How To Recruit Minthara In Baldur’s Gate 3

Minthara is a drow paladin you can recruit in Baldur's Gate 3 but you will have to commit some evil acts to do so.

Minthara is a Lolth-Sword Drow from the Paladin class, serving as one of the leaders of the Goblin Camp. Most players wouldn’t want to recruit her as their companion due to the atrocious acts required in Baldur’s Gate 3.

However, she can be a resourceful ally for those with a taste for evilness in their gameplay. As a strong melee fighter and brave healer, she can always get your party out of desperate situations and ensure her allies are alive when battles end. 

Minthara plans to lead her army to defeat the Druid and Tiefling refugees in Emerald Grove. She will ask you for help. She needs you to open the way to the grove so she can lead her goblins inside.

Minthara Location in BG3 

In the starting part of Act 1, you will receive the quest to find the Druid Halsin. He will be held inside the Goblin Camp in the Worg Pens. You can then later rescue him if you choose. The quest marker will allow you to reach the Goblin camp destination. However, you have another course of action opposite the quest’s requirements.

Instead of going out to find Halsin, go towards the holding cells and find the Goblin prisoner Sazza. She will allow you to pass through the Goblin Camp easily. Enter the camp, go deeper toward the Shattered Sanctum, and meet Minthara there. 

Baldur’s Gate 3 Minthara Recruitment Guide

In Act 1, a long series of quest objectives will be followed, leading to Grove’s infiltration and the Goblin army’s victory. This will be an evil action, and you will not be able to enjoy a few quests related to the Druids later on.


Act 1 

Enter the Goblin Camp peacefully 

As you have freed one of their own, the Goblin army will not be hostile toward you. This gives you free access to their camp. You can use Illithid Wisdom and make psychic connections with the Goblins. You can convince them to grant you free passage.

Just keep treading peacefully through the camp areas without particularly teasing anyone. You will easily reach the Shattered Sanctum. 

Find Minthara in the Shattered Sanctum 

Having reached the Sanctum, take the ladder near Worg Pen’s doorway to access Minthara’s chambers. These are officially called the Secluded Chamber. She will be talking to a fellow Goblin at her place. You can approach her and initiate a conversation with her. You will be able to tell her about the Grove’s location there.  

Open the way to the Emerald Grove 

As she tries to read your mind using her Illithid Powers, let her do so and reveal the location of Emerald Grove. 

Once you join her, Minthara will suggest you infiltrate Emerald Grove. Once you do so, she and her army will eventually arrive at the Emerald Grove.

Defeat everyone in the Grove 

As Minthara makes her way outside the Tiefling Grove, she will make a telepathic connection with you. Upon receiving her signal, open the gate from inside to initiate the bloody battle.  

The Tiefling leader Zevlor has strong Defensive prowess and will need to be handled cautiously. Nettie and Rath can also pose some trouble during combat. But you will eventually eliminate them through the Goblin army’s help. 

As the battlefield is free of violent encounters, start talking with Minthara while picking dialogues that align with her interests. As the Goblin army celebrates their victory over the Druids, you can have a happy talk with Minthara at your camp.  

Head to a bed roll and select Minthara as a partner to trigger a romance scene with her. Two options will be available now: cherish her desires or pry her fears. Failing any Persuasion or other checks will lead to a hostile Minthara who will be eager to fight you.

It is also important to note that she will not be your companion yet in Act 1, even after enjoying a romance with her. You must go through Act 2 to properly recruit Minthara in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Act 2 

No matter how well everything goes at the Goblin camp, you still have some ways before you can properly recruit her as a companion. You must progress through Act 2 until you receive the Infiltrate Moonrise Towers quest. 

Find Minthara in the Moonrise Towers 

Moonrise Towers are located in the Shadow-Cursed Lands, hidden in complete darkness. As you have sided with the Goblins, you must go through the Underdark to access Shadow-Cursed Lands. This is a difficult area; you will need a Moon lantern to pass safely.

Even at the Moonrise Towers, you must be on your best behavior. This is a stronghold; things can go south very soon if you make a mistake.

Get Minthara out of the Moonrise Towers 

As you reach your destination, Minthara is tortured by some inquisitors trying to break her mind. You can engage in direct combat to eliminate them. There is also a possibility of convincing them through Intimidation or Deception. 

Make a psychic connection with Nightwarden Minthara’s mind using a Wisdom check. You will then need to successfully execute Intimidation or other skill checks to face further characters in your way. 

Talk to Minthara 

After leaving the Moonrise Towers, you need to start a final talk with Minthara and tell her everything you’ve learned until now. She will become a permanent companion option after thanking you for saving her life. You can then easily recruit Minthara from your Baldur’s Gate 3 camp.

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