V Rising Alpha Wolf Location, Boss Fight

In this V Rising Alpha Wolf guide, we will be giving you all the necessary details on the Alpha Wolf's location, recommended gear, how to defeat him, and rewards and powers you get.

In V Rising, the Alpha wolf is a white wolf V Blood carrier whose powers can be gained by defeating him and drinking his blood. However, the Alpha Wolf doesn’t go down without a fight. In this V Rising guide, we will be giving you all the necessary details on the Alpha Wolf’s location, recommended gear, how to defeat him, and rewards and powers you get.

V Rising Alpha Wolf Boss Location

The players can find Alpha Wolf Boss by going to Eastern Farbane Woods resting in the Wolf’s Den.

Moving north from the Desecrated Graveyard, you will reach Bandit Copper Mine. Next, head east from the Bandit Copper Mine to reach the Wolf’s Den. Here, the fight begins right when you reach the location and get close to the Alpha Wolf.

Since some players reported that Alpha Wolf Boss didn’t appear at this location, then in this case, you should follow the blood trail heading towards the eastern woods to find the right location.

Here is an image showing the exact location where you can find Alpha Wolf Boss.

V Rising Alpha Wolf Location

Recommended Level to Defeat Alpha Wolf Boss

It is important that the players consider the gear before going to the fight against this boss. We recommend that your Gear level should be 16 and you should equip a set of reinforced bones equipment.

How to Defeat Alpha Wolf Boss

Now, we will be discussing the strategy that you need to adopt to defeat the Alpha Wolf. This boss can be a little aggressive and tricky during the fight, so you need to be careful while fighting him.

The Alpha Wolf has three attacks, a bite at close range, a charge and a growl that leads to a small AoE attack.

Your strategy here is to stay at a distance from the Alpha Wolf and kite his attacks. You can stay a little bit away from his bite and then strike back when he stops biting.

For the Alpha Wolf charge, you need to watch and see if the Alpha Wolf stops moving. This indicates that the Alpha Wolf is about to charge. Simply get out of the way when you see him coming.

Once you’ve dodged, you have a window of opportunity to spam out all of your attacks while the Wolf Recovers.

For the howl, the Alpha Wolf charges up and glows red. This modifies his attacks and leads to a mini AoE attack. Simply use the same strategy as his bite.

At around half health, the Alpha Wolf summons wolf minions. These are very weak and can be taken down quickly. Take care of them first before shifting focus back to the Alpha Wolf.

Alpha Wolf Boss Rewards

Since the Alpha Wolf boss is a V Blood Carrier, drinking its blood after defeating it grants you poers. You can get the power Wolf Form as a reward for defeating Alpha Wolf boss.

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