V Rising Jade The Vampire Hunter Location, Boss Fight

Jade, the Vampire Hunter, is another formidable boss in V Rising who does not take too kindly to your kind. The following guide will show you how to find and defeat her in the game.

V Rising Jade The Vampire Hunter Location

You can easily find Jade by heading to the center of the Dunley Farmlands. She will be casually moving around the area. The encounter will trigger as soon as she spots you.

Recommended Level To Defeat Jade The Vampire Hunter

Jade is a fearsome adversary, so don’t take her too lightly. She’s a level 62 boss. Hence, make sure to have a gear level around 62 to stand a chance.

As for the gear itself, you’ll have an advantage fighting Jade from afar. Bring along a good bow or any other ranged weapon to increase your chances of victory. Also, bring at least one ranged spell.

Jade employs explosives and long-range attacks. You’ll need to use cover to protect yourself, making melee a fairly risky option. Being ranged will allow you to go behind cover before peeking for a shot and then going back behind cover again.

How To Defeat Jade The Vampire Hunter

Her major focus will be on long-range strikes, and she’ll use a combination of rapid-fire musket rounds and precise, focused shots.

Her ranged combat abilities are accentuated in two ways. First, some of her attacks will render you Silent and prevent you from using magic. Second, she’ll occasionally toss explosive bombs or caltrops at you to slow you down or hurt you.

You can easily defeat her by not playing in the open as playing in the open is like committing suicide. You can also take cover to protect yourself. Just try to take her off the road so you can’t be disturbed by any other opponent during the fight. Jade alone is a tough opponent so if any other enemy joins her, it will be really tough for you.

You must simply dodge her sniper bullets and try to counterattack her. Just be cautious that she throws bombs near her feet so do move frequently and try to relocate.

Following all these tips and being extra cautious, you can easily defeat her.

Jade The Vampire Hunter Boss Rewards

You will receive Chaos Volley for defeating Jade. The ability will let you fire x2 Chaos Bolts to deal magic damage and inflict burn damage over time.

You will also unlock two recipes: Large Explosive and Primal Blood Essence.

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