Baldur’s Gate 3: Goblin Camp Walkthrough

The first major hostile area of Baldur's Gate 3, Goblin Camp, is also its most intriguing one. This is where you will define how the rest of your playthrough will turn out.

Goblin Camp is the first major dungeon of Baldur’s Gate 3 that you will encounter during your journey. This massive area is a stronghold of goblins, teeming with activities and difficult boss fights. You must visit Goblin Camp to progress through Act 1 of the game.

Goblin Camp holds many secrets and NPCs that will be important in your journey. This guide will take you through this massively hostile area and help you complete all its activities without being caught. You can approach Goblin Camp as you want in Baldur’s Gate 3. However, we recommend that you follow our guide step by step to complete this area in a non-hostile manner.

Goblin Camp Location in Baldur’s Gate 3

Goblin Camp is in the western part of the Act 1 map, past the Blighted Village. After Nautiloid’s Crash, you will arrive at the Druid Grove and be tasked with finding Halsin. This will lead you to Goblin Camp.


Save the Goblin Sazza, as she will be instrumental in allowing you to enter the Goblin Camp peacefully.

Journey west and pass through the Blighted Village. This area is also a stronghold of Goblins, but you can pass it freely by passing a few dialogue checks. We also recommend that you obtain Lump’s Horn before venturing forth.

Goblin Camp is a very difficult early-game area, so ensure you are at least level 4 before entering it in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to enter Goblin Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3

Finding the Goblin Camp is one thing, but entering it is different. You will encounter an extension of Goblin camp that is being overlooked by a few goblins and Worgs. You can either persuade or intimidate the goblins into letting you pass.

If you fail the checks, the goblins will turn hostile. Make sure you kill them before they raise an alarm, or the whole camp will turn hostile. This will stop you from recruiting Minthara and romancing her later in the game. You can also use your Illithid Wisdom to convince the goblins you are a follower of the Absolute.

Either way, this will lead you to a bridge up North. Cross the bridge to enter the main courtyards of the Goblin Camp.

Activities inside Goblin Camp

The game’s map divides Goblin Camp into three major areas, so we will cover all three in sequence. The first major area is Goblin Camp, where all the foot soldiers and lowly merchants reside. You can do the following activities here.


Ensure you are at least level 4, as Goblin Camp houses some of the toughest fights in the game.

Meet the Goblin Trader

A goblin merchant is standing right to the entrance of Goblin’s Camp. He sells some useful gear items and scrolls. If you are playing as a wizard, we recommend purchasing or picking a few from him. 

Talk to Volo

The next main attraction of the Goblin Camp is none other than the fake healer Volo. He was captured by goblins while snooping around and is now being kept as a prisoner. He will be performing for the goblins at the center stage.

After talking to him, he will try to be coy to avoid agitating his new masters. We recommend leaving him right now, as you will have an opportunity to save him later.

Play and Win the Chicken Chaser game 

To the left of the stage, you can find Krolla, who will ask you to play the Chicken Chaser game. If you killed Owlbear previously and left her cub alive, you will find yourself chasing the Owlbear Cub instead of the chicken.

You can either denounce the game or win it and then persuade Krolla to release the Owlbear Cub. You can also free the cub by paying 500 gold.

Poison the Goblin Camp

The next thing you can do is put some poison in the booze tub the Goblins are drinking from. Use the invisibility spell and then interact with the booze tub to combine the poison with it.

Once done, you can leave the area undetected. If you get caught, you will be asked to drink with Goblins. You can deceive them by passing skill checks. If you fail, this will result in hostility, and the whole camp will turn aggressive.

Obtain the book by threatening the goblin

There are a few more goblins in this area, like Stimk and Booyahg Piddle, that you can intimidate to earn your party members’ approval. If you fail the DC15 check, Stimk will turn hostile, making the fight difficult.

Booyahg Piddle can be intimidated by passing a DC10 check and will hand over his book to you. You can also achieve the same results by using Illithid Wisdom.

Activities in the Shattered Sanctum

The next area of the Goblin Camp is Shattered Sanctum, which is in the northern region. This is the camp’s stronghold and houses three goblin leaders. These three goblin leaders pose a serious threat to Druids and Tieflings and must be dealt with if you want to progress Halsin’s story and recruit him as a companion.

How to Enter the Shattered Sanctum

Entering Shattered Sanctum is not an easy task. If you save Sazza inside Druid Grove earlier, she will help you enter Shattered Sanctum as a friend without raising any alarms. The easiest way to enter Shattered Camp in BG3 is by selecting the Drow race for your character during character creation.

The last method to enter the Shattered Sanctum is by finding the cracked wall. The cracked wall is near the drunk goblins you may or may not have poisoned. Have a character with high strength use a hammer or mace to break the cracked wall in Goblin camp, allowing you to sneak into the Shattered Sanctum.

