Baldur’s Gate 3 Astarion: The Pale Elf Walkthrough

The Pale Elf companion quest sends you on a journey to free Astarion from his shackles and become an almighty creature in the process.

Astarion is one of the characters that come with his respective companion quest, The Pale Elf, in Baldur’s Gate 3. You and this vampire may differ in appearances and habits, but you both have the parasite infesting your heads. In his case, he will think that the parasite is connected to his vampiric weakness, sunlight.

How to Recruit Astarion

Your first encounter with Astarion will occur at the Nautiloid Crash site in BG3. He will ask you to kill a devourer after accepting his request. You will find this deceptive vampire with a knife at your throat instead. 

However, you can pass the persuasion checks and tell him you are not his enemy. Your parasite instinct will bond with him, and he will become less aggressive towards you. 

This way, he will also be able to see your experiences and learn that any other Deity influences you, not his enemy. After that, he will calm down, and you can recruit him to your party. 

Once you do that, you can access companion quests related to Astarion in BG3, including the Pale Elf. This will be divided into two parts: first, you must figure out the meaning of the scar on his back by completing Raphael’s (The Devil’s) quest. 

Then, you will have to embark on another quest to assist Astarion in killing Cazador and decide the outcome of the ritual. 

How to complete The Pale Elf quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

The first thing you need to do before you can get and complete this quest is to recruit Astarion to your party. Doing this will start the Pale Elf quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. Astarion is dangerous as he will come towards you to suck your blood at night in the camp.

If you help him by allowing him to suck your blood, he will start to respect you. You will quickly gain Astarion’s approval rating in Baldur’s Gate 3. However, this interval of allowing him to drink your blood will be followed by some persuasion checks (DC: 5,7,15). You will need to pass these successfully to stay alive and limit the amount of blood he practically extracts from your body by drinking it. 

This way, Astarion will open up about his past to you through dialogues. You will learn that he was resurrected by being turned into a vampire by a Vampiric Deity called Cazador. Since his mind is also affected by the Illithid Parasite, he thinks that the vampire’s weaknesses are related to it. After this dialogue session, he will leave for a while, so you can go and meet with him later.

Meet Astarion at Camp

You will get a request from Astarion at the camp to find someone he is looking for at Last Light Inn. You can get there quickly by following the main quest line to complete the companion quest. Then, you will find this person again outside the Thorn Mausoleum, located on the north side of the House of Healing.

Inquire about the Scars on his back

However, how the Pale Elf quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 appears to you might differ. We were playing the Tiefling in our case. Choosing this specific race for this quest will give you some insight into the scars on Astarion’s back. After the romance scene with Astarion, you will get a dialogue option about the infernal writing on his back. 

Astarion will laugh it off at first, but finding out about the scars will trigger another scene where he will try to figure out what they depict. He will try to figure that out by touching his back; you can offer to help him and read what it says. 

When you try to decode the writing on his back, you will notice these are simply words. These will talk about oaths and the fires below. But you won’t understand the words as they are just a small piece of a larger text. 

Upon further inquiry, Astarion will have no idea what the word means, but he knows these are valuable to Cazador. This makes more sense now as to why Cazador wants Astarion back so badly. All this will lead to Astarion’s quest, The Pale Elf, in Act 2, where you must assist this character throughout the companion quest in BG3. 

Meet with Astarion again

Once you have progressed into the Shadow Cursed lands in Act 2, you should see that Astarion wants to talk to you. He has been thinking about what Cazador carved into his back. Furthermore, he has also decided to meet the devil, Raphael, to figure out what those words mean. 

Here, you can ask him whether Cazador also carved runes into any of the other vampire spawns. To which Astarion says yes, they all got the same treatment.

Find the Devil Raphael

Raphael can be found at the Last Light Inn area while following the main quest line in Baldur’s Gate 3. There, Raphael will be playing chess with another NPC. After a little back and forth with the devil, he will turn to Astarion, who will ask him to tell him the meaning of the scars on his back.

Raphael won’t answer him there, instead saying he will think about it and disappear. Now you need to find this devil again, so you need to travel to the Thorm Mausoleum. After traveling north of the house of healing, you will meet Raphael again.

Complete Raphael’s task

The devil will state that another infernal is inside, but this is an Orthon named Yurgir. So, the first part of Astarion’s companion quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 will involve you working for the devil. 

The deal will be to kill this Orthon in exchange for translating the scars on Astarion’s back. At the Camp, you can talk to Astarion about Raphael’s quest, and there he will answer that he trusts the devil. 

Now, you must head inside the Mausoleum and find Raphel’s target, Yurgir, the Orthon. You need to solve the first puzzle to access The Gauntlet of Shar.

