Baldur’s Gate 3 Goblin Camp Guide

During Act 1, you will Raid the Goblin Camp in Baldur's Gate 3. This is a long and complicated task with multiple paths to take.

During Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll learn that the Goblins have been terrorizing the surrounding areas of Druid Grove and might now attack it. You’ll pick up a few quests that will lead you to the Goblin Camp where you’ll have a few tasks to accomplish.

You can rescue the Druid Halsin, and a few other captives, eliminate the Goblin Leaders, or turn the quest on its head completely. Your choices can have lasting implications in the game and may even affect a romance.

Goblin Camp location in BG3

To find the Goblin Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3, you must head over to the western part of Druid Grove. The Camp is located past the Blighted Village. To reach the location you must reach the area marked coordinates on the map at coordinates X:208 Y:428.

goblin camp map baldur's gate 3

The marked location will take you west from the Emerald Grove Environs. Once at the location, head up the cliff leading to the forest area. Cross the bridge, and you will encounter several corpses of travelers and goblins. Loot them if you like, and then head north. You will eventually come across a Goblin Booyahg at the entrance.

To go any further, you must make the right dialogue choice. If you fail, you will be bombarded with arrows shot by the Goblin. To go past the Goblin Booyahg, you must convince him that you are a True Soul. Here are the choices you can make to reach the Goblin Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  • I know you’re there. Show yourselves.
  • There’ll be no skewering happening here. Now let me pass.
  • Stand down. Now.

After selecting these dialogue options, you leave the Goblin Booyahg convinced you are a True Soul. He informs his allies not to harm you. This gives you access to the Blighted Village. Move to the northern side of the area and head across the broken wall.


Furthermore, follow the path to the northwest to come across a wooden bridge. Reaching the Goblin Camp is pretty straightforward from here. Cross the bridge and reach the Goblin Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Goblin Camp Walkthrough

Goblin camp is a chain quest with a series of objectives you need to complete before you can complete the quest.

  1. Gain allies against the goblins
  2. Enter the goblin camp
  3. Eliminate the rest of the goblins
  4. Free the captives
  5. Slay the goblin leaders
  6. Escape the goblin camp

1. Gain allies against the goblins

Before heading inside the Goblin camp, you must know that certain characters in the Blighted Village are recruitable. Recruiting them makes them your allies against the goblins, and they will help you.

Find the Ogres

You will find a trio of Ogres at the Blighted Village (coordinates X:13 Y:367). Interact with these giant creatures and you will convince them to become your allies against the Goblin Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3. Here are the best choices to make during your interaction with the Ogres:

  • I’ll do you one better – I’m one of the Absolute’s chosen disciples
  • You are quite the articulate ogre.
  • I noticed you don’t bear a brand of your own.
  • I’ll pay you in the flesh of the fallen – you’ll have your fill.

Recruit them

Once you have allied with the Ogres, you can interact with them again to recruit them into your team. Below we have arranged the best options to choose for this recruitment:

  • Would you like to work for me?
  • I’ll give you 500 gold If I can call you into battle.
  • Leave

2. Enter the Goblin Camp

You can enter the Goblin Camp in multiple ways. Two of these methods include choosing the appropriate dialogue options. Start by heading north into the Goblin Camp. Here you will come across Sentinel Olak at the entrance. Talk to him, and you must make certain choices. Each choice has a different outcome which leads you into the camp.

Become Minthara’s messenger

  • Read the goblins mind.
  • I’m a messenger – here to see Minthara.

These options directly lead you inside the Goblin Camp. You will convince the goblins that you are the messenger of Minthara and they’ll let you pass.

Fight your way Inside

  • Attack

Choosing to attack will trigger a fight scene where you must go through the wave of goblins to access the Goblin Camp. However, this choice is not recommended due to your chances of losing your health and potentially dying.

Sneak Inside

This alternate method doesn’t include the interaction with Sentinel Olak. Simply head over to the coordinates X: 10 Y:420 and go behind the Windwill. If you have it, jump down the area using your Featherfall spell, and reach the castle’s top area. You can then sneak inside the camp but be careful of the Novice Rancer guarding the area.

3. Eliminate the rest of the goblins

At the central part of the camp, several goblins are found drinking from the Booze Tub. You can use a spell caster in this situation and use the Invisibility spell. This will do as the name suggests, allowing you to sneak up to the tub to mix poison into the Booze Tub. Here you must make a few choices to convince the goblins to drink the booze:

  • I’m glad you asked. Tell everyone to gather around.
  • To the Absolute.
  • Spill the cup and then pretend to drink from the empty cup.

