V Rising Terrorclaw the Ogre Location, Boss Fight

This guide will explain the location of Terrorclaw the Ogre Boss and how to defeat him and consume his blood in V Rising.

Terrorclaw the Ogre is a fearsome level 68 V Blood Carrier in V Rising. This guide will explain everything from locating to defeating Terrorclaw the Ogre Boss in V Rising.

V Rising Terrorclaw the Ogre Location

Terrorclaw the Ogre is located inside the Frozen Cave in the Hallowed Mountains. It is the same area where you first encounter Frostmaw the Mountain Terror.

To locate Terrorclaw, you must look at the map’s right-most side. He will spawn in the Frozen Cave, as mentioned above. This boss has a body made of stone, and it can easily crush the players on a lower level.

As soon as it spots you, it will slam itself against the ground to give rise to some icy spikes, which will be destructive to your health.

Here are some more details about the recommended gear for this monster.

Recommended Level and Gear to Defeat Terrorclaw the Ogre

While fighting with Terrorclaw the Ogre Boss, you must keep some healing items with you since your health will be depleted faster than you expect. Also make sure you don’t attempt to fight Terrorclaw the Ogre until you are close to gear level 68.

You can use the Hellfire Yoyo or tactical shotgun with crystal bullets to fight the Ogre. Make sure to keep your distance from this boss while you fight him. Wings can be helpful while fighting him; use them to fly over him.

How to Defeat the Terror Claw Ogre

Terrorclaw the Ogre has some specific attacks that he uses to cause damage. He uses his spit attack to shoot a green projectile to slow you down.

As mentioned before, he can also leap very high and make a slamming attack. He inflicts the most damage by swinging his club to knock off the players.

The major strategy to overcome all of these attacks is to maintain your distance from him. As soon as he prepares to throw his projectile, fly or dodge away. Never get too close to him; use your Yoyo on him from a far-off distance until he dies.

Terrorclaw the Ogre Boss Rewards

You get rewarded with the Arctic Leap power as a result of defeating the Terrorclaw, the Ogre Boss in V Rising.

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