V Rising Nightmarshal Styx Location, Boss Fight

This detailed guide will tell you how to defeat the Nightmarshal Styx in V Rising and information about how to unlock the bat form.

V Rising Nightmarshal Styx Location

Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer is one of the strongest bosses in the game whom you will encounter at level 76. He is a vampire of the Dracula Era and is not easy to defeat.

Just like every other boss in V Rising, you can also track Nightmarshal Styx using the Blood Altar.

To craft the Blood Altar, you will first need to complete the Hunt Quest, and then you’ll get the blueprint for the Blood Altar, which you can craft using 180 Stone and 10 Blood Essence.

Once you get the Blood Altar, you can track the Nightmarshal Styx. You will find Styx roaming the roads of the Cursed Forest around the northeastern side of the map.

Recommended Level to Defeat Nightmarshal Styx

Since Nightmarshal Styx is a level 76 boss, make sure you only attempt to fight him once your gear level is also close to level 76 or higher.

Nightmarshal does have some pretty solid attacks, and getting close will be a challenge, so keeping some good, ranged attacks will be the right move.

Also, stock up on some ranged spells of your choice for those long-distance fights.

How to Defeat Nightmarshal Styx

Nightmarshal Styx is a very strong foe with some of the most punishing attacks. You will need to learn the attack pattern to counter them. Following are the attacks this boss can do.

Simple Swipe: This is one of the common attacks where the boss will two continuous swipes followed by a lunge. Falling back a little is the best way to counter.

Bat Summon: Styx will channel some energy and summon two bat swarms, each one from the opposite side of the previous one, and if hit, can inflict damage.

Rotating Blade Throw: Nightmarshal Styx will spin in a circular motion while launching blades in all directions. The blades don’t have infinite range and can be dodged if a certain distance is maintained.

Teleport and Dash: During this attack, he will jump behind you and dash towards you to hit you. This move is repeated a total of three times.

Skeleton Summon: Styx will summon two armored skeletons while he is flying in the air, becoming invincible. After a little bit, one more skeleton will follow, and finally, the boss with join the fight as well.

This attack comes when Styx is at half HP.

Channeling Summon: This is the last move Nightmarshal Styx will do when he is at 10-15% HP. He will channel himself, dashing from one place to another, reducing your vision and constant bat summoning.

After understanding all of its attacks, you need to carefully understand their counters. Once you have understood them, it will be time to execute your strategy.

Make the best use of the times when he is channeling energy for the attack. In those moments, Styx is stationary and vulnerable. Attack and instantly move away before the attack comes.

The rest of the time, use ranged attacks and be patient. You will be dodging a lot during this fight since his attacks hurt quite a lot. He will go down slowly but surely.

Nightmarshal’s Skeletons, although have a weird attack style as they run around in circles before coming towards you but make no mistake, their attack, which is a series of rapid swipes, hurts a lot.

Be careful of them. Attack, dodge, and move away. Keep repeating this, and the boss will come to his knees.

How to Unlock Bat Form

Bat From, along with 10 others, are abilities that can be unlocked by defeating V Blood Carriers. Bat Form is a useful skill that can help you keep watch, recon a certain area before attacking, and travel long distances.

Bat Form can be unlocked once you defeat Nightmarshal Styx the Sunderer. Once you take the boss down, this ability will be added to your skillset.

Although a very useful ability yet, it has some limitations. The first one is that you cannot use this during the day, or you will die in the sun.

The second one is that you cannot carry any resources while using this form, and you will need to stay still if you want to transform. The landing will require a flat surface since you will be transforming back into your normal form.

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