How To Save Isobel In Baldur’s Gate 3

Isobel is a cleric responsible for shielding the Last Light Inn in the Shadow Cursed Lands in Baldur's Gate 3. Here's how to save her.

Dungeons and Dragons games often carry heavy consequences for your actions. In Baldur’s Gate 3, there is one such instance where you need to step up and protect a cleric named Isobel from getting kidnapped. Isobel is an NPC cleric found at the Last Light Inn as its protector.

This Inn is located in the Shadow Cursed Lands past the Underdark location. To cross these lands, you will need a Moon Lantern to keep the curse away from your party. Acquiring a working Moon Lantern can be quite tricky. Instead, you can get Isobel’s Blessing which will protect you from the shadow’s curse.

But before doing that, you must defend her from an enemy named Flaming Fist Marcus. He arrives at the inn and plans on kidnapping Isobel. You will have to stand your ground to defend Isobel. This will be no easy feat since Marcus can summon his lackeys for support.  

How to save Isobel by defeating Flaming Fist Marcus 

You will have a limited time to save Isobel. You need to keep her health up because Marcus will take her and fly away if her HP hits zero. This will lift her protection from the Inn, and everyone inside will be cursed into shadows. They will turn aggressive and attack you.  

You need to have the Polymorph Spell unlocked or use it via Scroll. Use it on the Fist Marcus to turn him into a sheep. He will be unable to attack Isobel. You can then finish off Fist Marcus since he won’t put up much of a fight in his sheep form.

The fight will have two stages. Do not get too excited when you see Fist Marcus dropping dead because he will get resurrected due to the Shadow Curse. The second stage will begin afterward, which is much harder than the first part. 


Keep the punishment focused on Marcus since he is the main target. You can deal with the reinforcements later.

Best way to save Isobel in BG3 

The best way to save Isobel is to finish the fight quickly. Fist Marcus and his lackeys will not stop until they die or take Isobel away. You can, however, use Mage Armor, Healing Word, and Invisibility Spell on her to keep her away from enemy eyes.

Summoning Spirit Guardians to your aid can be much more useful, as they can deal damage in an area while protecting Isobel. Isobel will also be aiding you in battle by throwing Guiding Bolts back at Marcus. This grants you the advantage in your attacks against him.

A healer will also be needed in this fight because while you will not take all the damage, Isobel will. Shadowheart is your best bet for keeping her alive. Her healing powers will help. Isobel will also heal herself, but she will take more damage than you can heal in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Keep an eye out for her health bar at all times, as she will be the primary focus of the enemy group. Heal her after she takes a hit. Because once her health bar hits zero, the fight will end, and Marcus will take her away.  

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