Baldur’s Gate 3: Astarion Romance Guide

Astarion, the high elf vampire, makes everyone drool over him in BG3. But do you have what it takes to woo this sadistic vampire and start a romance with him?

Astarion is a companion in Baldur’s Gate 3, whom you will encounter in the wilderness on your way to Emerald Grove. He instantly becomes recruitable, and with proper gameplay choices, you can romance Astarion in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Astarion has a complex and sometimes downright ugly personality. He is the walking, talking definition of everything evil. If you want to appeal to Astarion’s aristocratic side and win his favor for romance, you must follow this guide precisely. We will discuss Astarion’s likes and dislikes in detail while following the story choices that lead to his romance in BG3.

How to recruit Astarion in Baldur’s Gate 3

Go past the crashed Nautiloid ship from the Ravaged beach after the prologue. Near the bank of the river, you will notice Astarion bullying a wild boar. Talk to him, and you will immediately connect with the tadpole in his brain. 

You can ask him to join your party. He will be reluctant at first, but with some persuasion, he will agree to travel with you.

Astarion Approval choices

Romancing any character in BG3 is always dependent on earning their approval. It is all connected as you first recruit the companion, notice what kind of person they are, earn their approval by making choices they like, and finally hit the iron when it is hot. Once the approval meter reaches a very good level, you can romance Astarion and take things to the next level.


It is impossible to earn enough Astarion’s approval on a good run. You can’t romance him without being evil.

We have included choices to let you earn Astarion’s approval quickly. Ensure your approval meter is at least medium when you first approach Astarion for romantic purposes. The following choices will allow you to earn Astarion’s approval.

  • Make fun of other people.
  • Be mean to the poor and hurt both animals and children.
  • Try to resort to violence and disregard both Gale and Shadowheart’s opinions.
  • Allow Astarion to drink your blood.
  • Side with Minthara and help her destroy Druid Grove.
  • Allow Astarion to Gandrel in the Sunlit wetlands. 
  • Hand over the Necromancy of Thay to him.
  • Kill the Owlbear cub after the Owlbear boss fight.
  • In real life, anything you deem immoral, irresponsible, or criminal will earn you Astarion’s approval.

Astarion Disapproval choices

Astarion strongly dislikes calm, collected, and just people. Below are some things you can avoid if you want to earn his approval.

  • Be kind to others.
  • Try to resolve a conflict diplomatically.
  • Save Halsin and then protect the refugees inside Emerald Grove.
  • Allow Volo or True Soul Priestess Gut to remove the tadpole inside your brain.
  • Recruit pets for the camp and play with them.
  • Confront Kagha to save Arabella.
  • Anything deemed positive is a big no in Astarion’s books.

Astarion Romance in Act 1

The first option to romance Astarion arrives during Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3. Once you clear the goblin camp and successfully save all the Tiefling refugees in Druid Grove, all the companions decide to throw a party at the camp. If you have at least medium approval with Astarion, approach and talk to him. Make sure that you select only the following dialogue choices.


During your second long rest, Astarion will sneak into your camp and try to drink your blood. Allow him to do so, as stopping him only requires you to pass a DC5 check. This will give you a -1-strength debuff until the next long rest, but it will be worth it.

  • Saving lives is awful.
  • Goblins would have thrown a bigger party.
  • What’s your idea of a bit of fun?
  • I will see you later.

Hit the bed and then select the following dialogue choices during the cutscene.

  • You don’t have me yet.
  • What do you want?
  • Nod.

This will lead to a romance scene with Astarion in BG3. He will try to bite you and suck your blood. You can stop him, but letting him continue will earn you lots of Astarion’s approval.

After waking up, talk to Astarion again and select the following dialogue choices.

  • Where did you get these scars?
  • Why did Cazador write it in Infernal?

You might miss this romantic interaction with Astarion because you are either a goody two shoes or he is angry with you for saving Druid Grove. Don’t worry; you can pick up his romance in Act 2 with extra effort.

Astarion Romance in Act 2

Act 2 for Astarion’s romance is vital as you need to make a specific choice here. Once you reach Thorm’s Mausoleum, you will meet Raphael again at its gate. He will offer you the chance to kill his old enemy, Yurgir, in exchange for deciphering what is written on Astarion’s back.


If Astarion rejects your advances in the first two acts, don’t worry. This is just him being, well, Astarion. His romance only concludes during Act 3 once you deal with Cazador. Keep working towards wooing this vampire spawn all the time.

Once you kill Yurgir, meet and talk to Raphael again in the Las Light Inn. He will decipher the Infernal Markings and tell you about Cazador’s plans. On the next long rest, talk to Astarion and select the following dialogue options.

  • Are you alright?
  • So do I—more than anything.
  • I care about you.
  • No matter what you are going through, you matter to me most.

This concludes Act 2, as the significant events related to Astarion will unfold in Act 3.

Astarion Romance in Act 3

Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3 concludes Astarion’s romance with not one but two different outcomes. These outcomes differ and depend on your choice after Astarion’s companion quest, The Pale Elf

Once you finish The Pale Elf and defeat Cazador, you will have two options. These options will lead to a different sex scene with Astarion in BG3. However, your approval with Astarion must be Very good (green) for that to happen.

For the usual romance scene, don’t let Astarion ascend in BG3 and stop him with persuasion. Go back to your camp and take a long rest. Once the exclamation mark appears on Astarion’s character, talk to him. He will be disappointed for not transforming into a vampire ascendant.

He will ask you to follow him to the graveyard. Talk to him and reply with the following dialogue options.

  • I thought you would never ask.

Don’t select the other option. This will lead to a mild yet exciting sex scene with Astarion and officially start your romance.

For the extended romance scene with Astarion in BG3, let him ascend to become a full vampire. Don’t interrupt the ceremony and Kill Gur after it. Return to your camp and take a long rest. While talking to Astarion, select the following dialogue options.

  • I want you and your body.
  • That’s all I want.
  • Please, yes.

This will prompt a steamy sex scene with Astarion. He will ask you to Kneel after the scene. Follow his instructions, and Astarion will bite you to give you Vampiric bite ability.

Can you romance other companions with Astarion?

Astarion is a polygamous character and doesn’t mind sharing with anyone except Minthara. However, it all depends on the other companions. Some characters, like Halsin and Shadowheart, will have no problems sharing with Astarion, while Gale and Wyll will turn down your offers if you are already romancing someone else.

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