V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

This guide will tell you complete details about each V Blood boss, how to find them, and their locations in V Rising.

In order to become a stronger vampire in V Rising, you’ll need to grow your powers by defeating V Blood Bosses. Learn how to track and find a V Blood Boss in V Rising with marked map locations.

V Rising V Blood Boss Locations Map

V Rising Boss Locations Map

Bosses don’t necessarily need to be tracked to be found, they will be present in the overworld and can be fought at their respective locations.

V Rising Boss List by area:

Farbane Bosses

Dunley Farmlands Bosses

Hallowed Mountains Bosses

Cursed Forest Bosses

Silverlight Hill Bosses

Farbane Boss Locations

Alpha Wolf (Level 16)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

You will find the Alpha Wolf in the Wolf Den, found near the Infested Graveyard. The Wolf is first boss you will fight in the game, and grants players access to the Wolf Form in V Rising. Alpha Wolf is a level 16 boss.

Errol the Stonebreaker (Level 20)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

Errol the Stonebreaker is in the same area as the Alpha Wolf boss you encounter in the Bandit Copper Mine. Stonebreaking has made Errol very strong and his melee attacks hit like a truck. Not only this, but the ranged magic attacks also make Errol the Stonebreaker a nightmare for new players.

Defeating this level 20 boss grants players the Aftershock Power and the recipe for Big Stash.

Rufus the Foreman (Level 20)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

Rufus the Foreman can be found inside the Bandit Logging Camp. The boss will shoot you with his monstrous crossbow, dealing massive damage on every hit. To make the fight easier, make sure to clear out the logging camp so other pesky NPCs won’t interfere with you in anyway.

The Level 20 boss provides the Blood Rage power and unlocks the recipes for Woodworking Bench, Hunter’s Crossbow, Fishing Pole, Sculptured Wood and Painting Frames.

Keeley the Frost Archer (Level 20)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

You will find Keeley the Frost Archer boss inside the Bandit Trapper Camp. The Archer will use magical frost arrows and will blast you with barrage of arrows raining them down continuously on you.

The level 20 boss provides players with the Frost bat power and unlocks the recipes for a Tannery, Traveller’s Wraps, Empty Canteen and Leather.

Lidia the Chaos Archer (Level 26)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

You will find Lidia the Chaos Archer roaming the road between Forgotten Cemetery and Logging Camp. The archer uses Chaos Magic and will throw bombs at you to take her down. Surprisingly, the boss is one of the easier bosses in the game because her arrows travel slow and you can easily avoid them.

Defeating Lidia the Chaos Archer, a level 26 boss, provides the Chaos Volley and the recipe for The Devourer.

Grayson the Armorer (Level 27)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

Found in the Bandit Camp, Northwest of the Bandit Copper Mines. The armorer uses traps to slow you down and damage you overtime. You are also left more vulnerable to attacks from Grayson as your defenses are reduced. You can find items to counteract the effect of the traps, providing you a small edge in the fight.

Defeating Grayson the Armorer provides players with Crimson Aegis power and the recipe for Five-Finger Workboards, Longboards and Whetstone.

Goreswine the Ravager (Level 27)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

There are two locations where you can find Goreswine the Ravager. The first location is inside the infested Graveyard and the other is on the road south of the Bandit Logging Camp. The boss is a mad cultist who are driven to desecrate all things. The Boss uses poison a lot so be prepared for this. Use ranged weapons to avoid getting directly in the way of Goreswine’s poisonous attacks.

Defeating the boss unlocks the Corpse Explosion and Veil of Bones power and recipes for Tomb, Skeletons and Ghouls.

Putrid Rat (Level 30)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

You cannot find this boss using the Blood Altar. To find this boss you have to build the Vermin Nest and as a result of that, Putrid Rat will spawn. The boss itself is an easy target, but like all rat battles, is made frustrating due to the numerous other smaller rats that attack you at the same time, chipping away at your health. Using powerful AoE attacks is bound to take care of these pesky rodents quickly.

Defeating the Putrid Rat boss unlocks the Rat Form for the players.

Clive the Firestarter (Level 30)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

To find Clive the Firestarter you have to search for him around the Bandit Sulphur Quarry in western Farbane Woods. The mad alchemist is an explosive expert and will demonstrate his love of things that go boom in his fight against you. The guy doesn’t even care if his explosives are destroying everything around him, or even triggering chain reactions of explosive barrels that hit him in the end, and this can be easily exploited to take him out.

