How to Get Whetstone in V Rising

In this V Rising guide, we'll let you know how to get whetstone and how you can get the whetstone recipe so that you can craft it. 

Constructing and developing your castle requires many resources, of which Whetstone is vital. In this V Rising guide, we’ll let you know how you can get your hands on Whetstone and get the whetstone recipe to craft it.

V Rising Whetstone Farm Locations

Exploration and survival are key parts of V Rising’s early game. Starting as a fledgling vampire in V Rising, you quickly need to establish a castle and begin your dominion over the land.

As you explore the world, you’ll discover its dangers but, most importantly, its untapped resources that can help you progress further.

Open up the map. You will see yellow spots on it. These will be your points of interest. These could be mines, camps, etc.

If you bring your cursor on them, a dialogue box opens up telling you about items that can be found there. This is where you’ll want to look for Whetstone.

The best place to find Whetstone in V Rising is the Bandit Camps. There are different kinds of Bandit Camps, and there are many of them present in Farbane Woods, but only a few of them have Whetstone available as loot.

The map image below shows all of the Bandit Camps in V Rising that have Whetstone available as loot.

V Rising Bandit Camps Whetstone Farm Location

To get inside these camps, you will need to confront the guarding bandits first.

You can either sneak in stealth mode or take down all the foes with your strength. Once you’re inside a Bandit Camp, you’ll find chests, barrels, and crates, which you can loot to get Whetstone and other materials. On top of that, the Bandits present inside also have a chance of dropping Whetstone upon being killed.

Out of the different types of Bandit Camps, the one you want to aim for is the Bandit Armory. This type of Bandit Camp usually has the most Whetstone hidden inside for you to loot. Note that the enemies in this camp are quite tough (level 20-30), so you’ll need to have the decent gear to clear the armory out.

To help you find the Bandit Armory, we’ve marked its location on the map image below:

V Rising Bandit Armory Whetstone Farm Location

How to Craft Whetstone

To craft Whetstone, you first need to create a Grinder. We need to make this first because it’ll allow us to make an item needed to craft Whetstone.

To create a Grinder, you need to get four Whetstone. Raid the Bandit Camps mentioned above, and you’ll have four Whetstone in no time.

Once you have the required Whetstone, open up the build menu and navigate to the “Refinement” category to find the Grinder. Create a Grinder and place it down in your base.

Now, you need to craft Stone Bricks using the Grinder. You’ll need to put raw stones into the Grinder to do so. As you’re crafting Stone Bricks, you will obtain Stone Dust as a by-product.

This Stone Dust is what you’ve been looking for as it is needed to craft Whetstone.

Now that you have Stone Dust, your next step is to obtain the crafting recipe for the Whetstone. The crafting recipe for Whetstone in V Rising is available only after you defeat the level 27 boss, Grayson the Armorer.

To find this boss, you’ll need to use the Blood Altar. Upon being killed, Grayson the Armorer will drop many rewards, including the recipe for Whetstone.

Since you have the recipe for Whetstone available now, go to the furnace in your base and start crafting Whetstone. For one Whetstone, you’ll need the following ingredients.

As for the Copper Ingot, you can get it by mining the orange copper rocks present around the in-game world. When you mine these rocks, you’ll get Copper Ore, which can then be smelted in a furnace to get Copper Ingot. Do note that you’ll need to collect 60 Copper Ore to get a single Copper Ingot.

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