How To Find And Hunt The Devil In Baldur’s Gate 3

The Find and Hunt the Devil quest in Baldur's Gate 3 will have you look for a devil. Depending how you play it, you can get a party member.

There are multiple cases in BG3 where you can recruit a new party member if you follow a different route. One such instance takes place during the Hunt the Devil quest. You can add a potential companion Karlach. She is a terrifying barbarian that hits hard and comes in handy in many situations in combat. But you must first find the devil in Baldur’s Gate 3.  

At first, you will be given a quest to find and kill her from Anders. You can bypass it by talking to her and choosing a different path to save her. If you do not want her in your party, you can choose to kill her. However, you will get a much more fulfilling experience if you save her.

How to start Hunt the Devil quest in BG3 

anders location in bg3

To start Hunt the Devil sidequest, you must talk to Anders. He is an oathbreaker paladin who resides in a ruined house near Risen Road, north of Goblin Camp. Use Risen Road waypoint to save some time and travel southeast. Upon traveling for some time, you will see a cave. Look around, and you will see a broken house where Anders and his paladin companions reside.  

Approach their leader Anders and talk to him. He will mention that they are hunting a devil (Karlach), responsible for the massacre and killings in the region. Anders will ask your help to kill that devil so that all these massacres stop.  

Upon talking for a bit, they will give a rough location and more information about the devil, and you will get a marker on the map.  

Find the Devil in BG3 

Karlach is in the southeast direction of Anders’ location. Exit the house and start moving southeast. Keep walking on this rocky terrain; you will see a devil across the river. This devil is Karlach that Anders asks you to stop. She is not a devil and is a tiefling.


Now, you can attack and kill her like Anders asked or talk to her. If you talk to her, she will give you a different story. She will try to implicate Anders and Paladins. Now it is up to you which path you want to take; you can side with Anders, kill Karlach, or with Karlach and take out Anders.  

Find And Hunt The Devil quest choices in Baldur’s Gate 3

You can make two choices here that can affect the outcome of this quest. You can side with Anders and his paladins and eliminate Karlach. In this case, you must fight a tiefling barbarian on your own. She can give you trouble even with a full party.

Alternatively, you can trust Karlach and eliminate Anders and his band. If unsure, cast the Speak with the Dead spell on the bodies in the ruined house. They will reveal the killer’s identity, and you can choose based on that information.

Side with Anders 

If you side with Anders, you must kill Karlach when you meet her in the Find the Devil Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. Bear in mind she is a Barbarian who hits hard. But she does not have much defense. After all, it is a fight of the whole party against a single barbarian devil; you will bring her down eventually, but she will not make it easy.  

After she is dead, interact with her body to cut her head. Now go to Ander’s location and present him with Karlach’s head as proof. After some conversation, the quest will be over.  

Side with Karlach 

Another possible route is to side with Karlach and confront Anders and his gang. If you side with Karlach, she will become your companion. You can also use the Speak with Dead spell on the refugees to learn that the culprit was Anders and his gang.  

Classes like Bards, Clerics, and Wizards can use this spell to speak with the dead from the start. As for other classes, you will need an Amulet of Lost Voices to converse with the dead. You can start conversing with the dead refugees after using the spell on them.  

Upon asking who killed them, they will reveal that the devil did not slay them; Anders and his gang slaughtered them. Now go the Anders’ spot and talk to them. After conversing with Anders and his gang, you will learn they are oathbreaker Paladins. These disgraced paladins broke their oaths and lost their powers.

Now you need to fight with Anders and the Paladins. You may face a little trouble getting them because of lighting arrows shot at you and buffs like Hold Person that one of the Paladin uses. Take care of them individually, and you will eventually defeat them. 

After defeating them, talk to Karlach, and she will be relieved. You can loot Anders’ body to receive a good two-handed sword named the Sword of Justice. This sword is amazing for the paladin class. After the conversation, the quest is over, and Karlach will join your party. 

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