V Rising The Duke of Balaton Location, Boss Fight

The Duke of Balaton is a horrific giant-sized toad that only lives to protect its horde of meaningless treasures. The following guide will tell you how to find and defeat the Duke of Balaton in V Rising.

V Rising The Duke of Balaton Location

To start finding the Duke of Balaton, get the Blood Altar in your castle. Then use the Blood Altar to track down the Duke through its blood scent.

This will generate a red trail that will lead you straight to the boss. You will be led to the far north area of the map in the Swamp of Greed.

Recommended Level to Defeat The Duke of Balaton

The Duke is a level 62 boss. If your gear level is anything below, prepare to get plastered. Hence, make sure to upgrade your weapons and gear to level 62 (preferably higher) so that you have a winning chance.

This boss will be fairly difficult if you’re going in alone. It is highly recommended to find a clan to have a few allies watching your back.


How to Defeat The Duke of Balaton

The Duke of Balaton has a lot of jumping, slamming, and tongue-licking abilities to use in the fight. It will spit out its tongue like a leash and also use melee attacks at the start of the fight.

Consider taking on this boss from the range with a good ranged weapon like a crossbow. Also, use your Bone Shield to block its incoming attacks.

Take note that once the Duke reaches 50 percent health, its eggs will spawn. You will have to then deal with the hatchlings until the Duke returns.

This is one of the most time-consuming fights in V Rising. The Duke of Balaton has a huge health bar. You’ll have to stay focused to doge its many attacks. If you’re out of healing items, you’re probably dead.

How to Unlock Toad Form

Defeating the Duke of Balaton will give you the Toad Form ability, after which you can transform into a toad at will.

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