For defeating Clive the Firestarter, you unlock the Veil of Chaos power and recipes for Alchemy Table, Sulphur and a Minor Explosive Box.

Polora the Feywalker (Level 34)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

To find Polora the Feywalker you have to go to the Gleaming Meadows on the west side of the Farbane Woods. Polora is psychopomp and uses mysterious spiritual sources as her power, meaning that you are in for a magic user boss. She can even inflict Fear Status ailment on you, forcing your character to run away from her. This does no damage but prolongs the fight making it very annoying.

Defeating the annoying sorceress Polora the Feywalker unlocks the Spectral Wolf and Veil of Illusion powers and the recipes for Vimpire Waygate, Garden Floors and Minor Garlic Resistance Brew.

Ferocious Bear Boss (Level 36)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

You will find Ferocious Bear Boss inside his cave on the eastern side of the Farbane Woods. One of the tankiest bosses in the game, Ferocious Bear is a tough opponent for all players. The boss has AoE attacks that cause rocks to fall from the ceiling randomly making your every move extremely risky. Just one tip, you will need a lot of healing potions for this fight.

Defeat the Ferocious Bear to get the Bear Form and the recipe for Fur Rugs.

Nicholaus the Fallen (Level 37)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

Nicholaus the Fallen is found in the Forgotten Cemetery, in the center of Farbane Woods. The boss is a necromancer exiled from the Silverlight Hills for dabbling in the Dark Arts. A typical Necromancer thing to do. Though all of Nicholaus’s attacks are fairly simple and easy to avoid, the major threat of the boss fight comes from the revived skeletons who will surround and overwhelm you.

Defeat the necromancer to unlock the Pestilence and Ward of the Damned powers along with the recipe of Study.

Quincey The Bandit King (Level 37)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

The Bandit King can be found in the Bandit Stronghold found north of the Forgotten Cemetery. Again, the bandit king is a fairly simple boss with no over the top attacks. He is just a powerful tank and uses Chaos Infused attacks. The best way to get to him is to try and stay behind him so he can’t hide behind his massive shield and attack you.

Defeat the bandit King to unlock the Chaos Barrier and Merciless Charge powers and the recipe for Smithy, Tailoring Bench, Iron Ingot, Iron Weapons and Hollowfang Battlegear.

Tristan The Vampire Hunter (Level 46)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

This Vampire Hunter can be found roaming the Central Farbane Woods. Tristan is a Vampire Hunter and so is well equipped to fight you. She will prove to be one of the harder bosses in the early game. Tristan’s fire attacks will burn you and deal damage overtime, providing you little time to heal as your health bar melts away in the fire.

Defeat the hunter to unlock the Blood Hunger power and crafting recipe for Greater Blood Essence.

The Winged Horror (Level 78)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

The Winged Horror V Blood Boss in V Rising can be found on the eastern edge of the Farbane Woods. The strongest boss in Farbane Woods, The Winged Horror is a twisted pet of Dracula who was turned into a monstrosity upon his death. The Winged Horror will one of your last bosses in the game.

Upon defeating The Winged Horror, you unlock the Frost Vortex power.

Dunley Farmlands Boss Locations

Beatrice the Tailor (Level 38)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

You will find Beatrice the Tailor boss in the Dawnbreak village. The fight is less of a boss battle and more of a chicken chase around the Dawnbreak Village. Beatrice is a simple tailor and will run away on seeing you. She calls for help and all the fighting is to be done with the soldiers coming to try to help her.

Slaughter the charming old lady to unlock the Human Form and recipes for Loom, Hunter’s Cloak, and Cotton Yarn.

Vincent the Frostbringer (Level 40)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

Vincent the Frostbringer can be found roaming the central roads of the Dunley Farmlands. The Frostbringer will freeze you where you stand, rendering you unable to move for some time. If you see Vincent using his frost missiles, avoid them at any cost so you don’t get frozen. Unable to dodge his attacks will be certain death sentence for you. He also comes with a few lackeys who will shoot you with crossbows, so make sure you kill them as soon as possible.

Defeat Vincent the Frostbringer to unlock the Frost Barrier and Veil of Frost powers and the recipe for Prison Cells and Reinforced Plank.

Christina The Sun Priestess (Level 44)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

This Boss can be found roaming the area of Dawnbreak Village. Though the priestess is weak and cannot tank your attacks, she will frequently heal herself prolonging the fight and sending in her henchmen to distract you. You can either simply ignore them and focus on Christina or kill them all before you fight Christina.

