Baldur’s Gate 3: The Blade Of Frontiers Quest Walkthrough

Blades of Frontier is a long companion quest which will take you on a journey of lifetime. From hunting devils to slaying dragons, what more do you ask?

The Blade of Frontiers is Wyll’s companion quest that you can follow to see his journey in Baldur’s Gate 3. Wyll is a Warlock, and you will first meet Wyll during Act 1 in the Druid Grove. Here, you can begin his quest line, which spans multiple locations and all three Acts of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Wyll’s quest is filled with important choices, and slipping up at any point can cause you to miss your desired ending. We will do a step-by-step guide on completing Wyll’s quest line, including where exactly you need to go and what choices you need to make.

How to complete the Blade of Frontiers quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Blade of Frontiers companion quest begins right after you meet Wyll in Baldur’s Gate 3. This quest overlaps a lot of other quests, and we will be covering them all in order from Act 1 to Act 3.

Recruit Wyll

You will meet Wyll at the gates of Emerald Grove for the first time. Goblins have attacked the Grove, and Wyll is leading the charge from Tiefling’s side. You cannot interact with him now, so wait for the fight to end.

Once the fight ends, go to the Hollow region of Druid Grove until you see the path splitting into two. Take the right one, and you will be led to a training area.

This is where you will come across Wyll for the second time, as he will train some Tiefling children. Talk to him, and with a little persuasion, you can recruit Wyll into your party. As soon as you recruit him, his companion quest, The Blade of Frontiers, will be added to the journal.

Hunt The Devil, Karlach

In your first conversation with Wyll, he will tell you that he is looking for a devil named Karlach who has made her way to Faerun. His patron, Mizora, has given him the task, and failing to complete it will have dire consequences for him. Karlach’s location will be marked on the map.

Begin the search to Hunt the Devil with Wyll in your party. Exit the Druid Grove, take the stone bridge, and then keep moving north till you see a river. Now, you must go to the other side of the river. Here, you will see rocks in the river that can be used as stepping stones, so make your way to the other side by jumping on them.

Head east to the right, and you will reach the southeast area of the map. This is where you will find Karlach sitting near a riverbank.

When you come across Karlach, she will not attack you, but you can attack her. If you choose to attack her, you will have to kill her, which will have severe consequences later. Mizora will reward you with an Infernal Robe for killing Karlach. 

However, it is recommended to talk to Karlach first so you can hear her side of the story. You will realize that Wyll has been tricked and will also have the option to recruit Karlach into your party

After talking to Karlach and recruiting her, you can go back to Wyll and tell him about Karlach’s true nature and how he has been deceived. This will change his opinion of Karlach, and he will be relieved that he did not kill her. 

After talking to Wyll, rest, during which Mizora will appear. Mizora has granted Wyll all his powers and still has control over him due to the contract. She will be furious that Wyll did not obey her orders by sparing Karlach. As a punishment, she will give Wyll a pair of horns.

What happens if you kill Karlach in Baldurs Gate 3?

If you do decide to kill Karlach, there are some consequences. Firstly, you will be locked out of two of the four companion endings associated with Wyll. Since two of those endings require Karlach to be alive, you will not be able to experience either of them. 

Secondly, killing her means Wyll won’t be able to transform into a devil by Mizora.

Rescue Zariel’s Asset from Moonrise Towers

The next part of this quest occurs during Act 2. You will most likely experience it naturally as you progress through the game. Once you reach the Shadow Cursed Lands and rest, you will receive another visit from Mizora, who will give Wyll another task. 

Mizora asks Wyll to save a devil from the Moonrise Towers. The devil in question is being held captive by a group of cultists. Depending on how you play this section out, you can earn back Wyll’s freedom. Mizora agrees to change the pact if you complete this quest.

Carry on with the main quest until you defeat Ketheric Thorm for the first time. He will disappear into the Mind Flayer colony beneath the Moonrise Towers. Follow him into the Oubliette with The Blade of Frontiers quest set as active. This will mark the location of the demon on your map.

Follow the marker and travel North to find a room full of Mind Flayer pods. Zariel’s asset is in one of them. Upon inquiring, Mizora herself is Zariel’s asset. She is being captured, and this gives you two options here. Either Free Mizora or Kill her. 

If you try to kill Mizora, Wyll turns into a lemur and will be dragged into hell. You will lose him permanently. So, we don’t recommend this course of action. However, if you free Mizora, she will exploit the contract by saying she gets to keep Wyll as his servant for the next 6 months. She will depart while bestowing a weapon, Infernal Rapier, upon Wyll. No matter how bad it seems, it is the only way to save Wyll and keep The Blade of Frontiers quest going in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Rescue the Grand Duke

Rescue the Grand Duke quest officially begins during Act 1 at Waukeen’s Rest. If you previously entered the burning house and saved people there, they would ask you to rescue Grand Duke Ravengard, who has been abducted. After reaching Last Light Inn during Act 2, Wyll reveals that the Grand Duke is his father.

