How To Recruit Minthara In Baldur’s Gate 3 

As of patch 5, it is now possible to recruit Minthara without hurting innocent people. We have a detailed step-by-step walkthrough of the process.

Since the gigantic patch 5 for Baldur’s Gate 3, things have taken a drastic turn, and now you can recruit Minthara without bloodshed and carnage. Before the patch, the only way to recruit Minthara was by either aiding her in killing everyone in the Emerald Grove or starting a rift between Druids and Tieflings. Both outcomes lead to you losing one or more companions in the long run. 

However, Larian has addressed the problem and now you can recruit Minthara on a good run. This means you can recruit Minthara and Halsin to the party simultaneously. You need to follow specific steps for this purpose. We will cover both good and evil runs and their unique methods of recruiting Minthara. 

Recruit Minthara on a Good Run

A good run means you don’t kill innocent people and save the Tieflings of Emerald Grove. To recruit Minthara in this run, you need to follow the steps mentioned below precisely. 

Enter the Goblin Camp and save Halsin

Minthara is a Drow and one of the leaders inside the Goblin Camp. Once you reach the Goblin camp during Act 1, enter it peacefully. Turning Goblins hostile will kill your chance of recruiting Minthara. Go to the Shattered Sanctum and find Halsin inside the Worg Pens. 

He has taken the shape of a bear. Save Halsin from the Goblins and ask him to join you. Taking Halsin out is risky because if any Goblin sees him, they will raise the alarm. Talk to Halsin and tell him to stay near the cells. This is a very important step. 

Knock Minthara out 

The next step is finding Minthara inside her chambers. Don’t talk to her at all. Agitate her by either stealing something or attacking her. This will put her in a temporary hostile state. 


To avoid any problems, quickly save before you enter Minthara’s quarters. 

Once you start fighting Minthara, turn to non-hostile mode and knock her out. If you do this correctly, you can loot Minthara’s body. Now, you can go on with your business. Kill the Goblin leaders and ask Halsin to join you. Clear the remaining Goblin Camp and return to Emerald Grove. This is it for Act 1. 

Save Minthara from Moonrise Towers 

During Act 2, make your way to the Moonrise Towers. Here, you will find Minthara inside the prison. This will also trigger Decide Minthara’s Fate side quest. She has been sentenced to death by Ketheric Thorm for failing to fulfill his duty to the Absolute. 

All you need to do here is to deceive the wardens and then convince Minthara. Once she is convinced, you can simply take her out of the Moonrise Towers without any confrontations. Talk to her, and she will join your party. 

Wake up Art Cullagh and save Thaniel

You can now progress Halsin’s story normally. Visit the Last Light Inn and Wake Up Art Cullagh. He will ask you and Halsin to protect Thaniel. Follow Halsin and protect the portal while he goes in there to retrieve Thaniel. 

Now, fight Oliver and his parents in the Ruined Battlefield and convince him to become one with Thaniel. Talk to Halsin at the camp afterward, and he will also join your party without any hesitation. You have successfully recruited Minthara without betraying anyone in the grove, and Halsin has also joined the party. Win-win all around. 

Recruit Minthara on a Bad Run 

If you feel a little chaotic and want to kill the Tieflings, you can recruit Minthara during Act 1. Simply go to the Goblin Camp peacefully and talk to Minthara. When she asks, reveal the location of Emerald Grove to her. 

When Minthara attacks the grove with her goblin army, she betrays the grove and opens the gate. Join Minthara and kill everyone in the grove. This will make Wyll and Karlach leave your party. You won’t be able to recruit Halsin anymore. Shadowheart will disapprove of your actions. However, you will successfully recruit Minthara by bloodying your hands with innocent Tiefling lives. 

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