How To Investigate House Of Grief In Baldur’s Gate 3

Investigate House of Grief takes you to a place in BG3 that is overrun by cult fanatics and ruthless killers. It is the place where Shadowheart's long journey finally comes to a conclusion.

Investigate House of Grief is a quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 that takes place during the game’s third act in BG3’s Lower City area. This quest is tied to the “Daughter of Darkness” quest that progresses Shadowheart’s story meaningfully. House of Grief is controlled by a Drow, Mother Superior and her Sharran disciples. 

In this guide, we will make our journey to a place that determines Shadowheart’s future in the game. Before starting the Investigate House of Grief quest in BG3, make sure you have recruited Shadowheart. Otherwise, the quest will fail and won’t progress. We also recommend recruiting Minsc and Jaheira for some additional dialogues.

House of Grief location

The House of Grief in BG3 is in the Lower City. Its exact location is to the northwest at the coordinates (X: -260, Y: -9). From the Baldur’s Gate waypoint, simply travel west to find the House of Grief next to the water. Climb the stairs to the left to access the house.

Investigate Baldur’s Gate 3 House of Grief

Once inside the House of Grief, make your way to the Cloister of Sombre Embrace. As soon as you reach this place, Shadowheart will start having Deja vu. She will start remembering her past and asks you to continue the journey. 

Talk to sharran guards inside this place. They will tell you that leader of their cult, Mother Superior is waiting for us. Make your way to the location marked on the map (X: -359, Y: -1652). Upon finding Mother Superior inside House of Grief in BG3, a cutscene starts and you come to realize that she is none other than Viconia DeVir. 

It is a very nice surprise for the veterans of the franchise as Viconia is a companion from Baldur’s Gate 2. At this point, Mother Superior demands that you surrender Shadowheart to her and side with Sharran disciples. There are two options to choose from. 

  • If you surrender Shadowheart, Sharran disciples will join you for the Gather Allies’ quest, but you will lose Shadowheart permanently. 
  • If you refuse to hand over Shadowheart by saying “Never”, this will start a fight on the spot.

How to defeat Mother Superior in BG3

Viconia is the final boss of House of Grief in BG3 and is susceptible to Lightning and Thunder attacks. Use these spells to deal as much damage as possible. Mother Superior targets Shadowheart first. Make sure to protect and let her rest so she can recover from deadly ailments. 

We recommend that you find and use Blessing of Selune to protect the party from Sharran disciples’ attacks. Once you defeat Mother Superior in BG3, Investigate the House of Grief will complete. 

You are free to allow Shadowheart to investigate Mother Superior or kill her at this point. We recommend the former option so Shadowheart can have a proper closure to her story. Once Vikonia has been defeated, you will get Vikonia’s Walking Fortress legendary shield as a reward.

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