You won’t be able to find Grand Duke in the Shadow Cursed Lands. Counselor Florrick will tell you that he has been taken. Keep going through the main quest, and once you defeat Ketheric Thorm for the second time inside Oubliette, you will see the Grand Duke there. However, he will be taken to Baldur’s Gate by Lord Gortash.

Attend Gortash’s coronation in Wyrm’s Rock Fortress

Once you reach the Wyrm’s Crossing at the beginning of Act 3, you will hear of Gortash’s coronation as Archduke. Go to Wyrm’s Rock Fortress to attend the ceremony. You will again see Grand Duke Ravengard here, but he will appear under a compulsion spell and won’t talk to you. He will announce his retirement and appoint Gortash as his successor. He will be then taken as a prisoner to Iron Throne prison.

Lord Gortash will offer you his alliance to kill Orin. You can attack Gortash right now, but it is akin to suicide. With his personal army and Steel watch at his command, he will annihilate you instantly. Take his deal and play along with him for the moment.

Mizora’s offer

Once you take a long rest, Mizora visits you once more. She seeks to make a new contract with Wyll in exchange for his father’s life. Essentially, she offers to give you the exact whereabouts of Duke Ravengard in exchange for a new contract that binds Wyll to be her servant for the rest of his life. Here, you can either choose to accept this offer or reject it.

If you accept Mizora’s offer, you can save Duke Ravengard with her help and be done with the quest line. Going this route also means that Wyll turns into Blade of Avernus, a key component to completing Karlach’s companion quest.

However, if you reject Mizora’s offer, Wyll will break the contract, and Mizora will do her best to kill Duke Ravengard. However, you can still save him by completing other quests, including Avenge the Drowned, Disable the Steel Watch, and Save the Gondians.

Infiltrate the Iron Throne Prison

Once you start to Avenge the Drowned quest, it will lead you to Flymm’s Cargo near the Grey Harbour Docks waypoint. Once you enter Flymm’s Cargo basement, you will come across a submersible. You can steal it or persuade its owner to take you to Iron Throne prison. Another way to reach Flymm’s Cargo is by starting Disable the Steel Watch side quest. Either way, you will head towards the prison holding Gortash’s enemies.

Gortash will warn you of the consequences, but you can ignore him. You have only 6 turns to save everyone from prison. We recommend that you prioritize Omeluum and Grand Duke Ravengard at this point. Mizora will send her minions to make your escape more difficult.

Wyrmway Trials

Once you save Grand Duke Ravengard, he and Wyll will make amends. He will give Wyll a book that chronicles the whereabouts of a sleeping dragon. The dragon in question is called Ansur, and he resides beneath Wyrm’s Rock Fortress. The dragon was entrusted to help mankind, and the Grand Duke believes this is the right time. This quest involves solving a host of trials, which eventually lead you to the dragon.

As you have disabled the Steel Watch and destroyed the Iron Throne prison, the fortress will be on high alert. You can no longer enter it from the main gate. Make sure to go around and use the hidden path to enter the prison. There is a cracked wall to the South of the fortress, which will lead you directly into the prison.

Go to the prison’s west and hit two dragon-shaped torches with lightning arrows to reveal the hidden path. Go to the next room and declare yourself a hero at the statue of Balduran. He will grant you access to the trial chambers that contain four puzzles. Once you complete the Wyrmway trials, you will gain access to the dungeon housing the dragon.

Defeat Ansur

Completing the trials will lead you to Ansur. Although you were tasked with awakening Ansur, you’ll have to fight him as he turns out to be hostile. This boss battle is tough and requires a very punishing attack order. The dragon is resistant to both poison and lightning damage. The only thing that works is the Dragon slaying arrows and Globe of Invulnerability.

Once you successfully slay the dragon, you will be rewarded with Balduran’s Giantslayer, an extremely powerful Greatsword. Interact with the altar to obtain a legendary gear item, Balduran’s Helm. Make your way back to the camp and speak to Duke Ravengard.

While Wyll shows disappointment that the dragon will not be able to help them, Duke Ravengard decides to add Wyll to the council due to the display of courage and wisdom. Here, you can either convince Wyll to join the council or convince him not to. Choosing one or the other option ends Wyll’s companion quest.

The Blade of Frontiers Quest rewards

After you finish the ‘The Blade of Frontiers’ companion quest in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will earn the following rewards:

  • Wyll’s approval Rating
  • Karlach as a companion
  • Experience
  • Infernal Robe (only if you choose to kill Karlach)
  • Infernal Rapier
  • Balduran’s Giantslayer
  • Balduran’s Helm
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