V Rising Keely, the Frost Archer Location, Boss Fight

Keely, the Frost Archer, is one of the early bosses you will come across in V Rising. The following guide will show you where you will find Keely in V Rising, the recommended gear to defeat Keely, how you can defeat them, and rewards for defeating the boss.

V Rising Keely, the Frost Archer Location

You’ll normally need to track down bosses in V Rising, but in the case of Keely, you just need to head to the Bandit Trapper Camp in Farbane Woods.

Bandit Trapper is near the eastern Farbane Woods Vampire waygate. You will find Keely there, along with a bunch of extra enemies. Hence, go prepared.

Recommended Level to Defeat Keely, the Frost Archer

You need to be around level 20 for this fight. The following enlisted gear will further increase your chances of victory but require a Workbench and a Furnace:

  • Copper Spear (16 x copper and 12 x plank required)
  • Full set of Boneguard Armor (60 x Animal Hide required)
  • Blood Rose Ring (80 x Plant fiber, 30 x Blood Rose and one Bone Ring required)

How to Defeat Keely, the Frost Archer

You should not find this fight difficult, especially when Keely is one of the very early bosses in the game. You just need to know the basics of her movesets.

Just move out of the way whenever she stops to charge an attack. Then get into land a few blows before rinsing and repeating. It is advisable to clear out the area from excess enemies before taking on Keely or else they will become a hindrance during the fight.


Keely, the Frost Archer Boss Rewards

You are rewarded with Frost Bat power. You unlock tanneries.

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