Declining the offer will result in the goblins being suspicious of you. If you pretend to give them company as each goblin drinks from the tub, their numbers will gradually decrease. After poisoning the goblins, head inside the castle through the Heavy Oak door.

4. Free the captives

As you head deeper inside the Goblin Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will find several prisoners that have been captured. To free them, you must complete certain objectives.

Defeat the goblin, Wyll

Once in the Shattered Sanctum, you will find the torture room to the right. Talk to the Goblin Wyll there and start a fight with the dialogues given below:

  • What woman are you talking about? Who’s Mizora?
  • You’ve got a choice, goblin” cooperate with Wyll, or I torture you instead.
  • Attack the goblin

Save Liam, the prisoner.

After the goblin is defeated, talk to Liam, the prisoner. He explains where he has seen Haslin in the Goblin Camp. Make the following dialogue choices here:

  • I came for the Nightsong. Where is it?
  • One more question: What happened to the druid?
  • Relax. I’m not going to leave you here.

Save Volo

Head west from Liam’s location and enter through the Ornate door in the hallway to the right. Talk to the goblin who has Volo imprisoned. Follow the dialogue options given below to set Volo free:

  • Does your bird have a name?
  • He looks weak. Sick, even. He won’t last long in there.

Make these choices, and you will receive the cage keys. You can then use them to uncage Volo from his prison.

Send Volo to your camp.

Once you have freed Volo, you can send him to your camp as a reward for saving his life. However, you must choose your options wisely to trigger a separate story with Volo in Baldur’s Gate 3. The best choices are given below:

  • Get yourself to safety – and quick.
  • Go to my camp; We’ll talk there once we both are safe.

5. Slay the Goblin leaders

You will come across three BG3 Goblin leaders in the Goblin Camp—high Priestess of the Absolute (Gut), Minthara, and Dror Ragzlin. You will also face Nightwarden Minthara here. However, you can side with her and betray the tieflings, after which you’ll attack the grove instead.

High Priestess Gut

True Soul Gut will be your first Goblin leader encountered in the Goblin Camp. She is found during the “Removing the Parasite” quest in the Shattered Sanctrum (coordinates X:-297, Y:-21). She has made Haslin captive, and you must defeat her to free him.

True Soul Gut is an easy target to kill if she is fought alone. Kill her and then set Halsin free.

Nightwarden Minthara

Minthara will be your second Goblin leader if you choose not to side with her. She is a drow instead of a goblin, as you would expect. She can fight, but if you free Halsin, the fight will go smoother and quicker.

Find Minthara at her chambers (coordinates X: 327 Y: 41), kill her, and then move on to the next goblin leader, Dror Ragzlin.

Dror Ragzlin

You will find Dror Ragzlin at the Shattered Sanctum. He is found summoning a dead corpse. Refusing to take part in the ceremony results in you fighting the Goblin Leader.

However, since he possesses a low dexterity stat, defeating him using the likes of Bane or Hex spells will be easy.

Join Minthara alternate choice

Minthara is one of the three True Souls of Absolute in Baldur’s Gate 3. You will have to kill her if you’re siding with the tieflings. However, you can earn her respect for an alternate ending by backstabbing the tiefling refugees and taking over the Emerald Grove with her on your side.

This will kick start an alternate ending to your adventure as you engage in a Romantic storyline with Minthara. This alternate path is best suited for evil characters. You may also earn the disapproval of your companions, which can affect possible romance questlines with them.

6. Escape the goblin camp in Baldur’s Gate 3

Entering the Goblin Camp in Balru’s Gate 3 may be difficult. However, exiting it is even harder to accomplish. To escape the goblin camp in Baldur’s Gate 3, you must go to the Ornate Door. This is the door that leads you to the Defiled Temple.

Inside the temple is a puzzle you must solve (coordinates X: 433 Y:56). After solving the puzzle, the secret door nearby will open. The secret door leads you down to the Selunite Output. Here you will find an Iron Candelabrum. Interact with it to uncage the large minotaur.

Kill it to get access to a waypoint. Furthermore, you can use that waypoint to escape the Goblin Camp in Bg3. Thus, ending your journey into the Goblin Camp.

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