Baldur’s Gate 3 Karlach: Our Fiery Friend Walkthrough

In Baldur's Gate 3, Our Fiery Friend is a companion quest that you need to complete to recruit the fiery companion Karlach.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Our Fiery Friend is a companion quest you must complete to recruit Karlach. Karlach is the fiery companion you will find in BG3. She is a Zariel Tiefling and starts as a barbarian. Her companion quest begins when you talk to a group of people who call themselves the Paladins. These are here to kill a devil, and they tell you about the devil’s location.

The Companion quest is called Our Fiery Friend. In this companion quest, you will find Hunt the Devil and the Hellion’s Heart quest, which is required to complete the companion quest. We will now see how to start Our Fiery Friend and finish it in BG3.

How to complete Our Fiery Friend in BG3

The quest Our Fiery Friend starts when you start the quest Hunt the Devil. To start this quest, you must reach The Risen Road, the northwestern part of the Wilderness.

1. Talk to the Paladins

Here you will find a small town with fallen bodies and damaged buildings. This town is indicated by the yellow circle in the image above. When you enter one of the buildings, you will find a person called Anders. He will tell you that a devil has destroyed everything in this town. This devil should be held responsible for the crimes she had committed.

He will also tell you the devil’s location and that if you kill the devil, he will grant you his legendary sword, which is quite a powerful piece if you want it. This will take you to the second step to start Our Fiery Friend quest in BG3

2. Locate the devil and talk to it

When you reach where the devil is, which is to the path southeast of the small town, indicated by the yellow arrow in the image above, you will find her on the opposite end of a stream, and she will be wounded. Talk to her, and she will tell you they are lying and sent by Zariel, her master too.


She was a fierce warrior under Zariel but was forced to kill on her master’s behalf. Now she has broken free and comes back home.

Here you can side with the Paladins and kill her on the spot. She does not have much health and won’t fight either. At this action, Andres will reward you with the sword he promised. Other than that, you can let her join your team and fight the Paladins to eradicate them. The companion’s quest, Our Fiery Friend, will start with this path in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Also, if you have a slot free, she will join your team as a companion; otherwise, she will run towards the battlefield and fight as an NPC. If you have Wyll in your party before Karlach, you can track her down easily because finding Karlach is part of her companion quest, The Blade of Frontiers.

This will trigger an exchange of dialogue between Wyll and Karlach, and you have to mediate the tension between the two. Finally, when both agree to work as a team, you will have to go and confront the Paladins like before.

3. Join Karlach to fight the Paladins

You can move back towards the town now that you have Karlach on your team. On your way around, you will also find a corpse next to the first ladder towards the town from the forest. This corpse will be of a Paladin, which, when you use the Speak with the dead spell, will tell you that the Paladins are truly evil creatures and Karlach in Baldur’s Gate 3 is right.

When you reach the town, you must position your team to defeat the Paladins without causalities. Position yourself on the top of the building in the balcony area. Have one melee character near Andres, and have another melee character near the Halfing Ranger. Have your mage in one corner of the room and further away from everyone. Finally, jump down when Karlach reaches Anders.

Now there are a few ways to start the fight against Anders. One way is to choose a negative comment when you talk with Anders. Another way is to bring Karlach with you, and they both converse. Here you side with Karlach by saying that you are servants of Zariel to Anders. Then pick the “Enough pretending. I know your real purpose.” This will trigger the fight.

If you have positioned your team appropriately, you can defeat Anders and all his four companions to complete the Hunt the Devil quest. This will also make Karlach available to join your Baldur’s Gate 3 team.

4. The Hellion’s Heart quest

After the fight, Karlach will be in a lot of fury and burn down the place. You will need to get out of there, and after she has cooled down, talk to her. You will learn that she needs Infernal Mechanic to cool down her engine. This is where the quest of The Hellion’s Heart starts.

Now you will need to find an infernal mechanic. This mechanic can be found in Druid Grove in the small camp to the far end of the Grove. The location of Druid Grove is indicated in the yellow circle. When you approach and talk to him, he will say he will require an infernal iron to fix Karlach. You will need to loot this iron and give it to him.

The infernal iron is in a chest in the abandoned forge. The location is east of the Whispering Depths in BG3. To get to the Whispering Depths, climb the well to the Blighted Village.

Besides the Whispering Depths, the Goblin Camp, Zhentarim Hideout, and Gyrmforge also have infernal iron. When you bring the iron back to the infernal mechanic, he will tune up the Karlach engine, and you can talk to him.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Our Fiery Friend rewards

In the BG3 Karlach companion quest, Our Fiery Friend, you will find many items as you go to and fro the forest where Karlach is. However, during your successful confrontation with Anders, you will find the Sword of Justice, a mighty sword and a must-have. You can also find a BG3 Soul Coin in the next room on a shelf.

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