How to Get Spectral Dust in V Rising

This comprehensive guide will cover all the details about Spectral Dust in V Rising, like how to farm and craft it.

In V Rising, you will find different Dusts that can be used to craft some extremely powerful items in the game. One of these dust types is the Spectral Dust. This guide will cover all the details about Spectral Dust in V Rising, like how to farm and craft it.

V Rising Spectral Dust Farm Locations

Spectral Dust is used for crafting the Eye of Twilight that you need to locate Soul Shards.

The first method of getting the Spectral Dust is collecting it by taking out the Banshee mobs in the Cursed Forest. You will face these mobs in the forest, and upon defeat, they will drop the Spectral Dust in V Rising.

You will not only get Spectral Dust by taking out the Banshee, but you can also find them in chests. However, finding them within the chest is not a guaranteed way to farm them in V Rising.

How to Craft Spectral Dust

The second way to get Spectral Dust in V Rising is by crafting it. But crafting requires some items and recipes which can be unlocked by following these steps.

Unlock Spectral Dust Crafting Recipe

To unlock the crafting recipe of Spectral Dust in V Rising, you will need to take out the Foulrot the Soul Taker boss. You will find this boss inside the Cursed Forest.

Just head to the southeast side of the Cursed Forest and find Foulrot the Soul Taker quite easily. However, defeating this boss is not as easy as a level 62 boss, so come prepared.

Defeating this boss will unlock the crafting recipe for Spectral Dust, which is given below

  • Ghost Crystal x30
  • Gem Dust x3

Farm Ghost Crystals and Gem Dust

You can farm Ghost Crystal in the Cursed Forest around the area where you find Foulrot the Soul Taker. Just explore the area around the boss, and you will get the required amount of Ghost Crystal.

After that, you can go to the Farbane Woods to collect the Gem Dust. You will find Gem Dust throughout the Farbane Woods without any trouble.

Craft Spectral Dust Using Grinder

Once you have unlocked the recipe and gathered the required Ghost Crystal and Gen Dust to craft the Spectral Dust, head to the Grinder, put both the required items inside the Grinder and get the Spectral Dust.

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