How To Get Gem Stone In V Rising

You’ll be doing a lot of crafting in V Rising. For that, you’ll need a ton of resources, one of which is a Gem Stone. You’ll need them to upgrade your gear to survive the endgame content. The following guide will tell you where exactly to farm Gem Stones and how to accumulate Gem Dust in V Rising.

V Rising Gem Stone Farm Locations

Gem Stones are a bit difficult to find. They are not as common as some of the other resources in the game.

The first way to get Gem Stones is by defeating the Stone Golems that are scattered across the Farbane Woods region.

The second way to find Gem Stones is to literally mine them in the mines. You’ll have to do a bit of exploring to find deposits of stones and gems. You’ll only have a chance to get a Gem Stone because every time you try to mine a deposit, you’ll get a random Gem.

Here are some of the locations marked on a map image where you can find Gem Stones.

V Rising Gem Stones Locations


Gem Dust Farm Locations

Gem Dust is another important resource that you’ll be needing for endgame crafting. As the name suggests, Gem Dust is more of a residue left behind and is not something you can actually go out in the world to farm.

You’ll mostly be getting Gem Dust through passive means, meaning that your other farming activities will accumulate Gem Dust from time to time. There are a few ways to expect them to drop though.

You can find Gem Dust by breaking down rocks and harvesting Gem Stones. It’s not always guaranteed. You have a chance to find Gem Dust every time you break down a rock. The rocks containing Crude Gems have a higher chance of dropping Gem Dust. You can find a lot of rocks to break while exploring Farbane Woods.

Another way to get Gem Dust is to build a new Devourer in your castle. Now, provide Devourer with some gems.

Once you have done this task, you can get four Gem Dust. This method can also be used if you have too many gems in your inventory and you desperately need some Gem Dust.

Here is a map image of the locations to farm Gem Dust in V Rising.

V Rising Gem Dust Locations

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