If you enter this area without Sazza, you will be stopped in the hallway and must pass a few skills checks to proceed.

Save Liam

Once inside the Shattered Sanctum, climb the stairs to the right of the entrance. This will lead you to jail cells. Goblins are torturing Liam. You can save him using your Illithid Wisdom or scaring his torturer away.


You can talk to Abdirak, the torturer, and allow him to torture you. He will give you Loviatar’s Love permanent buff upon withstanding the torture successfully.

Once you free Liam, he will tell you about Halsin’s location and run back to Druid Grove to tell them about the Goblin threat.

Rescue Volo

Volo is kept prisoner in the third jail cell to the right. His jailor, Gribbo, is overlooking him. You can persuade or deceive Gribbo into giving you Volo’s prison key and make her leave. Pickpocketing or killing her are also viable options.

Once you free Volo, he will run away to join your camp. You can talk to him at the camp about getting free eye surgery. He will end up giving you the best permanent buff of Baldur’s Gate 3, Volo’s Ersatz eye. 

Meet True Soul Gut

As you approach the center stage of the Shattered Sanctum, a cutscene will trigger. A goblin leader, True Soul Gut, will welcome you. She will ask to brand you with the Mark of the Absolute, another amazing permanent buff, which we recommend you get.

Follow her to her bed chambers and drink the potion she gives you. This will make you pass out, and you will wake up in the Defiled Temple beneath her chambers. Wait until an assassin named Korilla kills True Soul Gut and loot her body to obtain the Defiled Temple key.


You can also fight and kill True Soul Gut, which is difficult and risky. The whole Shattered Sanctum will join if any Goblin hears or sees the fight.

Solve the Defiled Temple Moon Puzzle

While you are inside Defiled Temple, solve its moon puzzle. Rearrange the dots on the bright disc to only contain black ones. The rotating discs above it must have all white dots, while the discs on the sides should have mixed ones.

This will open a path to reach the Selunite Outpost area of the Underdark. You can also use True Soul Gut’s key to bypass the puzzle altogether.


You can also enter the Defiled Temple from True Soul Gut’s chamber by opening the locked door. However, you must persuade or bribe Polma, the ogre, to progress.

Meet Minthara

If you rescue Sazza, she will first introduce you to Minthara. No matter how you reach her, we recommend not talking to her. Instead, attack her and make her temporarily hostile. At the end of the fight, knock her out with a non-lethal strike and then loot her belongings.

You can also kill Minthara in a single hit after talking to her. Destroy the bridge support when she is crossing it. Or you can join forces with her to attack the Druid Grove.

Talk to the Spiders

Near the Defiled Temple prison entrance is a jail cell at (X: 386, Y: 47) coordinates. The flooring of this cell can be destroyed by either dropping the cage on it or hitting it with a powerful attack.

Beneath the jail cell, you will find giant spiders in a pit kept as prisoners. This is where Dror Ragzlin throws his enemies to become Spider food. Using the Speak with the Animals spell, talk to the spiders and convince them goblins are the enemies.

They will later aid you in clearing the Goblin Camp if you ever wish to kill all the goblins.

Kill Dror Ragzlin

The final and mightiest goblin leader is in a chamber next to Minthara. You can defeat him easily by sneakily pushing him into the Spider pit.

We also recommend using Lump’s Horn here to call for aid, as this will be a tough fight. Loot Dror Ragzlin’s body to obtain the key to his treasury. You can also obtain a piece of Infernal Iron from the treasury.


This item is required to progress Our Fiery Friend companion quest for Karlach.

Trade with Roah Moonglow

A merchant named Roah Moonglow stands right next to Priestess Gut’s chamber. You can purchase The Whispering Promise ring from him, which grants its wearer a 1~4 bonus on their attack rolls and saving throws for the next two turns. This buff activates after the wearer heals a creature.

Rescue Halsin from Worg Pens

The whole purpose of visiting Goblin Camp is to find and rescue Halsin. You will find Halsin deeper into the Shattered Sanctum, an area known as Worg Pens. He is being held in a prison in his bear form and teased by some Goblin children. Free him, and he will leave for Druid Grove. Halsin will task you with killing all the Goblin leaders if you want to recruit and romance Halsin in BG3.

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to escape Goblin Camp 

We recommend looting as many items as possible before leaving the Goblin Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3. There are various ways to leave, but if you don’t raise an alarm (which is highly unlikely), you can simply leave through the front door.

Another option is to kill every goblin inside the camp and triumphantly return to Druid Grove as a hero.

If you have already solved the Defiled Temple Moon Puzzle, use the ladder to descend into the Selunite Outpost area of the Underdark.

You can also use the Fast Travel option whenever you want, as Goblin Camp doesn’t restrict you from using it.

Bonus method: You can use Lump’s war horn to call your ogre friends and use them as a distraction while running for the door. If you befriend the spiders, they can also serve the same purpose, allowing you to escape the goblin camp.

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