Baldur’s Gate 3 Romance Guide

Baldur’s Gate 3 provides you with the opportunity to romance different members of your party. We know just how you can get yourself into action with your favorite character in this Baldur’s Gate 3 Romance Guide.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Romance

The developers have confirmed that you can have a relationship with every companion.

If you have a little bit of a crush on one of your pals, then this guide will help you with just the right pick-up lines to win their hearts over.

Every character goes by different ideologies and has a different personality. Helping out your desired companion in their personal objectives will help to develop a romantic relationship.

Try to avoid any actions that they might disapprove of.

The camp is probably the best place for you to get a good relationship going with your companions.

While at the camp, you will be able to interact with each companion and have a conversation with them.

Once they’ve developed confidence with you, you will be able to engage in romantic dialogues, which will initiate the romance.

All companions are romanceable which includes,

  • Astarion
  • Shadowheart
  • Gale
  • Lae’zel
  • Wyll
  • Minthara

Romancing Astarion
Astarion’s a high-elf, vampire spawn rogue who will very much like to have a little fun with you.

The well-dressed bloke likes a few things more than others, and if you want to get on his good side you might want to adhere to everything he likes.

The first chance you’ll get at romancing Astarion will be after you recruit Druid Halsin, and complete ‘Save the Refugees’ side-quest. During the celebration, and talk to Astarion.

Select the following choices to initiate a romance.

  • Really? Saving lives is awful?
  • True, the goblins would have thrown a wilder party.
  • And what’s your idea of ‘a little fun’?
  • All right, let’s do it. I’ll see you later.

Return to the bedroll and interact with it to choose between either sleeping alone or with Astarion.

Choose Astarion and you will be thrown into a passionate night. Select the following choices.

  • You don’t have me yet.
  • And what do you want?
  • Nod

Romancing Shadowheart
You will find many opportunities throughout your adventure to better improve your own image in front of Shadowheart.

The first opportunity you’ll get to romance Shadowheart is after you’ve rescued Druid Halsin and finished the side-quest ‘Save the Refugees’.

During the celebration, go up to Shadowheart and select the following choices.

  • Tieflings?
  • Are you worried Shar won’t approve?
  • I’d be glad to (Should she ask to share the bottle).
  • I’ll find you after everyone’s turned in for the night.

Use the bedroll to speed up time and go find Shadowheart at night. You will share a moment with her and be able to kiss her.

Unfortunately, that’s all there is in terms of romance with Shadowheart in Baldur’s Gate III.

Romancing Gale
Gale’s a pretty human fellow, and a wizard at that. He likes pretty normal stuff like walking on the beach, or being with his cat.

You can agree to help Wyll save the refugees in Druid Grove to improve your opinion. Convince Rolan to stay in the Druid Grove.

Crush the Tadpole outside of the Druid Grove among other things.

Once you have his approval, you can try and make a move on the handsome man and hope not to get turned down.

Romancing Lae’zel
Lae’zel is a Githyanki warrior coming from the Astral plane. The Githyanki were enslaved by the mindflayers.

Talk shit about them and you’ll get on her good side. You can also win her over by being a jerk to Shadowheart.

The first opportunity for romance you’ll get with Lae’zel will be during the celebration at the campsite once you rescue Druid Halsin and complete ‘Save the Refugees’ side-quest.

After you complete the quests and rest up a little, there will be a celebration with the refugees. Talk to Lae’zel and pick the following choices.

  • Are you… asking for sex?
  • I will share my bed with you tonight.

Return to the bedroll and interact with it to sleep with Lae’zel.

Romancing Wyll
There are a number of things that will improve your relationship with Wyll which include showing Guex your sword fighting technique in Druid Grove and Crushing the Tadpole outside of the Druid Grove.

Among other things you can tell Scratch that he can come to your camp if his friend doesn’t wake up.

Trying to persuade the goblin guard outside the goblin camp, and Agreeing to fight Fezzerk in the Blighted Village.

You’ll also develop a decent relationship by declining the Devil’s invitation to remove your Tadpole, agreeing to help Zevlor, and making Novice Crusher kiss your foot in the Goblin Camp.

Romancing Minthara
Minthara is the only non-companion that you can romance in the game. You will meet the Goblin Leader Minthara during the quest ‘Rescuing the Druid Halsin’.

Romancing her requires you to go down a bit of a dark path. If you help the Goblins slaughter everyone in Druid Grove, you’ll get a chance with her.

Siding with the Goblins will mean that there’s a party with the goblins and Minthara instead. Talk to Minthara and select the following choices.

  • It’s been a privilege to fight alongside you.
  • Embrace the change.
  • Open your mind.

Minthara will then tell you that she will come to the campsite to celebrate victory with you. Find her near the center of the camp and she’ll offer to join you in bed.

Proceed to go to bed with Minthara and a sex scene will play, which is the only animated one in Baldur’s Gate 3 so far.