V Rising Terah the Geomancer Location, Boss Fight

In this guide, we will discuss everything about Terah the Geomancer Boss in V Rising and how to defeat her.

In the world of V Rising where multiple creatures are living together, some clashes cannot be avoided. One such boss you need to defeat and progress through the game is Terah. In this guide, we will discuss everything about Terah the Geomancer Boss in V Rising.

V Rising Terah the Geomancer Location

Finding Terah, the Geomancer is a pretty simple task. You can find Terah walking around in the Bedrock Pass which is the north-western section of the Dunley Farmlands.

Like all the other bosses, using the blood altar will also help you track down Terah with ease, provided your gear score is high enough to tackle her.

Recommended Level to Defeat Terah the Geomancer

Apart from being close to level 48 to fight Terah, you will need the following items in order to increase your chances of defeating Terah the Geomancer

  • Any Ranged Weapon
  • Ranged Magic Spells

How to Defeat Terah the Geomancer

Although Terah the Geomancer is one of the harder opponents to fight if you understand its attack patterns, it will be cheese from there onwards.

Most of Terah’s attacks include stomping on the ground and all of the attacks are rather slow. The best way to take her down is by being quick on your feet and moving around as much as possible.

Terah can turn herself into a giant golem and that giant golem can summon two smaller golems which you will need to take down before you can hurt Terah.

Terah can swap between her normal form and the giant golem form so that is something to watch out for. The smaller golems are easy to take down and can be done using basic melee attacks.

Once it comes to Terah, avoid melee attacks as much as possible, avoid going close altogether if possible. Use ranged attacks and magic spells from a distance.

One of her attacks will spawn spikes from the ground that will come out and hurt you substantially. You can easily predict and avoid those.

Another one of her attacks includes raining rocks from the sky. The area where the rock will fall will be marked with a red circle. To avoid this attack just stay out of these circles.

Keep attacking from a distance. You can go close to her when she is in her normal form. Use magic spells wherever possible.

All of the boss’s attacks are slow and predictable and thus can easily be avoided. Keep dodging while attacking from a distance. Keep on doing this and the victory shall be yours.

Terah the Geomancer Boss Rewards

You will receive the following item when you defeat Terah the Geomancer.

  • Recipe – Siege Golem Stone
  • Recipe – Regular Gems
  • Vampire Power – Spectral Guardian
  • Structure – Gem Cutting Table
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