V Rising Wilfred the Werewolf Chief Location, Boss Fight

It is time to hunt down a formidable werewolf in the game. The following guide will you locate and defeat...

It is time to hunt down a formidable werewolf in the game. The following guide will you locate and defeat Wilfred, the Werewolf Chief in V Rising.

V Rising Wilfred the Werewolf Chief Location

Wilfred, the Werewolf Chief, can be found at the Gloomgrave Village which is located northeast of the Dunley Farmlands. The boss will spawn near a small house in the north of the village.

This area is swarming with werewolves. We recommend that you get rid of the other werewolves in the area before fighting Wilfred. This will make your fight a lot easier.

You can fight the other werewolves during the day when they are powerless. It is, however, recommended to fight Wilfred the Werewolf Chief just as the night falls, because you cannot extract his V blood if he turns human during the day.

Recommended Level to Defeat Wilfred the Werewolf Chief

Wilfred, the Werewolf Chief, is a level 64 boss. Therefore, your gear should likewise be level 64 or greater. You can buff up your gear to level 64 by using Iron Gear and the following items:

  • An Iron Crossbow to deal decent damage from long range.
  • Veil of Chaos ability to quickly escape attacks and distract the boss. This also increases the damage done by your next attack.
  • Ward of the Damned ability to block any attacks that might deal massive damage.
  • Chaos Volley ability to deal damage at a long-range.
  • Volatile Arachnid ability to deal extra damage to the boss.

How to Defeat Wilfred the Werewolf Chief

Wilfred, the Werewolf Chief, has an enormous skillset. The boss is fairly difficult to defeat as he has a lot of HP and is crazy fast.

If you stretch your fight long enough with this boss until daytime arrives, he will turn into a human. Once he turns human, fighting him is basically useless. That is why we recommend you to engage this boss just as night falls and deal with him quickly.

Wilfred has a few tricks up his sleeve you should be aware of. He can cloak himself for a few seconds and attack you from behind. To dodge this attack, your timing has to be precise.

Wilfred can also summon some humans. These humans can be killed by the boss in order to heal himself. When you see this trick in play, there are one of two things you can do.

You can either kill the humans yourself and deny Wilfred the heal, or you can attack him while he is busy with the humans to deal some damage in return. It is better though, to kill the humans yourself.

As for the boss’s attacks, he’s got several of them. The boss can buff himself up at any point during the fight. Once he does that he can either attack you with his palms (these attacks are very quick and can be followed up multiple times), or he can head butt you a few times.

When you start the fight with this boss, it is better to lure him into the house behind him. This trick is useful because the boss and the summoned humans are confined to a small area where they aren’t as big a nuisance.

The best weapon you have against this boss is patience. You must wait for his attacks and dodge them. Dodging his attacks will create opportunities for you to attack him in return.

It is better to fight this boss with a party. Granted it won’t be as easy defeating him in solo mode, but it can be done.

Wilfred the Werewolf Chief Boss Rewards

Upon defeating Wilfred the Werewolf Chief, you will be rewarded with the following items:

  • Heart Strike Power
  • Holy Resistance Flask recipe
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