Baldur’s Gate 3: Our Fiery Friend Quest Walkthrough

Our Fiery Friend companion quest in Baldur's Gate 3 changes your perception on how you judge people by their looks. As a bonus. it also lets you recruit the best companion ever, Karlach.

Our Fiery Friend is a companion quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 associated with Karlach. She is a Tiefling whose heart was stolen from her. You help Karlach as she seeks revenge on the person who wronged her. This quest spans over multiple acts and overlaps with a lot of other quests.

In this guide, we’ll be going over how you can complete Our Fiery Friend in Baldur’s Gate 3, including the places you must visit and the quests you must complete. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

How to complete Our Fiery Friend Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

Our Fiery Friend quest starts when you start the quest Hunt the Devil. You can start this quest in multiple ways. The easiest way is to recruit Wyll, actively looking to kill the devil. This will mark Karlach’s location on your map. The other way is to go the Risen Road and find a group of paladins looking for Karlach.

Hunt the Devil

As you reach the Abandoned House on the Risen Road, you will find a lot of dead bodies. When you enter one of the buildings, you will find a person called Anders. He will tell you that a devil has destroyed everything in this town. This devil should be held responsible for the crimes she has committed. Anders will ask you to find the devil and kill her. This will start the Hunt the Devil side quest.

Recruit Karlach

Search the area and talk to the dead to gather some clues. Make your way to the location on the map. It is to the Northeast of the Blighted Village. Talk to Karlach, who is sitting near the brink of a river. She will explain her side which will confirm who is the real culprit. Take Karlach with you to Anders’ hideout and confront him. He will accept that he and his paladins are the killers.


In some cases, you may encounter a bug during this quest. It occurs during the initial stages of the quest, where you must kill Anders and the paladins. If you kill them before confronting Karlach, she won’t go to Moonrise Towers with you, citing unfinished business. This will cause you to be stuck in place, and you won’t be able to progress her quest any further.

This will lead to a difficult fight. Take out the paladins first and then focus on Anders. After killing him, talk to Karlach. She will decide to join your party. Before actively becoming a member, she will rage and destroy everything. Don’t worry, as she is a Barbarian, and they do it a lot. Go outside and wait for her. Talk to Karlach and she will tell you about her story. She has an infernal heart, and she is looking for a Tiefling who can fix it.

The Hellion’s Heart quest

This will start the Hellion’s Heart side quest. Now, you will need to find an infernal mechanic named Dammon. He can be found in Druid Grove between the jail cells and Zevolr’s quarters. When you approach and talk to him, Dammon will say he will require an infernal iron to fix Karlach. You will need to find this iron and give it to him.

The infernal iron is in a chest in the abandoned forge. The location is east of the Whispering Depths in BG3. To get to the Whispering Depths, go down the well inside the Blighted Village.

Additionally, infernal iron can be found in the Goblin Camp, the Zhentarim Hideout, and the Gyrmforge. When you bring the Infernal iron back to Dammon, he will tune up Karlach’s heart to fix it. At this point, Dammon will move with other Tieflings to the Last Light Inn in the Shadow Cursed Lands. You will need to give two pieces of Infernal Iron to Dammon inside Last Light Inn for him to fix Karlach’s heart temporarily. Don’t make him create any armor, as you will lose precious Infernal Iron, which is Dammon’s primary resource to create one.

Confront Lord Gortash

Now, continue playing the main campaign until you start the main mission, the ‘Defeat Ketheric Thorm’ quest in Act 2. This quest takes place in the Moonrise Towers, and this is how you’ll know Karlach’s quest is about to pick up again.

Towards the end of the quest, inside the Mind Flayer colony, you’ll meet a character named Gortash. He plays a significant role in the rest of Karlach’s quest. Once you reach the other side of Oubliette, talk to Karlach back at your camp, and she’ll tell you about Lord Gortash.

Karlach will tell you that Gortash sold her to the Seven Hells. This resulted in her losing her heart, which Gortash used to build his army of automatons known as the Steel Watch.

She will reveal that she’s out for revenge and wants to bring Gortash to justice. If Karlach isn’t present at your party during this quest, she will still find out about him.

Next, you need to make your way to Wyrm’s Rock Fortress during Act 3. When you arrive, you’ll witness Archduke Gortash’s coronation ceremony. Once the ceremony is over, you can talk with Gortash, and he’ll give you an offer to ally with him to defeat Orin. You can either refuse it or accept it. Go with either option, as this doesn’t affect the outcome of Our Fiery Friend quest.

If you don’t accept his offer, he’ll become hostile and attack you, along with the Steel Watch. Fighting him is quite difficult so we recommend only fighting him when you’re ready.

Prepare to kill Gortash

Accept his offer, build up your arsenal and character, and then come back and exact your revenge. The best way to weaken Lord Gortash is by completing the Disable the Steel Watch quest. However, he will hole up inside his fortress, and you must find the secret path to enter. There is a crack in the wall of the dungeons leading to Wyrm’s Fortress. If you’re comfortable taking him on right as you meet him, you can do this, too.

Gortash is a formidable foe, and you can follow our guide to kill him easily. You can complete the last step of the quest with or without Karlach in your party. If you kill Archduke Gortash without Karlach in your party, she’ll ask to see his body. If she is already with your party, she won’t ask to do this. Either way, once Gortash is dead, talk to Karlach. She’ll say a few words and then the Our Fiery Friend quest concludes.

Our Fiery Friend quest rewards

During Our Fiery Friend companion quest, you will find the Sword of Justice after killing Anders. It is a mighty sword and a must-have weapon for early-game. You will also find a Soul Coin in the next room on a shelf.

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