V Rising Azariel the Sunbringer Location, Boss Fight

The following guide will highlight where to find and how to defeat Azariel, the Sunbringer in V Rising.

V Rising Azariel the Sunbringer Location

Azariel is found in the Brighthaven Cathedral along the western border of Silverlight Hills. He despises vampires and will be waiting for you as soon as you enter the Cathedral. The location has been marked on the map below.

Recommended Level to Defeat Azariel the Sunbringer

Beating Azariel is not that easy since he is a level 68 boss so make sure your gear level is above 68 before you attempt him.

He won’t let you come close so it is a bit difficult for melee players to deal with him. You must use long-ranged weapons such as a crossbow and spear with higher-tier abilities. You can use a sword’s whirlwind as well.

You are going to need suitable armor as well to deal with his heavy holy attacks. Consider using Holy Fang Armor or Ruthless Hunters Vestment.


How to Defeat Azariel the Sunbringer

Azariel is a powerful boss in V Rising. If you are planning to confront him solo then be prepared for a tough encounter. It is better to have a few allies on your side by joining a clan.

Azariel primarily deals holy damage. These are basically a bunch of lightning projectiles. They are also slow, meaning that you will have ample time to move out of the way.

You should have a long-ranged weapon to attack him from afar. If you’re melee, you’ll have to find an opening between his holy attacks to get in close enough to attack.

This is why having an ally or two will make it easier. They can keep Azariel distracted while you get inside his melee range to deal damage.

Azariel the Sunbringer Boss Rewards

On beating Azariel, you will be rewarded with the following items:

  • Power Surge: It removes negative effects, protects you and your allies as well giving up to 150% spell power while boosting attacking speed and movement by 25%.
  • Recipe for Gold Ingot

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