V Rising Nicholaus The Fallen Location, Boss Fight

In this V Rising guide, we’ll let you know the location of Nicholaus the Fallen and how you can beat him and gain his powers.

Nicholaus the Fallen, is an imposing Necromancer and also a V Blood Carrier. In this V Rising guide, we’ll let you know the location of Nicholaus, the Fallen and how you can beat him and consume his blood to gain powers.

V Rising Nicholaus The Fallen Location

Players can easily find Nicholaus by going in a southwest direction from the Farbane woods area. You will have to reach the Forgotten Cemetery. A bandit camp and Quincey the Bandit King, who is the second last boss in the game, can also be found here.

Below is an image of the map showing the exact location of Nicholaus the Fallen.

V Rising V Rising Nicholaus the Fallen Location

Recommended Level to Defeat Nicholaus The Fallen

Nicholaus can be a little difficult to deal with if you do not take appropriate gear with you for the boss fight or are too low level. It is best if you attempt to fight Nicholaus when you are at least level 37.

The recommended gear to defeat this boss is Merciless Nightstalker armor and Merciless Copper weapons.


Moreover, Blood Rose Brew can be useful for healing and shielding powers or AOE attacks can help you to avoid the continuously spawning skeletons.

How to Defeat Nicholaus The Fallen

To defeat Nicholaus The Fallen, you should first get Chaos Volley by fighting and defeating Lidia the Chaos Archer. This is a powerful magic attack that helps you to deal huge amounts of damage to the boss.

Moreover, you can make use of Aftershock to set the enemies on fire and deal huge damage through its powerful AOE features. To get this attack, you need to defeat Errol the Stone Breaker.

As for your weapons, we recommend using a strong crossbow like the Ruthless Crossbow.

Once you equip the above-mentioned powers and attacks, you need to target the boss with the magic attacks mentioned above and the crossbow. Strafe around and spam these attacks to whittle him down quickly.

However, you need to be careful of the AOE attacks coming from the green skulls of Nicholaus The Fallen. These can catch you at tip range.

Also, the Nicholaus will summon armored skeletons, so you should deal with them as soon as possible to not allow them to gather up in numbers.

Additionally, the projectiles that the boss launches will explode either with your contact or with some other object around, so try to stay away from the walls and other objects. Try to get away from his spawning location to avoid getting blocked due to his spells.

Nicholaus The Fallen Boss Rewards

The players can get exciting rewards by consuming the blood of Nicholaus the Fallen. Upon defeating Nicholaus, you can get the powers Pestilence and Ward of the Damned. You also be able to build the Study structure.

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