Defeat the Sun Priestess to unlock the Purgatory Power and recipes for Glass, Empty Glass Bottle, Blood Rose Potion and Holy Resistance Potions.

Leandra The Shadow Priestess (Level 46)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

Also found roaming the area of Dawnbreak Village. Leandra will also raise dead minions so help her in the battle, but they won’t pose any major threat or even any annoyance. She has low health and almost no armor, allowing you to chew through her health bar.

Defeat the Shadow Priestess to unlock the Spectral Assassin power and recipes for Jewelcrafting Table, Scourge Pendant, Scrouge Stone and Skeleton Priest.

Terah the Geomancer (Level 48)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

On the northwest side of the Dunley Farmlands, you will find Terah the Geomancer. Though the boss is nothing special and the fight is normal, Terah the Geomancer uses medium range magic attacks and will hurl boulders at you, but nothing too hard to dodge.

Defeating Terah the Geomancer will unlock the Spectral Golem and unlock recipes for Gem Cutting Table, Siege Golem Stone and Regular Gem stone.

Meredith The Bright Archer (Level 52)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

Meredith can be found in the Haunted Iron Mines in the south of Dunley Farmlands. Meredith uses pure holy attacks so stack up on your Holy Resistance Potions before you set out to face the archer. The attacks are well telegraphed and easy to predict so you won’t face much of a threat as long as you are at the appropriate level.

Defeating Meredith the Bright Archer unlocks the Sanguine Coil and recipe for Wool Thread.

Octavian The Militia Captain (Level 58)

Octavian is found in the Bastion of Dunley. You can find the location south of Church of the Damned. A veteran, Octavian may seem simple with nothing but a single sword on him, but Octavian can use multiple ranged magic attacks and can send out slashes from his sword that cover almost the entire arena, making him a formidable foe. Octavian proves why he is the most trusted and dependable man in all of Dunley.

Defeat Octavian to unlock the Mirror Strike power and recipes for Anvil, Dark Silver Ingot, Dawnthorn Regalia and Dark Silver Weapons.

Raziel the Shepherd (Level 60)

In the northwest of the Dunley Farmlands, you will find the Raziel the Shepherd, near the Dunley Monetary. Don’t let his work as a Shepard deceive you. Raziel is the leader of Dunley Monastery and has immense holy power to destroy you. The biggest obstacle in defeating the Shepard is getting close to him to attack him, so make sure you pack powerful ranged weapons before heading out to face the boss.

Defeating Raziel unlocks the Crimson Beam power and recipes for Athenaeum, Silver Resistance Potions and Corrupted Artifacts.

Jade the Vampire Hunter (Level 62)

Around the center of the Dunley Farmlands, you will find Jade the Vampire Hunter wandering. Similar to Tristan, Jade is a powerful foe who is ready to fight you, and this time Jade brings in dual pistols to shoot you.

Defeating Jade will reward you with the Chaos Barrage power and Major Explosive Box and Primal Blood Essence recipes.

Willfred the Werewolf Chief (Level 62)

Just below the border of the Cursed Forest in Dunley Farmlands, you will find this boss in the werewolf village. The rivalry between vampires and werewolfs is old and one of the most well-known. Werewolf Chief is, however, nothing special and uses normal attacks and his movements are well telegraphed, so you won’t have much of trouble taking him down.

Defeat Willfred to unlock Heart Strike power and Holy Resistance Strike recipe.

Hallowed Mountains Boss Locations

Frostmaw the Mountain Terror (Level 56)

On the north side of the Hallowed Mountains, you will find the Frostmaw the Mountain Terror V Blood Boss. The boss is true monster, so you better be above Frostmaw’s level to stand a chance against him. He has high damage output, so you need to come prepared to be able to both tank the massive damage and heal fast.

When you finally defeat Frostmaw the Mountain Terror, you will unlock the Ice Nova power and recipe to make Scrolls.

Terrorclaw the Ogre (Level 68)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

In the South of the Hallowed Mountains, you will find Terrorclaw the Orge V Blood Boss in the Frozen Caves. The terrorclaw has high damage resistance and will use its entire body to deal high damage to you, and similar to frostmaw, is a true nightmare to deal with, again, we suggest coming in at a level higher then Terrorclaw to have a better time.

Defeating Terrorclaw the Ogre unlocks the Artic Leap power for you.