Then, you will want to head north past another puzzle and then go east from that place. There, you will see the Displacer Beast running ahead of you. A cutscene will be played in which Yurgir will point his crossbow at you from above.

How to Kill the Orthon Yurgir in Baldur’s Gate 3

This will be a brutal fight if you do not use your persuasive abilities in Baldur’s Gate 3. The Orthon will surround himself with many minions, plus the displacer beast.

The intelligent way of efficiently killing Yurgir, the Orthon, would be to try to get him to kill as many of his allies as possible. Here, we used a character from the party with high charisma skill to pass the dice rolls more easily. Once persuaded, Yurgir will do most of the hard work for you by killing his minions.

To talk with Yurgir, you should go through the bottom and not come in through the back. If you do, he will fight you immediately, and there will be no talking. You must get him to recite his contract, which is a song to make him kill all his allies.

Pass the insight check and then persuade him that the lyrics are a trick. This can be done by passing the persuasion check (DC16). This way, Yurgir will order his minions to kill each other. To make him kill his displacer beast, you must persuade him that his beast has also heard the song.

Now, all that’s left is to persuade Yurgir by passing a persuasion check (DC21) to kill himself so that he will complete the contract and be reborn in an Avernus as a free Orthon. If you fail the check, you will have to fight him.

Meet with Raphael again

Then you can meet Raphael during a Long Rest at your camp and tell him you have completed his contract. The devil will let you in on the secret behind the scars on Astarion’s back.

Cazador is trying to make a philosopher’s stone become a new kind of being known as the Vampire Ascendent. This can only be achieved by sacrificing all those vampiric spawns alive, including Astarion. This way, he will not need a parasite to protect him from the sun.

Meet with Astarion to discuss the ritual

Astarion will realize they must take the fight to Cazador and stop him. Afterward, you can return to Camp and ask Astarion about Cazador’s ritual. After some dialogue, you will hear Astarion say that he wants Cazador’s plan to work in his favor, turning him instead into a vampire ascendant.

He is developing a power-hungry nature with the fear of being born as a slave. No one will force him to do their bidding if he gains that power.

Inquire about Cazador’s whereabouts

You can ask about Cazador’s whereabouts from him, and you will learn that this noble is present at the Grand Palace on the hills of the gate. Cazador is a master of secrets, according to him, so you need to go directly to the Szarr Palace next to Baldur’s Gate. He will belittle Astarion as always, and after a series of dialogues, you can fight against Cazador and his minions.

Defeat Cazador in Baldur’s Gate 3

The fight will begin with Cazador capturing Astarion and placing him on an altar. You must first deal with Cazador’s lackeys (minions) to defeat him. This way, you can target the Sarcophagus next, where Cazador will retreat to heal himself. Open that up and keep attacking him. After a while, Astarion and Cazador will fall, leaving you with the ending decision of the Pale Elf quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

You can either help Astarion in dealing with Cazador or refuse to help Astarion in this matter. The outcome of selecting either of these options will vary as well.

Option 1: Help Astarion

If you choose to help Astarion, he will enact Cazador’s plan on himself while baiting Cazador for his sacrificial position.

You will need to use the Illithid parasite to look at Astarion’s back and assist him in carving the same symbols on Cazador’s back instead.

This way, he will sacrifice Cazador, complete the ritual, and become a more powerful being known as the Vampire Ascendant.

Option 2: Refuse to help Astarion

If you refuse to assist Astarion, he will still make sure to kill Cazador. So, after he does that, you can persuade him by completing the persuasion check. This way, you can cool Astarion’s anger toward you and make him realize that completing the ritual would mean taking more vampire lives.

We used the Woe Staff to rescue the other spawns trapped in the cells in that area. Because of that, we gained their favor, and they aided us during the end of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Remember here that whatever option you choose, the outcome will be the same for Cazador, his death. If you disrupt the ritual in the first place and kill Cazador yourself, you will then have to fight an enraged Astarion.

This will mean that you will have to kill him, and in that scenario, you won’t get the Woe Staff, as he will break it. Ultimately, by helping out Astarion in either way, you will complete The Pale Elf quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3: The Pale Elf quest rewards

As a reward for helping Astarion kill Cazador, you will end up receiving the following items:

  • Woe Staff
  • Rhapsody Sword
Woe StaffAllow you to deal: Bludgeoning damage (4 to 18), Necrotic Damage, Spell saves DC and Spell attack rolls, Grants you some HP, and +2 Weapon Enchantment.
RhapsodyAllows you to deal: Piercing Damage (8 to 13), Bleed Damage, Save spell DC for every enemy, and +1 Weapon Enchantment
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