V Rising Putrid Rat Location, Boss Fight

Putrid Rat is one of the 30+ bosses you’ll come across in V Rising. He’s relatively easier to beat than most bosses and with the perfect strategy, you can over-power him to gain the rewards. In his guide, we have given detailed information to find the Putrid Rat, strategies on defeating Putrid Rat and the rewards you get after he’s killed.

V Rising Putrid Rat Location

The first thing you should note when finding Putrid Rat is that unlike other bosses in the game, Putrid Rat cannot be found or traced through the Blood Altar.

The only way to encounter Putrid Rat is by summoning it at your base so this way, your base is the location where you will find Putrid Rat.

How to Summon Putrid Rat in Your Base

Putrid Rat is one of the hardest Bosses to come across since the game doesn’t necessarily provide you any clues as to how and where you can encounter this creature.

However, there is an easter egg in the in-game description that says ““too infested might find themselves visited” This is a slight hint that this Rat boss shouldn’t be found as it will find you instead.

To lure the boss to you, you’ll have to firstly build a Vermin Nest; located at the refinement section (production tab) which costs you 360 stones and 120 bones.

To build the Vermin Nest structure, you need to find a few required crafting materials such as:

  • 1 Twilight Snapper
  • 4 Fish Bones
  • 8 Grave Dust

Where to Find Twilight Snapper

To find the Twilight Snapper, head over to the nearest lake and start fishing. In case you don’t possess a fishing rod, you can craft it with the following resources:

Where to Find Fish Bones

Fish Bones are relatively easier to find. Simply head over to Farbane Woods and loot chests at Bandit Camps, Bandit Logging Camps to find your required number of Fish Bones.

Where to Find Grave Dust

Lastly, for the Grave Dust, put 100 Bones in your Grinder until the required amount of Grave Dust is crafted.

Recommended Level to Defeat Putrid Rat

Before fighting the boss, make sure you’ve reached at least a 30 Gear level, only then you’ll be strong enough to overpower the Putrid Rat and resist his attacks. Also, you might want to kill Lidia the Chaos Archer as well to get Maximum Power spells.

How to Defeat Putrid Rat

Once all the requirements are crafted and found, return to your base, place all the resources in the Vermin Nest and wait for 20-30 seconds till Putrid Rat has been summoned. Once the boss is summoned, get ready for the Putrid Rat boss fight.

Once the boss fight starts, you’ll mostly be on top of the fight since the Putrid Rat may be difficult to summon, but it’s quite easy to beat in a fight.

However, once it starts digging the ground to release mini-rats, this is where the odds are stacked against you.

Focus fully on killing off the smaller rats first as the boss goes away for a while and returns once you’ve killed all his minions. Use this moment to recover your health and as the Boss returns, defeat him as well.

How to Unlock Rat Form

Upon defeating Putrid Rat, you get rewarded with a V-Blood for the Putrid Rat and also the Rat form. The Rat form doesn’t serve anything as the enemies will still manage to sense your presence; it’s still a nice blend to the environment.

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