract. She won’t be happy about it, but Wyll will be free of Mizora’s control and will retain his warlock abilities until you face the Absolute and destroy him in Baldur’s Gate 3.

As mentioned earlier, you will have to undertake the arduous task of freeing the Duke Ravenguard from a heavily fortified area. Mizora will oppose your escapade, but you will eventually manage to free Wyll’s father and also use Wyll’s warlock abilities for the rest of your playthrough in BG3.

Should You Break Wyll’s Pact with Mizora?

Now that you have learned both outcomes, the choice is yours on whether you should bind Wyll’s soul to Mizora or oppose her and let him off free in BG3. I would suggest that you break Wyll’s pact with Mizora, as you can benefit from learning the location of Duke Ravenguard and also free Wyll of her influence.

The Grand Duke is an important character, and you will need to explore the docks and take a submarine to reach the Iron Throne area to save him. This way, Wyll will not be remorseful about having saved his father without entering into a pact with Mizora and will be overjoyed upon achieving total freedom in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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