Cursed Forest Boss Locations

Ungora the Spider Queen (Level 60)

V Rising Boss Locations and Map Guide

In the center of the Cursed Forest, you will find Ungora the Spider Queen in the Spider Cave. Make sure you clear out the rest of the cave before you come face to face with Ungora so you don’t have the fear of getting overwhelmed by pesky spiders jumping on you from all sides. Ungora has high damage output, but you can stay behind her to stay safe.

Defeat Ungora to unlock the Volatile Arachind power and recipe for Ghost Yarn, Silk and Spiderlings.

The Duke of Balaton

In the Swamp of Greed, along the northern edge, you will find the Duke of Balaton. The Duke of Balaton is a giant toad and nothing special. He has simple jump attacks so be ready to dodge a lot since he can close distances very fast and rapidly.

Defeat The Duke of Balaton to unlock the Toad Form.

Foulrot the Soultaker (Level 62)

Foulrot The Soultaker is found in the Ancient Village in the eastern Cursed Forest. Another cultist trying to kill you to please some unknown diety, Foulrot the Soultaker has fast melee attacks and a few magic attacks for range in his arsenal. You can easily take him down.

Defeating Foulrot the Soultaker unlocks the Mist trance power and recipes for Phantom’s Veil, Spectral Dust and Banshee.

Matka The Curse Weaver (Level 72)

The Cursed Weaver can be found in the Nest of the Cursed Weaver. The area is in the northern part of Cursed Forest. Matka the Curse Weaver is the oner responsible for the name of the Cursed Forest. She will summon mosquitos who explode when they come close to you, as if mosquitos aren’t annoying enough already. Other than this, Matka can tank a lot of hits so be ready for a long fight.

Defeating Matka the Curse Weaver unlocks Unstable Mosquito power and recipe for Schematics and Mosquitos.

Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer (Level 76)

In the south of the Cursed Forest, you will find the Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer V Blood Boss roaming the roads. The only vampire enemy boss, Nightmarshal is one of the followers of Dracula and is a powerful Vampire who has served under Dracula himself.

Defeating Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer unlocks the Bat Form for the player.

Gorecrusher the Behemoth (Level 78)

In the south of the Cursed Forest, you will find Gorecrusher the Behemoth in the Lair of the Behemoth. The lair can be found south of the Spider Cave. One of the end game bosses, Gorecrusher uses powerful magic attacks and AoE slams to fight you. His attacks will also reduce the damage that you deal.

Defeating Gorecrusher will unlock the Wisp Dance power.

Silverlight Hills Boss Locations

Mairwyn the Elementalist (Level 64)

In the Silverlight Hills region move towards the southeast direction to find the Mairwyn the Elementalist in Emberleaf Grove. Mairwyn is described as ‘Spell-caster in tune with the more ephemeral qualities of nature;’ meaning that you need to get ready for a hard magic boss. She has a huge arsenal of magic, melee, ranged and AoE attacks. You will need a lot of tries to recognize her attacks so you can actually avoid them and defeat Mariwyn.

On defeat, Mariwyn rewards players with Crystal Lance power and Imperial Thread recipe.

Morian the Stormwing Matriarch (Level 68)

In the Silverlight Hills area head south to find Morian the Stormwing Matriarch in the Harpy Nest. Morian is a fearsome Harpy creature and the most dangerous of her kind. She is powerful on your journey to become the Vampire Lord.

Defeat Morian the Stormwing Matriarch to unlock the power of Void and Flawless gems recipe.

Azariel the Sunbringer (Level 68)

In the Silverlight Hills, move to the west side and you will find Azariel the Sunbringer in the Brighthaven Cathedral. Azariel is among the top-ranking officials of the Church of Luminance, meaning that he will prove to be a difficult fight. Best come ready with a load of Holy Resistance items stacked.

Defeat Azariel the Sunbringer to unlock Power Surge power and Gold Ingot recipe.

Solarus the Immaculate (Level 80)

In the east of the Silverlight Hills, you will the Solarus the Immaculate inside a temple named Fortress of Light. Solarus is the final boss for you to fight. He is the legendary paladin of the Church of Luminance, and the oldest member meaning he has experience in disposing of vampires. Solarus has the highest damaging holy attacks and magic, fitting for the end game boss.

Defeat Solarus the Immaculate to get the Summon Fallen Angel power.

 V Blood Boss Respawn Times

The Boss does not stay dead indefinitely. Whenever you kill a V Blood Boss in V Rising, if your server is set to normal settings, V Blood Bosses will respawn every 15 minutes.

If you kill a boss, you just need to wait 15 minutes for it to appear again. You can then attempt the same boss fight again if you wish to.

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