How to Get Copper Ingots in V Rising, Copper Ore Farm Locations

In V Rising, there are several different types of materials that are required to craft different items. One of these materials is Copper ore, which is a really important crafting material in the game. In this guide, we will explain how to get Copper Ore in V Rising and how to progress using the ore once you have farmed the best locations for copper ore.

V Rising Copper Ore Farm Locations

In V Rising, the Copper ore is commonly found in rocky and hilly areas. The copper ore can be mined from the orange rocks in these areas.

One of the best places to mine copper ore in V Rising is Bandit Copper Mine. This mine is located in Farbane Woods which is present in the southern part of the map. For your ease, we have a map image showing the location. However, be warned as there are lots of enemies in this area that will disrupt your mining activities.

bandit copper mine

Copper Ore is easily distinguished by its distinctive copper appearance. The Farbane Woods has the highest concentration of Copper Ore. The Dunley Farmlands and Silverlight Hills are also good sources of Copper Ore.

Massive Copper Veins can be found in the western half of Farbane Woods and the far eastern side of the forest. Unfortunately, these strong copper veins will render your weapons ineffective. To complete the task, you will require explosives in V Rising. You must battle Clive the Firestarter, a level 30 boss, to get explosives. You’ll get a recipe for a Minor Explosive Box once you’ve beaten him.


It’s worth noting that if you just have Bone weapons equipped (Bone Axe, Bone Sword, Bone Mace), you won’t be able to acquire Copper Ore since your attack level will be too low.

To acquire Copper Ore, you’ll need to upgrade your gear to Reinforced Bone weapons, especially a Reinforced Mace. This implies that to construct these weapons and armor, you’ll need a Simple Workbench in your castle.

How to Mine Copper

A Reinforced Bone Mace is required to mine Copper. Regular rocks can be broken down with a Bone Mace, but Copper rocks require something more powerful.

You’ll need the following materials to craft a Reinforced Bone Mace:

  • 120 Stone
  • 1 Bone Mace
  • 4 Plank

Once you have these materials, find yourself a Simple Workbench to craft this tool. Wooden planks are required for both the Simple Workbench and the Reinforced Bone Mace.

The Reinforced Bone Mace will be able to take care of small to medium-sized rocks. However, giant copper boulders cannot be broken apart using this Bone Mace. You will need to use explosives in order to mine the huge boulders, which you may craft using Sulfur at an Alchemy Table.

How to Craft Copper Ingots

In order to be able to create copper ingots, you will have to construct a Furnace in your castle. The Furnace needs 60 copper ore and 480 stone to be built.

Using the furnace, you will be able to smelt copper ore into refined Copper ingots. Having plenty of copper ingots as a resource means you will be able to craft better equipment and weapons for yourself as you progress through the game.

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